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  1. Bimarried001

    Love the idea of cuckold, but wife hates it

    Lol. Yes. But this has been a routine for the past 9 years. But I do count my blessings every day.
  2. Bimarried001

    A gay cuckold

    Most of those are just natural things for us cucks to do.
  3. Bimarried001

    A gay cuckold

    I am not a sissy but I am married and consider myself a bi cuck. I suck cock and take it up my ass from time to time. I clean cum from my wife’s pussy and on occasions from the bull’s shaft. Gay or bi is in reality the same this but I use bi because I’m into women.
  4. Bimarried001

    Panty Wearing Cuck

    Impressive cock.
  5. Bimarried001

    Panty Wearing Cuck

    I do not wear panties but I do like seeing a hard cock in panties. I wore panties a couple times but I’m not feminine enough to pull it off.
  6. Bimarried001

    Love the idea of cuckold, but wife hates it

    We all do. That’s why I worked hard at it. Right now we have a bull over. He fucked her all night and slept over and another may cum over tonight. She’s turned into quite the slut for me.
  7. Would love to fuck your wife and have you clean us both up!

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. kokhard


      I do clean up very good...not missing a drop


    3. Domj21288


      mmmmm ill drag my cum covered cock over you so you cant taste her on my cock too


    4. Bimarried001


      You can drag your cum covered cock anywhere on me. I’ll even lick it clean for you. 

  8. Thank you for following me. Looking forward to reading from you. 

  9. Bimarried001

    Love the idea of cuckold, but wife hates it

    I spent 10 years dropping hints and convincing my wife to fuck other men for me. When she finally gave in and did it she was hooked. Now she fucks 2 or 3 different guys every week. If it is worth it, it is worth trying. Don’t give up on trying to convince her.
  10. Bimarried001

    does eating black cum make you gay?

    I love this topic. Full disclosure, I am bi. But forget the labels. If eating cum feels good to you then do it. If it doesn’t don’t do it. If sucking the bull’s cock feels good to you then do it. Stop worrying about the label. Enjoy whatever you like about cuckold sex.
  11. Bimarried001

    Oh my nice cock

    Damn. That would get anyone’ Attention.
  12. Bimarried001

    knows I'm a cuck

    Just realized I left out . Love seeing the bull fucking my .
  13. Bimarried001

    knows I'm a cuck

    Thinking of my wife’s bull fucking my . Strange but its a big turn on.
  14. Bimarried001

    knows I'm a cuck

    I can understand that. I didn’t know that would turn me on. But as my wife was telling me what happened I was angry but I got a massive hard on. Then I jerked off thinking of it and had the strongest orgasm ever.
  15. Bimarried001

    knows I'm a cuck

    Yes. I see them there a lot. And they also come when I’m not there.