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  1. Joys

    Showing hotwives

    Maria&Manuel very lovely indeed
  2. Joys

    Cucks...check In

    what a beauty!!!!
  3. Joys

    My hotwife Elaine

    she can2t be resistted
  4. Joys

    Elaine's First Time

    well, with some grey hair and the wise look in her eyes, she's still sexy as ever
  5. Joys

    Need help understanding feeling

    You ask, is that reaction normal? Define "normal" to me. Having pleasure from being humiliated is not normal to me, but it may be to you. You may be in a very stronghold position in your social or professional life and can't take it, have confidence in your wife to release it by humiliation. Is this "normal"? People just go fishing... I don't judge you, I'm just stuck on the question "is this normal"?
  6. Joys

    Showing hotwives

    She's awesome... Would love to read your stories of sharing her
  7. Joys

    Showing hotwives

    so pretty❤️
  8. Joys

    Showing hotwives

    That's a good load but caution, her bellybutton looks infected!!!
  9. Joys

    Let me see ur wife pics

    We are alike. Not that I have a big penis 😁(fair for my size), but my wife was also still a virgin when we met and I thought it would not be right for her to have only one man, she should experience others
  10. Joys

    Let me see ur wife pics

    icelord, she's fabulous!!!
  11. Joys

    20180817_164737.jpg Close-up

    true, needs some sperm decoration
  12. Joys

    Showing hotwives

    Well, not very much but still on display you may say 😁
  13. Joys

    Let me see ur wife pics

    Open that blouse a bit more
  14. Joys

    Showing hotwives

    Open that blouse and show the boobies
  15. Joys


    Awesome ass