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    meeting couple and ladies for chat and fun.

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  1. xfunny68

    Connection though this site

    hello and wich site you use to hace vonnectiones with ladies? i travel a lot also
  2. xfunny68

    Back again in Moscow

    Very good day. Back again in Moscow. I will be available in hotel all day the 29th Dec, the 18th jan and the 22nd jan. I wait for any proposal from husband, from couple to have some fun and enjoy the time together. 😀😀
  3. xfunny68


    Hello let me know when you are avilable. i have anydesk
  4. xfunny68

    In moscow

    no not fo the moment. I will be back in moscow on the 29th december available ans always in hotel.
  5. xfunny68


    mmmmmm wow so open the ass. love to fuck her...
  6. xfunny68


    mmmmmm nice to see but i want to play with
  7. xfunny68

    Almost divorced

    she's so beautiful very nice wife
  8. xfunny68

    In moscow

    available tomorrow afternoon in hotel. join me.😉
  9. xfunny68

    In moscow

    hello available in hotel in moscow free all day. why You don't come and we can have some chat and fun? kik xfunny68gmail
  10. xfunny68

    wife for you

    love to have fin with your wife
  11. xfunny68

    Hotwife in makati Manila

    amazing is your wife? so beautiful body
  12. xfunny68

    In moscow

    Very good day. This month i will be quite often in Moscow. I will stay in Hotel and looking to find someone to have some fun. we can meet and than we can go to my room. I can be a voyeur or a photographer (with your camcorder) for You or i can play with You. If You are the husband just bring your wife and introduce her to me or just bring the picture of your wife we can have some fun (soft)
  13. xfunny68

    30 nov Katmandu

    Tomorrow free all day in Katmandu. Any home want to meet? KIK xfunny68gmail
  14. xfunny68

    SEX 1547

    WOW great she's very horny and she rides the cock so nice.....congr
  15. xfunny68

    Gang Beng with my wife!

    hello good day. i will be in moscow next week still interested?