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  1. Bimarried001

    How many cucks out there love sucking cocks?

    Damn. You sure know how to get a rise out me Jag. Beautiful cocks. Nice loads.
  2. Bimarried001

    Per request

    Wow. I just came across this and was stroking my cock to the very end.
  3. Bimarried001

    How many cucks out there love sucking cocks?

    I would suck any and all those sweet cocks. Then give them to my wife.
  4. Bimarried001

    How many cucks out there love sucking cocks?

    That’s the way it is. Most men that never sucked cock thinks its perverted. Until they suck cock. Well I proudly call myself a pervert anyway...Because I am one.
  5. Bimarried001

    Cuckold Advice & Comments

    Ok. Gotcha. Thanks for the clarification. And I love your posts and comments.
  6. Bimarried001

    Cuckold Advice & Comments

    Robert, just trying to understand your comment. Are you saying we should get back to more reality posting and less fantasy? If so I agree. It is nice hearing guy’s fantasy about this lifestyle but I really want to hear about what they actually did and relay what I actually did.
  7. Bimarried001

    Cuckold Advice & Comments

    I haven’t done that but would do it in a minute.
  8. Bimarried001

    Do you usually suck your wife's bulls?

    I would love to suck her bulls but haven’t. I’ve sucked cock but not her bulls. But I do eat their cream pie.
  9. Bimarried001


    I’ve been to glory holes but never with my wife. The thought is intriguing but she’s very private and reserved outside. All our action is in our house. But I’ve been on both end of glory holes and it’s a lot of fun not knowing who’s on the other end.
  10. Bimarried001

    Creampie cleaning

    Understood. I am very much into it but I also do understand that it could be a no no for some men. But I love my girls being sexually active and I enjoy tasting them.
  11. Bimarried001

    Creampie cleaning

    Not openly common but it is done more than you think. Just that some of us are a little more perverted than others
  12. Bimarried001

    Creampie cleaning

    I’ve clean my wife many times and I’ve also had the pleasure of cleaning my dawter.
  13. Bimarried001

    Shemales for cucks

    Love knowing that I’m not the only cuck to love these girls with big sweet cocks.
  14. Bimarried001

    Advice needed

    If would listen to her and let her fuck a stranger. I’m sure she would feel uncomfortable fucking your friend why she made that request. I think that will actually enhance your relationship as it did mine and many others on here. Go for it but with a stranger.
  15. Bimarried001


    Clean up guy? You fucking your wife and you want a guy to clean your cum out of her pussy? Strange request if I got it right.