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  1. Who Shares In Tn, Ky, Il. Or Mo.

    KokHard -- from St Louis here with the ability to travel and host in the St Louis area if you and the wife are available and interested. Let me know and we can take it from there.
  2. My big cock for your wife

    Travel extensively for work and would welcome a meeting with you over dinner, drinks and more when I am in your area.
  3. My big cock for your wife

    Hotwife/Cuck Luv R, Been checking your posts out and would love to discuss a meeting some time if interested and having you meet my meat as well. You interested?
  4. sloppy seconds

    ShyCplinFL --- I am more then happy to provide your wife the load and lube for your sloppy seconds. Sent you an email as a follow up to our previous correspondence on meeting you and the sexy hot wife of yours. Check your email and get back to me.
  5. wife's new toy

    We would love to see you taking this same toy down your throat if you can post some gifs of that as well.
  6. fltittyslut loves you to see his wife

    I chatted with her cuck husband the other day and we are discussing setting up a meeting the next time I am in their area to meet so I can be added to the I have fucked her club. Looking forward to it.
  7. Always nice to see a Missouri neighbor?

    1. flrw2fan


      Hope you are staying warm in your area of Missouri. Pretty cold her in St Louis.

      I know we have chatted in the chatroom and discussed interests and desires. Remind me again where you are and what you desire? I enjoy meeting couples and ladies for NSA fun while the cuck husband watches or allows his hot wife to play alone and come home afterwards and tell him about the fun time she had with another male.

      Look forward to your reply and hearing from you again soon.

    2. tightjeansmom43


      Kind of chilly here in KC as well... 14 last time I looked...

      I have yahoo messenger:

      [email protected]

    3. warrinty2


      Like to chat sometime


    She can gobble up some cock I will say.
  9. My Wife Toni for you

    I sent you an email on here. Take a look at it and lets chat about your sexy slut wife and sharing her.
  10. Finding Guys to Fuck my wife

    Tonispics...very hot story and Id enjoy being one of the lucky men to meet you and that sexy wife of yours. I sent you an email and live in MO as well. Would like to chat and maybe make plans to travel to your area and meet or if your travels or desires bring you to St Louis let me know and we can meet. I have a few idea of having some fun in my office that looks out toward Busch Stadium in St Louis and the Arch.
  11. Sorry about last night....Gary grabbed me picked me up and cared me over his shoulder to the basement and fucked me on the dryer....it was nasty and hot....thanks to YOU! Chat with you soon.....Kisses Nancy

    1. flrw2fan


      Well that is great for you and I did enjoy our chat. I am very interested in chatting some more and would welcome the opportunity to meet you and Gary for some hot MF NSA fun while he watched us play.


      Let me know when you might be on again to chat some more and see how things progress. Id love to see some more photos of you and that sexy body of yours and maybe even you getting fucked by Gary and sucking his cock like you want to mine.

      Let me know when you will be around and we can chat some more.

      Talk soon. Deep wet passionate wet tongue in mouth kissed to you Nancy.


  12. My Slut Wife For Comments

    Considering she is mine to fuck when I want I'd have to say "11".
  13. Verify Yourself And Get Vip Membership

    Upgrade to VIP please.
  14. Ohio Slut Wife

    Very sexy lady. Love the full length body stocking with the cut outs for her breasts and between her thighs. Sent you an IM on Y and would like to chat with you. Same ID here as on Y. Lets chat soon.
  15. Etiquette

    This is a very interesting subject and one that I take very serious. First off I consider it an honor to be given the opportunity to be invited by a couple into their intimate desires. Most men that pursue this desire do not understand that HONOR is earned NOT given. Respect for the couple, their desires and there relationship is first and foremost. My experiences with HW have ranged from meeting the couple in public for dinner / drinks and social time while and before deciding if we were all on the same page to move it to the next level. To having the husband and I chat on the phone or meet first then him and his HW coming to my room and he putting her collar on and sending her over to me for our pleasure. Notice I said "our" and not "my". This is about the couple getting what they want from the adventure and I am happy to oblige and assist helping them. I treat everyone with the same respect and dignity I want to be treated by. Once we have all met, had some open and frank discussions about desires, limits, do and don't, etc.. then things are different. I had one HW that I played with for a year while her husband always watched from the corner. She told me to call her "my whore" and the first time she told me to do that I had to ask "Are you sure thats what you want your husband to hear?" She said "I am your whore whenever you are in town and he knows it." So from then she wanted to be used and treated like a slut or whore when we were together. Bottom line is that I agree that start out friendly and be yourself and treat others the way you would like to be treated. After that, take it as the couple desires lead.