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    Watching my unsuspecting wife seduced and used to pleasure black men while i watch. I am not cuckold just want to watch her blow black men

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  1. Can you tell me how we can do this. I will do anything i can but how do we start this. Thank you
  2. Thank you for following me

    1. ViperOne


      Thank you too! Are you a couple?

  3. If you are a bull and want to talk about how you have done or will do a hot wife, or if you want to talk to a bull about your wife, or if you want to talk to other men woman or couples and share or exchange thoughts or ideas. Its hot and its fun and will make you cum exchange numbers and have s blast
  4. I am a professional graphic artist. I have been faking pictures for years i do not charge and my work is so good you will think it's real. Not like others who skin does not match head to big or small for body . If interested i will send sampl__es
  5. Want to talk offline about my wife

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    2. Mywife4u2001


      How i would want her done as well as ideas you have

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      Hey what would you like to see her do for you?

    4. Mywife4u2001


      Rather tell you over the phone to many eyes here

  6. White bull will be happy to tell you what i would do with ur wife 5306056806 steve
  7. If anyone wants to talk offline about our wives email me at [email protected] to exchange number
  8. Text me at [email protected] Very interested in california email [email protected] so we an discuss plan

  9. I would like to find someone serious and experience for my wife we are in California. I will help in any way i can please contact me at [email protected]
  10. Would like to discuss my wife with you she is 35 and petite please when you can get back to me

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      Hey hi i am in in socal text me at six six one eight one six six eight one nine hope to get a text from u soon .

    4. bigdee6293


      High desert area

  11. I would like to discuss my wife with you you can send email to Al.m or steve