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  1. She is very tight at least that is what every man she has been with always say to us
  2. I know that is what makes it easy for me to share her because she deserves a manly size cock that can last more than a couple of minutes that why I take all offers seriously so you bulls and doms let me hear your interest
  3. On my god that almost made me cum just reading that my word were do I sign up for that
  4. Hi everyone I wanted to show my wife's assets as well if there is any interest I will show more
  5. I'm exactly the same way I dont find men attractive but I do find that there alpha cocks are and will do has they or my wife tells me to do with them.
  6. What do you think of my little wife who is in need of some real cock
  7. let me know what you would do to her and myself if you were in charge
  8. Hands down the shaven look makes me want to taste that pussy and even more so after she's been filled with someone's DNA.
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