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  1. Not sure if it’s just me but seeing those big cocks and shaved men is such a big turn on to me.
  2. Thank you. Not sure if you are male or female but either way thank you for following me. 

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    2. Bimarried001


      Sure. But I should let you know that my wife does not take nudes. But I have no problem exchanging pics. 

    3. JHue7247


      cool [email protected] is my email if u want to send pix there

    4. Bimarried001


      Sent to your email. 

  3. Damn. Talk about a nice cock. I can watch this cock all day.
  4. I enjoy kissing my wife while she is getting fucked or after she sucked cock. I haven’t had the pleasure of sharing a cock but that’s on my wishlist.
  5. Love them. I would turn down any one of those beautiful cocks.
  6. They sure make my mouth water. I’m not shy to say that I love cock as much, even more than pussy.
  7. So? Do you let them? If I thought for one second that one of my wife’s bulls would be open to me sucking them in private I’d be all over him.
  8. Good suggestion but it’s not that simple. Some people are just turned off by gay/bi men.
  9. I understand exactly what you are saying. I’ve been sucking cock for my years, I’ve cleaned cum from my wife’s pussy and kissed her with another man’s cum in her mouth but yet she wants nothing to do with a man that suck cock. I have fulfilled just about all of my sexual fantasies but sucking cock as my wife watches on is the last one I hope to satisfy.
  10. Nice. You are rock hard. I love that.
  11. I love that. And I love sissies with sweet cock as you have.
  12. I would enjoy tasting your sissy cock.
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