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    Getting my wife laid by someone other than me. She needs to be shared & pleasured by many.

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  1. I know I'd love to fuck one of my wife's sisters if ever given the chance. Been wanking to the idea of taking her for years.
  2. Bump - Mrs. Flyboy needs some attention!
  3. Mrs. Flyboy's tits for Black Dicks!
  4. She won't - looking to expand her horizons beyond her first cock - me. She needs to see what she has been missing
  5. Would love to fuck her brains out!
  6. Have some more fakes of her. Too bad I can't get her to try any of these things for real.
  7. I need to convince my wife being spit roasted would be fun for her.
  8. Can't help but to keep adding!
  9. Added a couple more Trying not to repeat any.
  10. Could this be Mrs. Flyboy taking on 7 & 8 and their double digit cocks?
  11. And more of her captions! Including more of her big tits.
  12. A little more of Mrs. Flyboy for your pleasure!
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