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  1. Guys we all know that most cucks love the taste of a good creampie. So the women are just doing us a favor when they bring it home to us.
  2. My wife would not let a camera anywhere near our action. We are very private because of her career. But indoors we have men in and out. The girls understand that what happens here stays here.
  3. Those are some hot pics. Make me want to suck some cock.
  4. I applaud that you are out with your relationship. Wish I could be. Just the bulls and our 2 girls know. Actually I have one female friend that also know but that’s because she also shared marital secrets with me.
  5. Very interesting survey. I was particularly interested to know what percentage of men considered themselves bisexual or bi curious. I saw a lot of myself in the survey but even though I saw some stereotypical parts of it
  6. Same. I prefer if she’s there but sometimes I just have the urge for a man.
  7. My wife has not warmed up to it but I was with a very sexy shemale a couple of weeks ago. Sweet dick and she did a number on my ass. Guys, if you haven’t tried a shemale please try to get one.
  8. Nice. You look so sexy. Would love to cum deep in your ass. 

  9. Very hot. A lot of wives do not allow pics like these to be posted so we all appreciate it. Nice to see her shaved. Lovely tits and love that she fucks raw. As a bi cuck I’m happy to see these.
  10. Got into it at 28,a long time ago, had 20 years of it, with first wife..



    ATT_1436368325824_IMG_20150425_213626 - Copy.jpg



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    2. Bimarried001


      Nice. When I was around 30 I had a 12 year old girl. Youngest boy was 14 or 15. Hot. 

    3. oralbiseniors
    4. Bimarried001


       Yes. Nothing seeing a raw cock sliding up a man’s ass. 

  11. Thanks

    1. Bimarried001


      Thank you. Looking forward to following you. 

  12. The bisexual lifestyle is so much more satisfying. We get the best of both worlds. That’s why I love sexy pretty shemales.