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  1. My Chinese neighbour is always giving me the eye
  2. I've had good fun on fabswingers and met some great people off that site
  3. Don't worry my friend, some are just to emphasise their interests and let's you know what they are looking for.im more bothered about man city losing to spurs in the eufa champion league than i am about fake pictures.
  4. Well she obviously enjoys the thoughts of fucking other men and she already hinted she preferred deep penetration over you and doesn't have a problem in you knowing this so I think she is very tempted and just needs encouragement off you.
  5. Turns me on knowing she is actually going home to hubby with a cum soaked pussy. My cum.
  6. well I hope you give her what she wants(need's)!?
  7. my wife penny used to "hate" my best mate lee till she seen his massive cock in the shared sex changing area at our local swimming baths.then she started being different with him and i noticed she would always have sticky panties after we had spent time with him and so when i challenged her as to why she just admitted that she had started fantasizing about lee's 9"dick and it was making her feel aroused.
  8. love seeing fit white women enjoying bbc
  9. I've had lots of fun in hotel bars😀 with wifey
  10. well i had never even heard of cuckolding when i first opened up to my wife that i wanted to see her with other men after she naievly told me that sex with me was great except she shyly admitted that deeper penetration satisfies her much more than any clitoral stimulation could ever do which i know she meant that my slim 5 inch cock wasnt enough for her. she didnt need to say anything as we both knew i wasnt making her cum.and the more confident she became as we talked more about it she started to slowly become aware of her needs.her cousin christine was shagging my friend lee and was always telling my mrs how lee used to fuck her for hours with his long girthy cock and make her moan loudly as she cum multiple times to which my mrs would act shocked by her behaviour and would voice her low opinion of my friend to me constantly...that is till the day she admitted she secretly had the hots for lee after hearing her cousins dirty stories and said that recently the thought of being filled up by a 9 inch cock was making her pussy throb constantly and told me she had exchanged text messages with him which i did read and i just couldnt believe that my shy mrs over 10 years my juniour was taking a lead role in this cuck tale and it was just what i wanted.and i actually thought i was one of a very small number of men who felt this way, actively encouraging my mrs to have nights out and come home with soiled panties etc. and thats how it started for me...and btw she absolutely loved my friends dick when we finally sorted it out and i know cos he just got in our bed after late drinks one night and fucked her like he said he would.....hard and fast with deep thrusts doggystyle till she cums.........hard.