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  1. Interesting but I have no interest in my own cum. I want to enjoy the bulls cum.
  2. Our dawters are the only ones that know of our lifestyle.
  3. I have sucked more cock than my wife but like you I’ve never gotten to the point where I can suck in front of her. But I would love to.
  4. Oh I’ve been with many ladyboys, shemales, ts, or whatever you want to call them. Those that I’ve been with cock certainly still gets hard and can fuck a hole better than most men.
  5. Interesting how you guys just assume that incest is with kids. Mmmmmmmm.
  6. 2 things that I love from this. That big black cock was shaved clean and it looks like he shot a big load up the ass.
  7. Any site like this should be a judgment free zone. Thanks.
  8. Understood. Incest is an acquired taste. But so is sharing your wife.
  9. I hate condoms, hairy pussy, hairy pubes on a man, oh and hairy ass on women and men. I love marriage but it must be open. I love Incest.
  10. We don’t anymore or at least not right now, but we are still very romantic with each other. Just not sexually.
  11. Yup. I got the same thing. But I just ignored them.
  12. I’m gonna stay out of advicing on this. My wife fucks with me present and she fucks alone. I’m fine with either. But if I wasn’t fine with her fucking men alone I would stop that. But I believe in pleasing my wife so I let her do as she please. As long as she gives me details.
  13. It’s good to share bad experience so that people don’t think think that it’s all fun. There is a lot of stress and problems that can come from this lifestyle. I am happy to say that we never experienced any problems over the years but I do know of people that had problems. Know that you can handle it before getting in and even though it’s difficult to tell which bulls may give problems, you have to try to see through them before letting them in.