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  1. This is the second part of my fantasy story of turning my wife into the slut I would like her to be when the opportunity arises. It begins the day after Part 1. I want to thank DomBull4U for beginning the thread that serve as the basis for part 1. Mrs. Flyboy woke up with a huge smile on her face and a throbbing twat as she remembered the pounding she had taken from Dom and Flyboy the night before. It had been a night of seconds and firsts for her and Flyboy. She had finally, after 42 years of marriage to Flyboy, taken her second cock, Dom’s cock. She had sucked it, deep throa
  2. This is a story started in thread by DomBull4U and finished by me. I'll add more parts to my fantasy over time. This is how it goes. Flyboy and his wife were young sweethearts and had married at a young and tender age. They stayed happily married for many years...wonderful years. Throughout their many years of marriage, they had maintained an active and enjoyable sex life. Mrs. Flyboy was a good wife and remained faithful to her husband for all of their years together. Flyboy was in fact the only man Mrs. Flyboy had ever been with. Together they had experimented with many differe
  3. I depends on what I'm doing to it. If I'm eating it, I prefer bald. Anything else natural is fine but I really like the look of a landing strip.
  4. Would love to fuck her brains out!
  5. If she hasn't been a cum dump for a lot of men, she needs to be one! Let's line up & fill her holes!
  6. Those are tits worthy of a good tit fucking
  7. No doubt! Would love to see my GILF impaled!
  8. That's what I'm talking about!! Keep it up, because I am!
  9. She definitely needs to be used. Love the latest pic on the bed! Next pic needs to be on the bed minus the nightie!
  10. I’m liking what I see, but more is better. Keep up the good work & show us more o your slut!!
  11. You’re getting closer to what I want to see! The slut in her is showing & she definitely needs to be used by many.
  12. Yes she is looking more like a slut, but we need to see more to make sure! A few more steps and we'll know!
  13. You're getting there in the latest pic! Keep going!
  14. OK - Teaser pic looks good - Time to see the rest of the goods
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