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  1. Nj-cuckold

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    Jersey shore NJ
  2. thanks for the nice comments about my photos

    P1010071 - Copy.JPG

    111 - Copy.jpg

    1. Nj-cuckold


      You are a sexy woman. 

  3. Nj-cuckold

    I am going to Fuck Marty from flickr and xhamster again

    Lucky woman
  4. Nj-cuckold

    Chatting On Kik

  5. Nj-cuckold

    Text message

    My wife lover send her this message today. I just wanted to share the immense lust I have for you. I had such an intense orgasm the other night while I masturbated. I was imagining I was climaxing inside of you.
  6. Nj-cuckold

    Fastest you have cum during sex

    I'm about 4.5",till 2 year ago my wife thought that i have a big cock, after the first time she felt a large cock ( about 9") she lost interest in my cock and she can't no more coming with me. She says once you get use to fly first class it's hard to fly economy.
  7. Nj-cuckold

    Fastest you have cum during sex

    When I'm lucky and she let me fuck her she push me to cum quick, she says my cock is annoying her, it take me 20 or 30 seconds to cum and she complains it's to long.
  8. Nj-cuckold

    Let me see ur wife pics

  9. eventually I will build up the courage for a full facial view of my face being topless.

    waiting for one of these goofy and hungry men to ask for it. at some point one of the men viewing it will probably either email me or ask via chat

    1. Nj-cuckold


      I think you did it already 😎

  10. A sexy woman with a lot of courage. 

  11. true...major risk but I sense that not all members of the families will be on these sites and will they really suspect it is me...the more reserved and modest in appearance school principal.

    the erotic rush is over the top in ways hard to explain


  12. Nj-cuckold

    elementary school principal from oregon

    You have a lot of courage, you're talking a big risk.
  13. Nj-cuckold

    elementary school principal from oregon

    Hot, very sexy