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  1. Nice. You are rock hard. I love that.
  2. I love that. And I love sissies with sweet cock as you have.
  3. I would enjoy tasting your sissy cock.
  4. Sexy pic Trixsy. But I’m sure you’ve already had black cock. I would fuck you but I must admit that I would have to taste that woody you’re showing.
  5. Thank you for following me. 

    1. Elmiket
    2. Bimarried001


      Hope to see a lot of you on the site. 

  6. As black cuck with a black wife it always amaze me to hear couples crave BBC. I can assure all of you that cock is cock. There are small black cock just as there are white.
  7. My wife does not take nude pictures but I have no problem showing her pics. I wish I could show pics of her getting fucked but we cannot take the chance of them getting out. It could cost here job if they get out.
  8. Nothing better than eating a creampie from shaved pussy. All of our bulls also shave and even watching them shave is sexy. She lick their ass and I’m not sure if she would if they did not shave. Smooth shaved gives us that young feeling back.
  9. Our first was somewhat expected but there was still some unknown. After my wife gave me the Ok to find someone it took me a few months. But after agreeing with the first bull I knew who he was, how big he was and how good he fucked. What I did not know was what her reaction would be. Wasn’t sure if she wanted this or if she was doing this just to satisfy my begging. Were going be Ok after it was over? After all, she was now in her 40s and I was still the only she ever fucked. But when I saw her reaction to that 10 and a half inch cock I knew that we were Ok. She fucked
  10. Nice. I hope you enjoyed getting fucked. Did your wife see you get fucked?
  11. Damn. I love your picture. That ass looks good to fuck and those balls look good to lick. 

  12. I was turned on at the thought of my girlfriend getting fucked from when I was a teenager. It wasn’t until a couple of yours into my marriage that I realized that I wanted to share my wife. But it took a few years after that to bring it up to her. If you’re a cuck you probably had it in you long before you realized. Just like being bi or gay. It’s in you long before you knew it was.
  13. I’ve done both. I prefer eating it from her pussy but kissing my wife with a mouth full of cum puts the romance in high gear.
  14. Love to share this story with women who believe that one man is all they need. The pleasure of sharing my wife is more so for me than it is for her. Love that story.
  15. This is the one I love most. I would love to get to suck cock for my wife.
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