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    480P_600K_158784292 (1).mp4

    same here
  2. Lustman

    Cartoons to illustrate cuckold cravings

    There are some fantastic artists out there Lustman
  3. Lustman

    Elaine's First Time

    Elaine just looks so invitingly fuckable. Gorgeous like the latest green set with the half-cup bra and white stockings very nice indeed Lustman
  4. Lustman

    Mrs Lustman's First Time

    We continued to drink with the usual gang including Simon, although nothing sexual happened, we all had that collective knowledge of a wonderful experience on M's birthday. We lost touch after a while - M went on to developed a taste for the ladies, well one in particular, the girl who introduced the pair of us had recently divorced. We had a meal then went to the same pub as our previous adventure started at. The night went very well and air of eroticism developed nicely we went home where Julie sat between my legs and I caressed her boobs through her top, she was wearing stockings and suspenders as was Mrs Lust, M came over got between her legs and kissed her passionately, I was instantly hard. M suggested we get more comfy on the bed, she led Julie by the hand to our bed, I sat mesmerised as they stripped one another whilst locked in a passionate embrace, it was so damn erotic seeing my wife doing this to her best friend and she responded just as eagerly. They were down to their stockings and suspenders and lay on the bed legs intertwined rubbing their cunts together. I joined them on the bed at Mrs Lust instruction telling me to lick Julies nipples, her tits were so firm, absolutely gorgeous body, my hand moved down to her hairy pussy, only to find Mrs Lust fingers already thrusting in and out of her fucking awesome they were both so into one another I kissed them both alternating as M went down on her friend still fingering her. I moved under M, licking her dripping cunt, she tensed and told me to get my cock in her from behind, who was I to argue. I slide into her juicy cunt from behind, again she tensed and increased her licking and fingering action on Julie who was hitting the roof with pleasure moaning and asking her not to stop licking her cunt. I fucked M as long as I could but the scene in front of me was so hot I shot my load deep in her cunt. Julie came soon after I went down on her fingered cunt and M said she wanted to 69 her she jumped at the chance I moved to the peacock chair in the corner of the bedroom and watched two gorgeous sexy women in stockings and suspenders 69 each other - I thought I'd died and gone to heaven. I didn't get to fuck the lovely Julie though. We all fell asleep cuddled together. This began a series of nights out where Mrs Lust would go out with Julie - dance, drink then back to her place for a night of girlie loving. I would pick her up in the morning, she would come to the car braless in a lace top and miniskirt, stockings and suspenders of course, then I'd slip my hand up her skirt to find that she was knickerless and still juicy and soooo damn horny for my cock - in fact I didn't get much rest for the next couple of weeks until their next night out. She would sit on my cock when we got home writhing as she told me all of the events of the previous night, how they kissed and caressed each other and finger fucked each other, always falling asleep in one another's arms after coming. This went on for almost six months until Julie found a new boyfriend - shame. It was an amazing time. After the girl on girl adventures with Julie, M tried to find someone to fulfil her girly desires, without being overtly searching this is pre-internet days, she would go out with girls from work but nothing happened, we then had a family which curtailed our extramarital adventures for a few years, I then found myself working with a younger woman who was keen on both M and me, although married she was certainly bi curious, her husband had no idea about this, in fact he was having an affair which led to their subsequent divorce and to her joining us in our bed. We'd arranged a night out the three of us I drove allowing her and M to have quite a few drinks, they danced with each other and we headed home as she was staying over the night at this point M didn't know of her interest, there was a bit of banter and a kiss in the back seat as I drove it still wasn't definitely on the cards. We got home M went to the loo, I started dancing with Tracy asking if she wanted to carry on where she left off with M, she rubbed my cock as we danced and kissed me, M came into the lounge as this happened and just came over and snogged her, then me, Tracy started to undress M feeling her stocking tops and suspenders before delving into her panties for the first time, they kissed again really passionately, Tracy was then stripped by the pair of us she had jeans on and a T shirt this removed revealed a new red satin basque and stockings she'd worn she later told us hoping we'd get to see it. All three of us danced close groping and kissing one another. Tracy said would we take her to bed and make love to her, this was all we needed and M and Tracy held hands as they walked up the stairs, I like a gentlemen let them go first so I could look at their stocking covered legs and bare pussies mmmm. Tracy and I had already gone into great detail regard our sex lives and fantasies which is how the evening came about, I wanted her and M to get together hoping it would be like before with Julie, only this time I would be very much more involved. We had an amazing night, they went for it big style, Tracy was incredibly eager to try everything vibrators strap-ons, she just couldn't get enough of the pair of us, I fucked them both twice, they 69'd I fucked both of them doggy whilst they tongued the other out, now that was one of those moments that will live with me forever, The sight of my wife coming on the tongue of a woman I was fucking hard from behind, Tracy asked me to spank her, I knew she was into horses so ask her if she'd like a little riding crop action, "crop me now" was her answer I reached in to the drawer at the side of the bed finding the crop and passing a whip to M, telling her Tracy wanted some correction, M passed the whip around Tracy's arse above and below my cock pulling her towards her cunt urging her to lick her deeper, calling her a dirty little bitch. I started to flick the crop against her buttocks as if urging a horse on. She had a massive noisy orgasm, pushing right back onto my cock, just as I introduced a finger into her arse - her head back searching for my lips to kiss, thanking me for taking her over the edge with the crop. She then fell onto M kissing her deep and passionately saying she wanted to make her cum, finger fucking her as she said it I sat back exhausted watching the amazing Tracy fuck my wife. M was lost in total ecstasy, coming on her fist, which was pumping in and out of her shaved juicy slick cunt like a long hard cock pistoning into her. They used the strap-on on each other whilst sucking my cock back into life, first M fucked Tracy doggy whilst she had a vibrator on her clit, then they swapped over my cock still getting oral attention from the fucked woman, when Tracy fucked M she came with the vibe on her clit, cunt filled with thrusting rubber cock and mouth full of my cock, they both fell forward sucking my cock on either side and kissing me - one of the horniest nights of my life. After what seemed like hours, we all fell asleep in one anothers arms. I was awoken by M sucking my cock hard until she could get on board, when achieved she mounted my cock saying how horny the night had been, her motions woke Tracy who smiled and says that looks like fun, she went to brush her teeth, on her return she kissed M who didn't miss a beat still bouncing up and down on my cock, I said to Tracy "sit on my face" she swung her leg over me facing M feeling her tits, M returning the gesture, my tongue soon found her slippery cunt and clit lapping away at her as she and M kissed and fondled one another - I thought I'd died and gone to heaven. After coming in M, I left them to put coffee on and go and get some bacon butties from our local supermarket, looking over my shoulder as I left them wrapped in one another's arms kissing I think Tracy's fist was getting busy again and I heard her asking for similar from M I need to go and fuck M now, that has really turned me on remembering such a hot night. This was the beginning of another sexy chapter in our lives with Tracy. Again if there's some interest in our story I'll post some more... Lustman A few pix of her outfits from this time
  5. Lustman

    Elaine's First Time

    Such a fantastic collection, such a hot lady Lustman
  6. Lustman

    Mrs Lustman's First Time

    I thought I would share Mrs Lustman's first occasion of being shared. This is possibly more Candaulism than Cuckoldry, here goes It was just before our first wedding anniversary - we drank at a local watering hole with a group of around twelve to twenty couples and singles they did a lot of charity fund raisers, dressed as naughty school girls etc and were a fun bunch so we naturally found ourselves drawn to them, had some great fun nights. One guy in particular was very into Mrs Lust (M) Simon was always paying her compliments and loved her outfits - you'll see from the pic attached she looked incredible, the tiniest of leather miniskirts worn with sheer tops and black fully fashioned seamed stockings, suspenders, thong and patent leather stilettos was her usual evening out outfit, leaving very little to the imagination. We'd been together around four years at this point and I had often spoken about threesomes and moresomes either MFM of MFF she was of the opinion if it happened she'd go for it if she fancied the person - well I knew she fancied him so I decided to push the matter as it was her birthday coming up a night at the pub was in order. The night in question, she was the centre of attention there seemed to be mainly the male contingent of our little group, they plied her with drinks and she was surrounded at one point by around seven guys having birthday kisses and gropes of her barely covered suspenders and stocking tops, I'm sure at least one hand strayed to her pussy as the guy apologised to me saying she'd turned and all he was doing was feeling stocking tops I just smiled and said no problem, she was just enjoying herself on her birthday. Well as the evening wore on our Simon had become the one talking and flirting with her, the others had either left or sussed his position. I suggested going back to ours for another drink he accepted, we arrived I went upstairs to ready the bedroom for some fun, on going downstairs I was amazed to see him trouser-less and kissing M passionately, he explained he'd fallen out of his sports car into a puddle on the pub car park and M had offered to dry his trousers... She went up stairs to lose her skirt and top which he'd already loosened anyway we had a quick chat saying it was a one-off for her birthday he was OK with that. We both went up the stairs to see her on the bed, legs spread fingering herself saying don't just stand there, I need two cocks tonight please come and fuck me. With that we lost our underpants and joined her on the bed, we took a side each starting sucking her tits, her nipples hardening, as he kissed her his hand went to her pussy sliding one then two then three fingers into her dripping cunt. She writhed around asking us to fuck her, he got her on her knees and entered her from behind I slide my throbbing cock into her mouth, she was in heaven, two guys worshipping her body, we fucked her over and over, she had her first vdp as well as he slid his cock in alongside mine, she was so damn wet and horny. Eventually after quite some time we decided it was time to call it a night, he asked if he could take a souvenir, he had her suspender belt and stockings, which we later found out he wore to wank in on many occasions - we didn't play again with him for over fifteen years but that's another story. Sorry if this is a bit long winded but it's a treasured memory and I wanted to do it justice. Pic attached is of the nights outfit, as you can see it is quite revealing this was circa Sept 1984 Anyway a little more... After he had left we fell asleep, tired from our exertions, I went to work the next morning, the bedroom's aroma was pure sex, so much so I slowly fingered her well used pussy waking her with a kiss asking if she was ok, had she enjoyed her birthday present. Yes she said it was an amazing night, I left for work hearing her vibrator starting to buzz as I locked the front door. At work I was totally horned up to fuck, reliving the sensuality of the previous night, moment by horny moment, over and over, it was then the familiar roller coaster of emotion started, did she want him more than she wanted me, would I lose her to him, she had fancied him for quite some time and the feeling was obviously mutual, hence my telling him it was a one off birthday present for her. It was difficult to concentrate on my work I kept hearing the sound of her coming when he fucked her and I had sat back to watch them, drinking in the intensely erotic site before me of my bride of one year surrendering to complete lust with another man six feet away from me - had I let the genie out of the bottle? Lustman .
  7. Lustman

    My First Experience

    Hot, hot story. Love the picture too
  8. Lustman

    Calling women slut/whore???

    I'm not sure where everyone hails from but in the U.K. a whore is a prostitute. It has been reported in some cuckoldry, certainly on other forums of the Bull's having pimped out their female's, either with or with out knowledge of the cuckold. I know of at least two couples where the 'Hotwife' is actually a prostitute, which seems to suit their particular take on the lifestyle. As for the use of the word slut, I have seen over the years the subtle change in it's meaning, certainly in cuckold circumstances to mean a term of respect and endearment as stated by Dombull4U earlier in this thread. My wife is neither in her day to day life. When we were actively playing sexually with others I loved her being slutty, but she was never referenced as a slut certainly not directly by anyone. Now when in reference to her fantasy lover/master, she is very much referred to as his Fuckslut and my wife. This is meant purely as a term of endearment and belonging, basically as a remark that she behaves very differently in his company (sluttily), than she does when not with him. What she doesn't know, although she strongly suspects is that the 'fantasy lover/master' guy does exist. He and myself have communicated over several years over my sharing her with him. He contacted me from two sources simultaneously, a swingers site we used to use and another cuckold forum site. They have met several times socially but my wife's 'if it happens, it happens' approach she uses to describe her desire as to whether we ever play with others again has not yet happened, although I live in hope. Other similar derogatory names such as slag, chav, seem to have taken on the old mantle slut used to own, certainly in cuckold relationships anyway. Lustman
  9. Lustman

    Friday night

    Love to hear more - Hot, Hotwife indeed Lustman
  10. Lustman

    Elaine's First Time

    Robert and Elaine I salute you both. This is a wonderful and absolutely truly arousing recollection of some of you 3 odd years together. We've had our moments but nothing as involved as you guys, love the pictures spanning the decades as well, fabulous thanks for sharing. I must get my wife to read this thread, it is inspiring and so damn hot. Lustman
  11. Lustman

    New Years Eve ( Real Story )

    I'd love to read more of your adventures, your girlfriends sounds like she has all the makings of a Hotwife. Lustman
  12. Lustman

    New Years Eve ( Real Story )

    That is really arousing. Has she or you arranged to see him again? Lustman