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  1. wife's first

    Nice story.. I may do the same for my wife soon
  2. Let me see ur wife pics

    A recent pic of my wife in a hotel balcony. What do you think?
  3. Hello Joy...I'm so glad you liked my posting...

  4. Let me see ur wife pics

    My dream!!!
  5. Hope she's well and hope to hear about it soon
  6. Let me see ur wife pics

    Sure @M.salah
  7. More of my girlfriend

    Want to see her naked
  8. Let me see ur wife pics

    How do you like my wife?
  9. What a cuckold couple want from a bull?

    Have not yet experienced it but have discussed a lot with wife. For me, it is the see the sexual pleasure and joy she gets from another man, also non-sexual pleasure. However, he has to be respectful to us both, not into the dominance/humiliation thing at all.
  10. So, how did it go on November 22nd?? Please keep us posted
  11. ass

  12. ass

    How do you like my wife's ass??
  13. Hotwife from Saalfeld ( Germany)

    She very beautiful & sexy. Would love to see photos of her being shared
  14. want o share my wifes pics on skype

    Bet she'd love that too but must convince her to do that again