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  1. Lustman

    Friday night

    Love to hear more - Hot, Hotwife indeed Lustman
  2. Lustman

    Elaine's First Time

    Robert and Elaine I salute you both. This is a wonderful and absolutely truly arousing recollection of some of you 3 odd years together. We've had our moments but nothing as involved as you guys, love the pictures spanning the decades as well, fabulous thanks for sharing. I must get my wife to read this thread, it is inspiring and so damn hot. Lustman
  3. Lustman

    New Years Eve ( Real Story )

    I'd love to read more of your adventures, your girlfriends sounds like she has all the makings of a Hotwife. Lustman
  4. Lustman

    New Years Eve ( Real Story )

    That is really arousing. Has she or you arranged to see him again? Lustman