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    My Hot Wife 8 years older than me!

    This is the Album of my wife. She's 8 years older than me but nobody seems to care. Typically when I am introduced to her lovers I find they are 5 to 10 years younger than I am.
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    Wifes Date night video

    My wife always try's to bring me something home to help me remember specific date nights that she has with other men. Its challenging for me to remember the little nick-nack she bought at some hotel gift shop, and I have to remember who her date was and all the details she told me. I know its going to be a good night for me when she goes to her memory case and grabs 3 or 4 nick-nacks and brings them to bed. Typically when this happens I have to remember and retell her all the details from the nights that those items represent while she bounces up and down on my cock with her eyes closed reliving the events. The names are extremely important because if I can't give her the man's or maybe the multiple men she was with that night she has nothing to call me. She wont call me by my name when she has sex with me she only calls me by some other guys name and always with her eyes closed. Although this last weekend was a little different, This time she recorded this video. I get the feeling I will be watching this video a lot while she uses me. I'm not sure who her date was last weekend so if its any of you bulls out there let me know. She told me she met him at the casino bar and that it was a one night thing and that she never traded numbers. So if its you tell me what else you wanted to do but didn't. I will tell her and who knows if its exciting enough for her she will probably want to hook up. She did say she was surprised at how good the sex was. wifemadeforme.mp4