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  1. She would present herself as the typical, lovable grandmother type who turned herself into the slutty hooker you always wanted for the right price. How much would you pay to make the transformation happen?
  2. Flyboy


    Yes she does - she is great at both!
  3. A Suggestion on what to do with Mrs. Flyboy!
  4. Flyboy


    An old pic of Mrs Flyboy's ass being used!
  5. Love to do that, just have to get her to relax & go with the flow. She definitely needs to see what she has been missing.
  6. My goal is to get my wife to enjoy herself. I love to see her get off with me or her toys, that's what turns me on. She cum easily & often so if she can be shared with other guys, then she can cum even more. If I can double team her with another guy great, then she can double her pleasure. Since I am her only partner she doesn't know what she's been missing.
  7. Ok - Mercy fuck coming for this fat ass broad who needs to be put in her place & punished.  The belt that holds those bursting at the seams jeans is coming off to use on that big fat ass.  First with the jeans on, then I'll peal them off to @@@@@@ the fatty ass and redden it even more with the belt.  I'll bend her over with her ass against the window for all to see as she deep throats me so my cock is well lubed so I can violate that fat ass.  She's going to have to spread her cheeks wide when I fuck her virgin asshole in front of her picture window.



  8. So far my wife has only only had one cock ever, me (7 + & thick), but she wore out this vibe. I'm trying to get her to try new & bigger cocks hopefully sometime soon I can spit roast her.
  9. Love to have them fed to me!!
  10. Get Ready for the ride of your life!!
  11. Love to hear more of what you would like to do to her. Something creative perhaps!