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  1. a little bit around the world like athens, belgrade, colombo, seychelles, maldives, katmandu, abu dhbai, moscow.
  2. hello any change to comunicate with you? i can't get you
  3. hello i am looking on kik you nick name but i can not find it
  4. hello when you will be in abu dhbai?
  5. Amazing asian wife. Where are You and wuold be so nice to meet both of You and have some chat and fun. She is so awsome.
  6. compliment very nice asian wife. where are you living?
  7. hello i am trying to get in contact with you on KIK but no asnwer. let me know wher she's flying.
  8. hello will be nice to see your wife. i will contact you on KIK
  9. Hello i am available in Abu Dhabi. Any one what to meet?
  10. Available now in moscow for some fun with couple or single lady's. If You can't let me know i am quite often in moscow in April.
  11. hi let me know when i can enter with anydesk?
  12. Looking for a cuckold couple tomorrow 24th Feb in calcut.
  13. From Italy but traveling around: Athens, Belgrade, Moscow, India, Sri Lanka, Maldives, and hope in the future more...eheheheh I am bull. Cheers
  14. hello and wich site you use to hace vonnectiones with ladies? i travel a lot also