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  1. Any pics of your wife? Ever get to Dallas?
  2. I reco.mend large...I go between 36 and 40 waist with 6in tool and they fit great!
  3. Victoria Secret has a better thing, 5/$27 that hold your nuts better. Feel great...stretchy material, alot of colors, comfortable.
  4. This is my HOTWIFE taking one of her BBC BULLS & his loads while I film the fun. I ducked the sloppy 2nds & 3rds and ate the cream pie!
  5. I've been wearing Victoria Secret & PINK panties for 3yrs...wear them everyday.. LOVE THEM!!!
  6. Pathetic. ...sad to have such disrespect shown by both your wife and her bull. The Stag/Vexin cuckold relationship is much more respectful.