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  1. Gotcha. Well not everything is for everyone.
  2. You don’t do anal Nicky? Wow.
  3. Nothing wrong with that. The best cocks I had were from girls.
  4. Didn’t mean to imply what would you specifically do. And looking at that picture that young lady is certainly of age. But you are an example of someone that would do the right. Does every man in that position? Of course not.
  5. Lol. Question is if you had to, what would you do? That could test the strength of a lot of men.
  6. Thank you. Yes one should know when to stay persistent. Been a while since Either of us have had any cock because of the virus but I’m sure looking forward to it soon.
  7. A lot of jerking off. Both my girls and my wife are in the house. No in house visitors for almost 2 months. It’s gonna be a party in here when the bulls are let loose and we are fucking again.
  8. Love those shots of those big cocks penetrating those (less than tight) ass holes.
  9. Love them all. What a great collection of sweet big cocks and dripping pussies. I’m a pussy eater and a cock sucker so love them all.
  10. Lol. I did not because I understand how we think. Whoever is different is weird or sick or crazy. So I get it. But I will let nothing move me from what I love.
  11. Agreed, hence this post would’ve been more “appropriate” for the appropriate chat group. But it is still my intent to refrain from judging it.
  12. I once told someone of what I do. And you wouldn’t believe his opinion of cuckolding. He called me everything you can think of, questioned my manhood and much more. With that in mind I have learned not to criticize anyone’s weird sexual desires. The same way this post is being ridiculed is how we would be ridiculed if we told the average man or woman what we do. But I will join in to say that there may be places for this but here probably is not the place. We all have some freak in us just have to know the venue.
  13. It actually took me about 10 years to convince her. I do not join in except to clean up when her men are finished. And yes, I am still bi and will always be bi. My love for cock has only grown stronger over the years.