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  1. Lustman

    My First Experience

    Hot, hot story. Love the picture too
  2. Lustman

    Calling women slut/whore???

    I'm not sure where everyone hails from but in the U.K. a whore is a prostitute. It has been reported in some cuckoldry, certainly on other forums of the Bull's having pimped out their female's, either with or with out knowledge of the cuckold. I know of at least two couples where the 'Hotwife' is actually a prostitute, which seems to suit their particular take on the lifestyle. As for the use of the word slut, I have seen over the years the subtle change in it's meaning, certainly in cuckold circumstances to mean a term of respect and endearment as stated by Dombull4U earlier in this thread. My wife is neither in her day to day life. When we were actively playing sexually with others I loved her being slutty, but she was never referenced as a slut certainly not directly by anyone. Now when in reference to her fantasy lover/master, she is very much referred to as his Fuckslut and my wife. This is meant purely as a term of endearment and belonging, basically as a remark that she behaves very differently in his company (sluttily), than she does when not with him. What she doesn't know, although she strongly suspects is that the 'fantasy lover/master' guy does exist. He and myself have communicated over several years over my sharing her with him. He contacted me from two sources simultaneously, a swingers site we used to use and another cuckold forum site. They have met several times socially but my wife's 'if it happens, it happens' approach she uses to describe her desire as to whether we ever play with others again has not yet happened, although I live in hope. Other similar derogatory names such as slag, chav, seem to have taken on the old mantle slut used to own, certainly in cuckold relationships anyway. Lustman
  3. Lustman

    Friday night

    Love to hear more - Hot, Hotwife indeed Lustman
  4. Lustman

    Elaine's First Time

    Robert and Elaine I salute you both. This is a wonderful and absolutely truly arousing recollection of some of you 3 odd years together. We've had our moments but nothing as involved as you guys, love the pictures spanning the decades as well, fabulous thanks for sharing. I must get my wife to read this thread, it is inspiring and so damn hot. Lustman
  5. Lustman

    New Years Eve ( Real Story )

    I'd love to read more of your adventures, your girlfriends sounds like she has all the makings of a Hotwife. Lustman
  6. Lustman

    New Years Eve ( Real Story )

    That is really arousing. Has she or you arranged to see him again? Lustman