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    Looking for pics of black bred wifes

    Out of curiosity, what will you be doing with these photos? Lance
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    Husband wants me to show her off

    It is so hot that you show her for him. Would love to find someone like you.
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  5. mywifewntsablkm

    My Wife Is Cheating

    Right on, UK_EX. Let your wife play and give her all the space she needs. And, if she is cheating (as opposed to the open marriage concept), don't ever let her know that you know, not confront her about it. If she wanted you to know, she'd tell you. But the best part of this is that she is learning things from her lover that you have no ideas how to teach her. He's using her to try things that he wants to try and she is going to gain sexual skills because if this that are going to benefit your sex life, ultimately. So you owe her lover a debt of gratitude. But the best thing you can do is stay out of the way and enjoy the ride. Jerk off every chance you get thinking about her with him. You'll love the orgasms plus, it will make you less able to satisfy her and make her hungrier to try more things with him. Eventually, the affair will end and she can practice her new skills on you. You cannot lose, so just be patient. That's really my advice and experience. Lance
  6. mywifewntsablkm

    My Wife Is Cheating

    My thanks, BigCockedBull. I appreciate your kind words. Like you, I also take people at face value. As such, I assume that caughther was in need of advice and, while my advice may, or may not have been good advice, I can confirm that it was, indeed, thoughtful advice. I really just wanted him to know that the fact that his wife had taken a lover didn't mean that his marriage was over. In fact, it is really just the opposite. What he was beginning is a new phase and one that will make fewer demand on him, sexually, and will result in his wife finding her satisfaction in the arms of other men. As her husband, he has the opportunity to benefit from all she learns from her lovers, plus he gets the satisfaction of knowing that she is being well taken care of. His role is to sit back, relax, pleasure himself and just enjoy the ride. I like to think he was for real. But I do appreciate the fact that BigCockedBull, and, perhaps, a few others, enjoyed my feedback. I enjoyed offering it. Thanks again, Lance
  7. mywifewntsablkm

    My Wife Is Cheating

    Hi caughther, You are in a great place! Just be careful. Don't stalk her too closely. The fact that she doesn't know that you know works to your advantage. Accept the "pity fuck" from her and, I would suggest that you masturbate even more. That will make you less interested in fucking and her even hungrier for him. The fact that they fuck or she blows him every day is a good thing. It means that their relationship is strictly about sex. Eventually, it will grow old and either she will end it or he will find someone else and will dump your wife. Either way, you will end up with a hot wife who knows how to cheat. It's going to be great for you. As you have noticed, her oral skills have improved since she had been seeing him. So you have benefited from the arrangement. You are one very lucky guy. But be careful not to let on that you know. That will force her to make a choice while she is still very hot for him. You cannot win that. Also, hope that his wife doesn't find out because she is liable to throw him out. If that happens, your wife will surely take him in and you will be out. So the best thing for you is that they keep fucking and she keeps blowing him every day. It's going to wear off eventually or else they settle into a once and a while tryst as fuck buddies. And that's great, as well, so long as your wife thinks she's getting away with her secret. So just be cool for now and jerk off a lot thinking about them together. Take the occasional "pity fuck" and blowjob. Make note of any differences in the way she does things, sexually. He is training her for you. Too bad you cannot thank him. Most of all, enjoy the experience. Your wife is a keeper. You are a very lucky man. Please keep us all informed. Lance
  8. mywifewntsablkm

    My Wife Is Cheating

    Hi caughther, I would caution restraint, at this point. I don't think you should follow her or treat her roughly or the least bit abusively. It would be great if you could post some portions of the audio so we could hear the sort of things they discuss while fucking, but I don't think you should change anything right now in your relationship with your wife. Remember, she does not know that you know. At some point, the affair will grow old and, hopefully, he will be the one to dump her. When that happens, she will still have her secret but will feel like the kind of woman you clearly want. At that time, she will be yours to use as you like. But, until then, any changes by you or any rough treatment may just move her closer to him and away from you. I truly think that you are going to really love the aftermath of this affair but only if she can think it's a secret. Your wife and her lover are, most probably, doing things that she had never done with you. Eventually, you are going to benefit from the experience that he is giving her. And... You get to fuck her with the knowledge that she learned new tricks from another man. You have a Compersive husband's dream going for you right now. Don't blow it by treating her like a slut. That is for her lover to do. Your wife is not a slut, of course. She's merely a wife who is seeking sexual satisfaction from another man. Let her have it and let it run its course. You should just jerk off a lot more and think about them together. Once the affair is over, you can change things but, for now, leave her be and enjoy the ride. Travel more so she can bring him to your bed and, by all means, please post excerpts from the audio sessions. We would all love to hear some of it. Good luck with this, my friend. Keep us updated. Lance
  9. mywifewntsablkm

    Cuckold Quiz

  10. mywifewntsablkm

    My Wife Is Cheating

    Caughther, I concur with madmajor's advice. Don't interfere and make her lie to you. Let it all play out. You mentioned that your wife's lover is also married. That's good because he may not be looking for anything more than sex. You can help everyone by wanking yourself silly, as madmajor suggests. You'll enjoy how great it makes you feel. You'll also have little left to give your wife and that will make her even needier and more willing to experiment in more ways with her lover which will heighten their pleasure. So everyone wins. Going away on the trip is an excellent idea, especially if he's in a position to spend the night with your wife. As for the cameras, that's an interesting idea if you are prepared to see everything they do together. Remember, your wife is HIS woman. But it would be great to be able to jerk off to the photos and vids of them together. Enjoy the ride. Keep us informed. Lance
  11. mywifewntsablkm

    My Wife Is Cheating

    Caughther, Give her space. Be careful not to get too close. If your wife thinks you know what's going on, she may shut it down. Clearly, the idea of her taking a lover is a huge turn on for you. I know just how you feel. So sit back and enjoy the ride. Let her cheat. Just imagine the things she is doing for him and how he's using her. Just masturbate a lot. That will help you and you will live the orgasms. It will also mean that you have little left for your wife and that will heighten her need to explore new things with her lover. You are in a very good place. Lance
  12. mywifewntsablkm

    My Wife Is Cheating

    I'd be happy to chat with you about this. I'm in yim as Mywifewntsablkm. Or email me at [email protected] I think you are in a great place right now. She is a keeper. Lance
  13. mywifewntsablkm

    My Wife Is Cheating

    My advice is to leave things alone and give her some space. She will have her affair and her secret and you won't be impeding her, at all. I went through this, myself, when my wife had an affair with a coworker of mine. They met two to three days a week while I was out of town. And I traveled a lot back then. The affair lasted well over a year and I was completely clue less. I found out about it two years after it ended from him. It's a long story how he came to tell me the details but I never have told my wife that I know. To be honest, I'm not sure which turns me on more, the fact that she fucked and sucked him more than she did me for so long or that she did it all in secret. I get an erection whenever I think about it. But, one thing is for sure, that during her affair, her oral skills improved immensely and, thanks to his training, my wife now sucks cock most wonderfully. He also turned her onto bondage and discovered that she loves her ass slapped during doggy. It makes her grind harder. So leave your wife and her friend alone. You obviously enjoy the idea that she has this relationship and that he is giving her some sexual pleasure. He will do things with her that you have never thought to try. And, I know from experience that your orgasms are most intense whenever you picture them naked together. So this is win-win-win. Let her enjoy this. You clearly are. And don't let on that you know. This isn't cuckoldry, by the way, it's compersion. No humiliation on your part, just pleasure at her enjoyment. Be sure to update us. Love to hear where this goes. I think you are going to love it. Lance
  14. mywifewntsablkm

    More Of My Wife

    Your wife is very hot. I've seen her posted elsewhere and never get tired of her sexy, mature body. Thanks for showing her off.
  15. mywifewntsablkm

    Wife playing

    Let's see some more!!!