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  1. Tongue ready - Gorgeous Lustman
  2. Loving the fancy suspender tights (pantyhose), gorgeous view of her sucking BBC and Elaine's pussy Lustman
  3. Love to hear more about this sounds deliciously hot Lustman
  4. Fabulous really lovely pix Lustman
  5. Deeply sensual and arousing gifs Lustman
  6. Also a favourite look of mine Lustman
  7. My wife had a very public job at the time and she would probably have been sacked if anyone had seen her face hence the extreme cropping
  8. A very touching and thoughtful post Lexi - I'm sure when the time is right you'll be able to heal and mentally move on to the sort of relationship you and your husband/cuck had originally. Some great advice from the posts on here, there are certainly so many wannabe single cuckolds around, if reading various related forums are anything to go by but it isn't just that you're after, it's the relationship not just sex. Lustman
  9. Absolutely fabulous pix thank you so damn hot Lustman
  10. Especially the quarter cup varieties of basques and corsets. Lustman
  11. Such a fabulously erotic recollection of your adventures I feel privileged to be able to read and see the pictures of the gloriously sexy Elaine. Lustman
  12. Entertaining the two BBCs outfit was perfection, the black quarter cup bra and suspender tights were perfect for this set of pictures. What a fantastic post. Thanks HOT as Fuck!! Lustman
  13. What a fabulous hot and horny up date. Great description of events. Love the nipples as well Lustman
  14. Thanks for sharing - by the way she has amazing nipples Lustman