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  1. I sure hope that white women don’t think that getting with a black man automatically means you are getting a big cock. As a bi man I e seen my share of SBC, yes, small black cock. overall do black men have bigger cocks than white men? I’ve been with many of both and I truly cannot say.
  2. My wife has never been fucked by a white man but I’ve been fucked by many white men.
  3. Yes I was there to watch. I love seeing my wife take it up the ass or anywhere else for that matter. I’m a true cuck.
  4. For my wife the biggest cock to this point is 10 and a half. And that was the first cock she took up her ass.
  5. Bimarried001


    Good luck. I’m here right now but so far flirts but no dick for my wife.
  6. How we got started? From young I was always a freak and a pervert. But the one thing that loved most was thinking about my girlfriends getting by a hot hung guy. Eventually I started asking my wife to fuck other men for me to watch. It took me 10 years of asking before I finally convinced her give it a try. We are about 11 years into the lifestyle. Guess I consider myself a cuck. We don’t use the word hotwife but I am definitely a cuck.
  7. And look at how erect that sweet cock is.
  8. Very hot. I would lick every drop from anywhere in or on her like a good cuck.
  9. The cuckold lifestyle is not always what some people think it will be. Especially for the man. We must be sure that we are free of jealousy but we don’t usually find out until we are in it. I hope you find someone that can enjoy your sexuality the way you want to enjoy it. Fuck on.
  10. We managed to keep in within our walls. My wife is a principal and word of this getting out could easily cost her job. Trust that no one involved including my girls will take it outside of our walls.
  11. They are now 19 and 15. We started when they were about and 9 and 5 and I’d say they became aware of it when the oldest was about 12.
  12. I think when they grow up around it the act becomes natural to the kids. I know my girls just consider it their normal life and they adapted to it just fine.
  13. I love anything with shemales. Especially those with big cocks.
  14. Love watching (and sucking) all these beautiful cocks. But I wish more men shaved. I love a man that is clean shaved down there.