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    Thank you
  2. My Hot Wife 8 years older than me!

    This is the Album of my wife. She's 8 years older than me but nobody seems to care. Typically when I am introduced to her lovers I find they are 5 to 10 years younger than I am.
  3. new cuck looking into behavior modification

    So, I had the same problem you have. Not suggesting this is the write thing for you but it worked for me. My wife told her bull lover that I couldn't bring myself to doing it. He then offered her his assistance of which she gladly accepted. So one Friday night when she got home she gave me one last opportunity to clean her up. True to my nature no how badly I wanted to or how badly I tried I just couldn't do it. I would start to gag and the want to throw up, I just couldn't get past that mental block. So, T then picked up the phone and dialed her lover. All I heard was T side of the conversation,. However, i could tell I needed to be ready at 11 am and that he was going to be at our house to pick me up. Of which I was ready just as instructed. I will never forget that day, first he walked in and she was so happy to see him she grabbed his hand and immediately ran him upstairs where they fucked for about an hour and I waited downstairs. Finally I heard his deep voice holler lets go. Like a little kid I was out the door and hurrying to his car. Once in the car he had me blindfold myself as he drove. Eventually he came to a stop and told me to get out of the car. He then grabbed me by my shirt collar and guided me as I walked blindfolded. Once inside the building I new exactly where I was. I had been there or at least to establishments such as these many times. I was escorted through 2 different doors and heard the sounds of fucking very intense grunting. I was stripped of all my clothes and something was hung around my neck. Somebody behind me told me to kneel so i did. Suddenly like a bolt of lightning I was hit in the side of my face with what I imagined was the first load of cum that day. I wanted to bolt, I wanted out of there so bad, Then suddenly I heard my wife's master in his deep voice tell me not to move and he was doing this for my own good. I know we left my house around 12 noon, I didn't get dropped off at home until after midnight. 12 hours I spent naked on the floor of an adult theater with a sign around my neck that read "I will do anything for your cum". I could not tell you how many cocks were forced into my mouth that day. Big ones, small ones, thick ones skinny, smelling sweet smelling nasty. What I can tell you though, was by the end of the day I couldn't get enough cum not could I get enough cock. Before we left I remember talking all kinds of nasty things telling anyone with in ear shot that I would suck every bit of cum from there body. I even hollered out my phone number and told people I am open before and after common work hours just call me and I would be waiting. Well that little deal has been squashed wife wasn't about to let me have to much fun. Eventually she ran all my cum loaners off. I will say this though, I have no problem with taste, texture or smell anymore Louie
  4. Wifes Date night video

    My wife always try's to bring me something home to help me remember specific date nights that she has with other men. Its challenging for me to remember the little nick-nack she bought at some hotel gift shop, and I have to remember who her date was and all the details she told me. I know its going to be a good night for me when she goes to her memory case and grabs 3 or 4 nick-nacks and brings them to bed. Typically when this happens I have to remember and retell her all the details from the nights that those items represent while she bounces up and down on my cock with her eyes closed reliving the events. The names are extremely important because if I can't give her the man's or maybe the multiple men she was with that night she has nothing to call me. She wont call me by my name when she has sex with me she only calls me by some other guys name and always with her eyes closed. Although this last weekend was a little different, This time she recorded this video. I get the feeling I will be watching this video a lot while she uses me. I'm not sure who her date was last weekend so if its any of you bulls out there let me know. She told me she met him at the casino bar and that it was a one night thing and that she never traded numbers. So if its you tell me what else you wanted to do but didn't. I will tell her and who knows if its exciting enough for her she will probably want to hook up. She did say she was surprised at how good the sex was. wifemadeforme.mp4