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  1. Bimarried001

    He wants her all to himself

    I’m gonna stay out of advicing on this. My wife fucks with me present and she fucks alone. I’m fine with either. But if I wasn’t fine with her fucking men alone I would stop that. But I believe in pleasing my wife so I let her do as she please. As long as she gives me details.
  2. Bimarried001

    back in the swing

    It’s good to share bad experience so that people don’t think think that it’s all fun. There is a lot of stress and problems that can come from this lifestyle. I am happy to say that we never experienced any problems over the years but I do know of people that had problems. Know that you can handle it before getting in and even though it’s difficult to tell which bulls may give problems, you have to try to see through them before letting them in.
  3. Bimarried001

    Bareback or Condoms???

    We have never even considered using condom. If a bull takes one out we may have to ask him to leave. It has never happened to this point. How would I clean her out otherwise?
  4. Bimarried001


    My wife always fuck unprotected but she’s long past her child bearing days.
  5. Bimarried001

    Black men

    If you as a cuck is into being humiliated that’s ok. But what I worry about is that this is becoming the perception. That all cuckold relationships involves the husband being humiliated. I think there is some degree of humiliation in every cuckold relationship (just by simply allowing another man to fuck your wife) but these relationships are more than the bull humiliating the husband. I clean up and I suck cock but I do it because I love doing it. We are not into cages and tying up and disciplining me in any way. I let my wife and her bulls have free reign but that’s because it’s a turn on to me. But for those cocks who love being humiliated, if you enjoy it keep it up. It’s all about fun.
  6. Bimarried001

    Connection though this site

    I’ve never really expected to hook up on this site. I introduced my wife to most of the men she’s been with meeting most of them at sex parties. I’m on here to hear from others like myself and if something comes of it then great.
  7. Bimarried001

    im i a stag or cuck?

    I agree with the happy label. Stag or cuck can be defined different by different people. Its just a label. Just enjoy it.
  8. Bimarried001

    Does cuckoldry correlate with penis size?

    Why not? That’s not unusual.
  9. Bimarried001

    Does cuckoldry correlate with penis size?

    Yes. Lol 11 and a half.
  10. Bimarried001

    Does cuckoldry correlate with penis size?

    That is so true. But I feel like I must always explain that I have a big cock and not some small cock locked in a cage. Some cucks just enjoy watching their wife getting fucked.
  11. Bimarried001

    Does cuckoldry correlate with penis size?

    Our biggest bull is 11and a half inches. But all cucks aren’t small cock sissies. Even though I am bi I’m Noh a sissy. I’m a masculine man that love to fuck but I also love sucking cock and getting fucked. But I mostly love watching my wife getting fucked by big cocks.
  12. Bimarried001

    Does cuckoldry correlate with penis size?

    I have a relatively big cock (just under 9”) but I love seeing my wife take bigger than me and most of the. Are bigger.
  13. Bimarried001

    Kik. Code

  14. Bimarried001

    Black men

    You may be shocked to know that not all black bulls are the same.
  15. Bimarried001

    What does this shit mean/stand for?

    Correct. So I use the word “dawter” when I’m speaking of my .