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  1. I’ve had sloppy seconds and sloppy thirds and more. But my thing is cleaning up that creampie.
  2. As someone that loves cum I would hate to think that what I’m looking at is yogurt and not real cum.
  3. This should read “I fell in love with shemales”
  4. Nice story. Other than with a few shemales all of my encounters with men have been sexual. I fell in love with she’s but with men it’s just about sucking cock and getting fucked.
  5. Nice. I’ve had a few of those so I know how lucky you are.
  6. Love those shots of her taking it up the ass. That makes a woman complete.
  7. Wow. Young, I love that. Certainly want to hear more of that.
  8. Very interesting. I’ve never ever been jealous but I did experience fear the first time I brought a man home to my wife. The fear was of the unknown. What if she was doing just because I was begging her but she is grossed out by the idea. What if she hated me for bringing a man to fuck her. And so on. But not once did I ever feel jealous. I was born to be a cuck.
  9. My wife is still away with a bull since Friday. They fly back tomorrow.
  10. I am bi. Full bi. I suck and take it up the ass but my wife has no clue. She did ask me a few years ago to clean her cream pie so I’ve been doing that for the last few years.
  11. I sure hope that white women don’t think that getting with a black man automatically means you are getting a big cock. As a bi man I e seen my share of SBC, yes, small black cock. overall do black men have bigger cocks than white men? I’ve been with many of both and I truly cannot say.
  12. My wife has never been fucked by a white man but I’ve been fucked by many white men.
  13. Yes I was there to watch. I love seeing my wife take it up the ass or anywhere else for that matter. I’m a true cuck.