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  1. Well said. I’m not sure where this started but I’ve seen and had both impressive white and black cocks.
  2. Nice wet cock. And looks like you’re shaved. All impressive.
  3. I love to suck cock and take it up my ass.
  4. 96 but I must say that I have see better tests. Those choices are very limited.
  5. That’s the beauty of being a bi cuck. Bi men can double the pleasure for their hotwives.
  6. Beautiful cocks. I’m more impressed with the shemales. They have the sweetest cocks.
  7. Gotcha. Well not everything is for everyone.
  8. You don’t do anal Nicky? Wow.
  9. Nothing wrong with that. The best cocks I had were from girls.
  10. Didn’t mean to imply what would you specifically do. And looking at that picture that young lady is certainly of age. But you are an example of someone that would do the right. Does every man in that position? Of course not.
  11. Lol. Question is if you had to, what would you do? That could test the strength of a lot of men.
  12. Thank you. Yes one should know when to stay persistent. Been a while since Either of us have had any cock because of the virus but I’m sure looking forward to it soon.