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    Cuckolding, never forget how my friends wife Melanie, used to sit on my lap whenever I visited and she would wriggle her arse and fanny discreetly against a big stiff bulge m as king her blush and her nipples stiffen.

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  1. I didn't decide to become a cuckold as I'd never even heard of it, but I was well aware of the fact that I didn't satisfy the Mrs during penetration. I also secretly got turned on about her fucking other men and telling me all the dirty details. I also had no urges to fuck other women. Cuckoldry explained this years later. I must state it wasn't a fetish.
  2. She must have really enjoyed the feeling of a much larger "dick" deep inside her

  3. Always makes my dick throb and grow really thick when looking a t this pic
  4. I find that once you have spoke about a big Co k for ur wife it will always be on her mind... And make her wet
  5. I don't know who is the lucky one. Love to be in both situations and see which one I prefer
  6. Wow I bet he couldn't believe his luck! Hubby treating you to his w gorgeous hotwife
  7. Looks great with her stiff nipples, still aroused with a yummy pussy. Thanks Robert a nd elaine
  8. My wife says it's not as good to cum by oral, it feels more intense when she cums with a 9 inch dick inside her
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