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  1. Kik is being shutdown in 5 days, you might want to consider another platform.
  2. Also just a tip for those posting images they wanted to be faked, you will have better results if you provide high resolution original images. Low resolution images downloaded from the web/fff/etc can be made to work, but generally speaking the more pixels the better, and you're more likely to have a convincing fake if the image quality to start with is high. It makes color correction, texture mapping and a list of other techniques easier, and in some cases possible where they otherwise would not be. 👍
  3. idk, I figured I'd leave them up for a while so some people could see and maybe hit me up on kik, then I'd take them down. I don't mind sharing them, just didn't feel like leaving them up in the thread is all. :)
  4. Omg that is a HOT video, so jealous of how lucky that guy in front is.
  5. I like doing fakes, I've done many of my wife. If you want I can take a shot at it.
  6. I'd do practically anything to get mine to cuck me. kik: unrealtrip
  7. Does this work for you?
  8. The slow process of planting an idea, clear communication and so on... may be finally starting to pay off. A group of friends my wife hadn't seen since high school, including an ex or two I believe, were having a BBQ yesterday at 3pm and invited us to it. Really her, with the token... you should bring your husband tacked on. I knew if I there, she wouldn't have quite as much candor as if I was not there; and I also figured she'd likely relax and drink a little more. Not to mention, the guys there wouldn't have to worry about the husband being there. So I told her to go have a good time, I had stuff to do at home and sent her off with a 12pack of some good beer. I said have a few drinks, relax, and have a good time. She said no, I'll probably just have one, maybe two tops and not really stay that long. I said don't put constraints on things before you even go, just go have a good time and don't worry about anything. I didn't hear anything from her until she just texted at 12:30AM "I had too many beers lol. I need a nap and then I'll head home. xoxo." I texted her an hour later and said that she shouldn't push it, and to just spend the night, better to be safe. It was delivered but not read. Also relevant. She just two days ago had her 39th birthday and I think she was having some of those getting older worries. One of the guys on her birthday posted on her fff a picture of her closely hanging onto two guys from back then. One of them was supposed to be going. Also of note, she had tried reached out to him in the past to "just have some coffee" when he was going to be in our area. Again, could be harmless or maybe not... Of course, she might harmlessly have had one too many, and is simply sleeping it off. Or, she might be on the receiving end of a good hard ride. I can only hope. :) I do know that in the right setting, I've seen a pretty crazy wild streak let loose (unintoxicated) so I can only imagine. So while I sit here with a little twinge of jealousy, it is easily overpowered by the hope that she's got three guys going to town on her right now. And that when she comes home, she will look like it. Updates to follow...
  9. I don't know, I'm still working on her I have gotten her to open up to the idea of going to a pleasure resort however, so I think the escalation from there could happen very quickly once it happens.
  10. Oh sorry, I should change my avatar or something. I'm the hubby, I just have the wife picture up That said, I'd be open to her and a guy doing the cummy kiss off of my cock as well.
  11. No, but the idea does sound hot. Especially if it were to lead to finding her on her knees in front of someone else.