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  1. CUCKOLD TEST RESULT You take 125 points Total Cuckold Slut
  2. I suck a few times and i love it, one time her lover cum in my mouth and my wife didn't like it, she told him she prefer he cum inside her.
  3. CUCKOLD TEST RESULT You take 125 points Total Cuckold Slut
  4. She use to have a regular lover but he move, we are looking for a new lover.
  5. hi andy here fit bbc from london but i travel alot on business xx


    1. Nj-cuckold


      Thank you but we are looking for a local guy that lives near us. 

    2. london andy

      london andy

      hi travel to the us on business work for top golf company fit genuine guy


  6. I'm about 4.5", my wife call it "baby cock", she says she prefer no sex than sex with me.
  7. Nj-cuckold


    My wife is 48y old and her dr' told her to be careful and use protection if she doesn't want to get pregnant.
  8. She looks hot but she is not my wife.
  9. My bbw hotwife never try BBC, i hope one day she will try and get addicted.
  10. We are seeking a long-term lover for my wife, Vivian. Vivian is 48 years old, a highly educated, bright, funny, intelligent woman, blonde, 5' 6",185p, BBW full-figured (and slightly self-conscious about her weight), very beautiful and put together. For this to work, she has to really like you. Intelligence and a sense of humor and being well hung are prerequisites, and good chemistry is important. Ideally, I'd like to just watch. This is all about her, so I'm fine knowing she's safe and in good hands and enjoying the attention of a passionate man whom she likes. You can be any race or religion. What matters are intelligence, a sense of humor, courtesy and well hung, no drugs or smoking, disease free, and either single or doing this with your wife's express permission (we are not interested in helping a man cheat on his wife, and we will not participate if you are). Evenings/overnight are best for us. Most importantly, you should be seeking a long-term relationship with a smart, warm and loving woman. If you are interested in learning more, please email ME and I will answer any questions you have. I am VERY picky about whom I even suggest my wife corresponds with, so please let me know why you think I should share my wife with you! A face picture (no naked picture) would be helpful.
  11. No and she controls my orgasm
  12. I'm a small cock cuckold, i don't think she will enjoy my cock.😉
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