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  1. Hi Cuck mail me at [email protected] as I want to fuck your slut wife in front of you..

  2. Been a long time as we are always busy but last night my wife boyfriend as I now call him came to our house, she told me to go out of the way somewhere and don't come back until I text you.She had seen him early when she went to get a takeaway, some other guy hit on her and she thinks that he got a little jealous because later that evening they were texting and was telling her what he wanted to do to her, so she text back come on over to ours now thinking he wouldn't be able to,okay I'm on my way only got half an hour was the reply at this point she told me to go so I gave her kiss told her to have fun and left.A few minutes later his car pulled up outside our house I could see this as our house is very isolated with many buildings where I work a few yards away.After about ten minutes curiosity got the better of me so I went closer to see if I could see anything, she had conveniently left the curtains open and I could see them making out on the settie kissing like teenagers,i could see other movements that she told me later was him fingering her pussy whilst she was giving him a handjob.Thay didn't fuck as he had to get back to work, once again I was disappointed but she told me later whilst performing her second handjob within an hour they are making plans to meet in a hotel for a few hours then she will return to me with the cream pie that I have been craving for.
  3. Cuckold dating sites aren't coming up trumps so thought we would have a go on here.
  4. At last! it's definitely going to happen after so many let downs and time wasters she has made a date for the 13th of January for a 39 year old guy to come to our house and fuck her in our bed while I have to disappear for a few hours.I'm really horny about it and can't wait but also feel anxious and jealous.She is going to keep me updated as to what's there doing by text and tell me when they have finished so I can go home and have sloppy seconds and then tick that off my bucket list.

    1. UK_EX


      Oh those wonderful feelings just before you become a  cuckold - jealousy and excitement.  Good luck, do keep us updated.

    2. AliUKBull


      Good luck, look forward to finding out what happens. Hopefully you're not letdown again. PM me if you're always seeking others though.

  5. Thanks for your comments I'm not blessed with patience unfortunately but I know we will get their sometime soon.
  6. She sent him some naughty pictures last night witch I took very saucy they were to, from his reaction he won't be long coming back for more.She is also chatting online to a 27 year old 6 foot tall well hung guy who lives half an hour away and as offered his services, she's really getting in to the lifestyle don't you think?
  7. She met him tonight for half an hour in his car didn't have long because he was working,thay kissed and he felt her pussy and sucked on her tits.she felt his cock but didn't have time to fuck or so she said?I waited at home wandering what she was doing but loving it.


    1. UK_EX


      They're just taking it slowly and enjoying exploring each other, and she is probably making sure that you do not 'go off' the idea of her being serviced by another man.

  8. It's all gone a bit quiet we think we may of scared him off, he gets flirty and gives it the dirty talk when massaging online but at the moment won't commit to a date, starting to think he's a time waster or are we impatient?
  9. That first encounter i was surprisingly cool about it, and of course a bed for the big event my marital i hope, all going a little slowly for me but they are sorting it out we are all very busy people
  10. It went well last night, when we left i waited in the car they had a few minutes in the ladies kissing and groping each other, now they are sorting out a fuck date.This is so horny for me cucky,wanking myself silly.
  11. Thanks for your comments, she is upstairs now getting ready looking really hot he might want to do her tonight when he sees her looking so hot and sexy.
  12. Tonight we are going to meet the young Indian guy to arrange when and where he is going to fuck my wife.They have been texting dirty talk for a few weeks .I feel nervous because it will be the first time she has fucked anyone else since we have been married, any advice?
  13. Things are starting to happen she's chatting online to a young man, he says he likes her pictures she posted and would love to touch her.He is twenty years younger than her so she is really up for it just got to wait for more info but she also said she's not telling me everything until she has arranged to meet up.Now I've got a permanent hard on thinking about what she told me.