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  1. This is so fitting for her. Yet she acts so innocent not at all like who she is when I’m not around. Taking one or two sometimes 3 guys into the John to bang and suck just for fun. F85ACF0B-408A-404E-8E0C-F32878136FAA.MP4
  2. She needs a really big rock hard cock to stretch her and make her scream DoggyDoggy.mp4
  3. Lets go for a drive, then the store, and finally the casino.  I am sure we will find something along the way!20180506_070740999_iOS.thumb.gif.637a2591626d1ef89c2cec63ef6dfc91.gif20180513_184506999_iOS.thumb.gif.53fb757e361d1232ecba59719f4c1d0a.gif


  4. So its been a while since I have been able to respond or post any kind of update, my apologies. As some of you know from my posts, my wife of many years, has unilaterally decided for the two of us that we would return to the cuckold lifestyle. You see I did this years ago I played the roll of the cuckold and I enjoyed it very much. At the time it was the perfect thing for her and I. I thought we had put all that stuff to bed long ago. I have recently come to find, that not only did these issues not lay dormit but instead, have been growing and festering within my wife. I couldn't even begin to tell you the number of mean I have caught her with in the past month. It's football season now, and its so bad at my house that I can't even stay to watch the game. T has instead packed the house with the friends of friends and friends of there friends. Here are some vids and pics of the things she has been up to recently.. Fist was just like the home depot deal, she asked if I wanted to go and this is what it turned into. The second are the standard naked football Sunday that her and I used to enjoy. Now she still enjoys naked football, but after week 2 I decided she doesn't need me to enjoy naked football so she packs that house and I head down to my local pub to watch my game and enjoy my beer. Target.mp4 JnTFootball.mp4
  5. Louie

    checking this out

    come tell me what you want to do to her https://imig.es/c/9TzA2Wu
  6. Last week she asks if I want to go to Home Depot with her. i said sure, but I couldn't believe what she was wearing. It was such a shock to me I had to get out my camera and sneak video over her. I really don't know what she is trying to get out of me. I mean, has she found that humiliating me or the idea of being blatantly aggressive right in front of me suddenly become a turn on for her? Ok, so did I want to see her like that? Yes. Was it a turn on for me? Yes. Did I want some strange man to walk up reach under her dress and finger her to orgasm in front of me and everyone else? Yes. She hasn't asked me about any of those things though, and its so different than our typical behavior. HomeDeepot.mp4
  7. Not showing that for me at all. Anyone else getting that?
  8. Well we are not new to this. We used to have a great game. T used to have this hutch that she kept in the den. In this hutch was come sort of nick nack or memoribila that she would bring home from the night before. When she came home she would give me the item and tell me all about the night before. I would carefully listen commiting everything I could to memory. Primarily names, locations, events etc. On our nights alone she would often go to her shelf pull one or two items and bring them to the bedroom. I would then start the caressing of her body and would tell her the story of the item. The better I would tell it the more turned on she would get, which served to only increase the intensity of our night together. _Large.mp4
  9. Great question. I don’t know really but I do know I’m excited to levels I have not expieranced since I was a kid. What at do I do now? I want to encourage her behavior but I want us to do this together or at least be honest and up front about it. We used to have such great sex and so much fun. Now it’s like everything is gray and bleak. How do I use this to catapult us back to a healthy loving realationship? 4 ray.wmv gettingwarmer.mp4
  10. So that's how it started, next thing I know its Friday night and I get home from work only to find my wife getting dressed and doing her makeup. So naturally, I ask, "what's going on do we have plans?" She "stops and looks at me with a dead no BS stair and said, "I do". I paused for a moment then turned and walked to my office. On Saturday morning I woke up in my bed alone. I grab my phone and I have received a link to this: I have no idea who this guy is wifemadeforme.mp4
  11. So a couple of weeks ago it’s a Friday and I’m working from home. I don’t do this a lot but once maybe twice a quarter. It just so happens that this particular day we had scheduled a plumber to come out and zap a few of our lines. Around 2 pm there’s a knock on the door. I don’t give it a second thought my wife is home she’s downstairs I assume she will answer it and that will be it. I don’t give it a second thought. Then again there’s a knock on the door. My wife stands at the base of the stairs looks up toward my office and hollers. “Are you going to get that?” I naturally replied with a “NO”. I mean hell in not even supposed to be there. I’m working lol. Anyway I hear her answer the door I hear some laughing and some giggling still I think nothing of it. A few minutes later my wife walks into my office leans over my shoulder and very quietly said “the plumber is here and he’s really cute. Sense you are so caught up in what your working on I’m going to fuck the shit out of the plumber”. She stands and walks out of my office. I’m shocked in a state of disbelieve. Yes we have fantasized about it, talked dirty about it but really? So after a few minutes I grabbed my phone jumped from my chair and ran downstairs and walked right in on this wifeplummerme.mp4
  12. Louie

    Let me see ur wife pics

    I have thousands of photos' hundreds of movies. So hard to decide which to use. AF1QipNwaVdJxSxGYW_LhAC9ijU-vvIIEgDlNMJaI9Tp.url AF1QipOCJBaTVaS3kMb7ctVXBXvmS_-TIyV8eMoEkyX5.url AF1QipPxVl518rM4M-s7Tf0grWbAR5PDzm4ncMpVyGbu.url AF1QipOe-fVXV-ZfFGGvk-0c6WCL-K9a3Uuzn_JE2V64.url AF1QipO374I2y2x6OyxsrJD9paxlB9ZJgltURs77X7fd.url AF1QipOevYPNp4zW_sXjy4J879JrngxuYr9qQjCFk-S_.url