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    Getting my wife laid by someone other than me. She needs to be shared & pleasured by many.

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  1. Love doing fakes of her doing the things I wish I could get her to try.
  2. Still working on her to play so I've been creating fakes of her doing the things I'd like to see her doing. If you like my fakes - let me know & I can do some of your wife/GF.
  3. More captions of my wife!
  4. You need to check out what he wants to do to my wife in Turning my Wife - Part 1 in stories. There are 6 parts to that story.
  5. I'm ready do a part 7 of the saga, but I need some ideas for what is next for Mrs. Flyboy. PM me or add your suggestions here. What should be her next step?
  6. Another shot of Mrs. Flyboy's tits
  7. This is a fantasy pic of Mrs. Flyboy mounted in the fuck bench taking cocks from both ends!
  8. A couple of captions - I'll try faking next!
  9. I wish my wife had your attitude. I'm not similar to her husband, I want her to enjoy the pleasures of other men. She has only had one partner ever & I feel she has been deprived & does not know what she has been missing.
  10. Mrs. Flyboy deep throating her husband in preparation for numbers 3 and 4 to have their way with her!
  11. Mrs. Flyboy's Cam Girl pic! What would you like her to do for you?
  12. Pic added of Dom's first view of Mrs. Flyboy
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