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  1. A customer wanted to massage her, he turned up with a mate who joined in for free.
  2. pictures taken by clients, first one just before getting what he had paid for on the bed. other two a guy actually paid for her for a weekend in Spain!
  3. your not the first to offer but as i said shes not full time nowadays. She had several regulars and always serviced them bareback, even still today some of those regulars still get the same privileges.
  4. An extra £200 back in the day and if she felt like letting the guy, it was asked quite a lot.
  5. she does still do some when in it suits her or if she says shes helping friends out, she also picks guys up for fun. i have to say its interesting when she does a job to see just how much money she gets and how she earned it!
  6. Cute yes she is but also very well used, thous tits have been handled by a lot of guys.
  7. hi all this is my hotwife who worked as an escort for several years and some things you just cant give up i guess, so i have been used to this life style all my married life.