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  1. I'm lovn' the tuxedo party. Lol
  2. After reading all the syrupy posts, I have reconsidered: Marriage is a beautiful union between two hearts, souls. The woman from this blessed event should be cherished, worshipped and treated like a goddess. Bless us for the opportunity to share time with such beautiful and gracious ladies. They should be cherished, held lovingly and placed upon a worship pedestal. I pray every time I click on a post, that "she" may accept me. Ohhhhh, worthless me. I should be so lucky! Personally, I'd rather drag em back to my cave and fuck em like whores, use them, treat em badly and tell them while I'm doing it. You know who you are. 👰 🤫
  3. ...and, it's more like 13% tell me to go away. Lol
  4. I think "cuckold" falls into a porn category. Some girls like it naughty, some girls like it nice and some girls don't like it at all. One thing for sure - call it a "lifestyle" if you want, but this place is about nudie pix and jerking off. Call her a lady or a whore - it's still pussy. Ya know what's worse? Going for chinese food and a movie as a triplett. 👦👧🧒 ❤❤❤
  5. Um. Wrong - porn is all about those things. And yeah - the chix dig being used. For some reason. I don't get it - but I love it! 🤴
  6. Here we are on a porn site - debating respect. The nature of porn is all about objectification, disrespect and all the shit that turns people on. Too fucking funny. And if you whores are too fucking high n mighty and think you are all that, then GET OUT THE WAY and let the little vixens up at bat - cause the dirty girls are where it's at. Now take off your pant suit, show us your pussy and suck your thumb fer fuck sakes. Tramp. :)
  7. No. Girls love to get dirty. Stop the worship and use them what they were built for! I get syrupy flak all the time from guys who thrive on flaunting respect for the heavenly whores, usually after I make rude n crude remarks, (like it matters)...funny thing is, I'm often carrying on a private conversation with the "lady" as some sap is going off about how inappropriate I am. Use em like whores and love em like Cheetos.
  8. Yeah. Just gangbang her with a bunch of strangers. Make a few bux, even. Use her - it's what she was built for.
  9. No insecurity issue? Insecurity; " I have is it’s my best friend and I’m afraid of losing my relationship with her firstly and my friend" Be honest with yourself, first. Show your princess. Show her and I will say flattering and supportive things.
  10. You already have insecurities about the loss of your relationship. Once she starts fucking other guyz - your insecurities will fester. Especially if you let your buddy at her. The 3 of you can hang, go for pizza watch a movie. Now, let's see her.