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  1. Have to like that attitude!! Wish my wife was like that.
  2. Did your wife participate? One of my forever fantasies was to do mother & adult offspring
  3. Bummer! Did you nail them together at the same time or at different times? The 2 should shame the Mom so you get the hat trick!!
  4. So what's keeping you from getting a hat trick with the mom?
  5. I've been wanting to spit roast Mrs. Flyboy for years & then get sloppy seconds in her cum filled pussy. Just need to have her give it a try!!
  6. I hope I can convince Mrs Flyboy to do the same. I would love to watch her please another man as she returns my gaze.
  7. Flyboy


    Yes she does - she is great at both!
  8. Flyboy


    An old pic of Mrs Flyboy's ass being used!
  9. Love to do that, just have to get her to relax & go with the flow. She definitely needs to see what she has been missing.
  10. My goal is to get my wife to enjoy herself. I love to see her get off with me or her toys, that's what turns me on. She cum easily & often so if she can be shared with other guys, then she can cum even more. If I can double team her with another guy great, then she can double her pleasure. Since I am her only partner she doesn't know what she's been missing.
  11. So far my wife has only only had one cock ever, me (7 + & thick), but she wore out this vibe. I'm trying to get her to try new & bigger cocks hopefully sometime soon I can spit roast her.
  12. Love to have them fed to me!!