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  1. You have a very nice cock in your profile avatar. I would enjoy watching you breed her with your fertile semen over and over.
  2. Paul, Does your wife have a preference for white cock, or does she take any race? My Dee has a preference for circumcised white cock and has been fucking white guys exclusively since 2003.
  3. Please share more about your wife and more photos. I am totally addicted to Filipina pussy and find all Asian ladies to be totally erotic. Is she active with others? Do you consider yourself to be cuckold, wittol, or swinger?

    1. paul3899


      yes i am a cuckold ! and love watching my wife with other men , but as we live & work  in the middle east

      she not that much into the cuckold thing out here, until we go out of the country , then she loves to meet up with other men, with me watching 90% of the time , & then i always have to clean up after ;)


  4. Filipina pussy has had me addicted since 1981 when I first went down on a sweet virgin that would be my first wife. With my passion for hot Filipina, when my first marriage broke up, I went out and looked to find another. I found a hot Cebuana that satisfies me and others.
  5. Please share more about your wife and photos. I am totally addicted to Filipina pussy and find all Asian ladies to be totally erotic.

    1. small cock

      small cock

      I sure will, I definitely don't mind sharing! Lol 

  6. We live in southern Indiana, close to Louisville, KY. My hot Filipina wife is 36, 4'-11.5" (that lets her claim 5'-0"), 34D, 105 lbs, long black hair, shaved pubes if you are worth her time to shave. She hates condoms and doesn't use birth control. Men who have vasectomy are fun but fertile studs who can breed her are most welcome. If you are close enough to Louisville to be interested and can provide what she wants, contact us. She is multi-orgasmic and craves Big White Cock (BWC). If you are over 8" long, thick, circumcised, have large cum loads, and have above usual stamina, you go to the top of the list. If you have problems staying rock hard after you cum, or are a one and done fuck then please don't waste our time. She has been cucking me off and on since 2011 so this is not new for us.