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  1. https://join.me/286-407-775 this one will be running for a while, apologies for all the starting and stopping.
  2. https://join.me/642-313906 Sorry try this instead
  3. Lets do this again, we received a lot of great feedback. HTTPS://join.me/783-353-32 come watch her play with herself and others. Louie
  4. A new session, video slideshow played at random of my wife and what ever she is doing next https://join.me/681-404-626 Let me know if you get sound or not.
  5. The session is open again. Come check her out, leave your comments. She loves to read them. Louie Https://Join.me/Louiecuckold
  6. I'm going to be running https://join.me/LouieCuckold This time I will be here to make sure it auto approves.
  7. doing this again tonight. will be doing video's later tonight. Still working to get everything dialed in. come and join watch and comment. To view my screen, click this link: https://join.me/LouieCuckold Conference ID: 342-307-306
  8. Https://Join.me/LouieCuckold rolling through it now
  9. Lets try HTTPS://join.me/LouieCuckold
  10. Lets try this one out should be easier. Slide show running
  11. Doing this again, 1185695949 pw of c48u6t, need to have TeamViewer 14
  12. Here is my Team Viewer 1185 695 949 pw of a9a18d
  13. here is my Team Viewer 1185 695 949 pw a9a18d slide show of videos and pics dance.wmv
  14. This is so fitting for her. Yet she acts so innocent not at all like who she is when I’m not around. Taking one or two sometimes 3 guys into the John to bang and suck just for fun. F85ACF0B-408A-404E-8E0C-F32878136FAA.MP4
  15. She needs a really big rock hard cock to stretch her and make her scream DoggyDoggy.mp4