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  1. We managed to keep in within our walls. My wife is a principal and word of this getting out could easily cost her job. Trust that no one involved including my girls will take it outside of our walls.
  2. They are now 19 and 15. We started when they were about and 9 and 5 and I’d say they became aware of it when the oldest was about 12.
  3. I think when they grow up around it the act becomes natural to the kids. I know my girls just consider it their normal life and they adapted to it just fine.
  4. I love anything with shemales. Especially those with big cocks.
  5. Love watching (and sucking) all these beautiful cocks. But I wish more men shaved. I love a man that is clean shaved down there.
  6. I love all those cocks but I especially love the one shemale in the bunch.
  7. For us it’s strangers. I love seeing a complete stranger fucking my wife and planting his seed in her. Our lifestyle is very private so other than the bull and our girls no one else knows.
  8. Even most of us that are in the lifestyle are reluctant to discuss it with others. And for obvious reasons. But hopefully this article can help us move forward. Think of adulatory, teen pregnancy, out of wedlock sex. All of these things were looked years ago the way cuckolding is looked at now. In time.
  9. Interesting but there is no way to know if these are accurate. Most people that live these various lifestyles do it in private.
  10. We started when my girls were 9 and 4. At first being very careful and making sure sure they were asleep. As time went on and more guys started coming over it just became a part of our life. I don’t recall sitting them and explaining what we were doing but eventually it just became a part of their lives as well and still is to this day.
  11. Well all who know me knows I have a week spot for TS. They are usually my first preference.
  12. Guys we all know that most cucks love the taste of a good creampie. So the women are just doing us a favor when they bring it home to us.
  13. My wife would not let a camera anywhere near our action. We are very private because of her career. But indoors we have men in and out. The girls understand that what happens here stays here.
  14. Those are some hot pics. Make me want to suck some cock.