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  1. Love hearing that trixsy. Wish I could see that.
  2. I do. I go to a gay movie theatre to get fucked almost every weekend. I’m not feminine but I love taking big cocks up my ass.
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    1. Bimarried001


      Oh? You think I will love what?

  4. Yeah I think we all love that. That’s why we are freaks.
  5. Thank you love to see you taking a big cock raw up your ass.
  6. I was always bi but once we started I opened up more. Started eating cum in front of her. I love sucking cock and doing anything my wife and her bulls like.
  7. I am also a bisexual cuck. Ive never been fucked by my wife’s bulls but I have sucked their cock. I do get fucked. I’ve been fucked by men and shemales. Hopefully one day by a bull.
  8. Go for it. Suck away. Look at all those hot pics that secondjag sent. Men sucking dick with no worries.
  9. Yes. This lifestyle saved my marriage. We are so much more in love now that she has steady bulls fucking her.
  10. I am not a female but can add that my wife was very faithful to me for the first 20 years of our marriage. I met her as a virgin and I was the only man she ever fucked. I had to beg and convince her to fuck other men. She refused for years so to get her want other men I cut back on sex with her. I just wanted to get her to be horny longer and then not satisfy her. After a few years she gave in and said yes to fucking other men. Now she doesn’t even think about fucking me anymore. We are more in love now than ever and she is more sexually satisfied than ever.
  11. I like the objectives of this post. I am a black cuck with 9” dick and I love sharing my wife. I don’t share her because I didn’t satisfy her but because I was always turned on by the thought seeing her get fucked by other men. I do fit some stereotypes but as I watch and read cuckold films and stories I also get upset with the stereotypical Portrayal of cucks and cuckold relationships.