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  1. mmmm must have missed her, fucking hot though, great tits!
  2. did them together, grandaughter caugh me fucking her gran lol
  3. hello Hurti, how are things with you and Monika


  4. hi Hurti, when you going to show us more of Monika?


  5. are you on line yet Hurti?


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    2. HornyFucker


      how goes things with you?

    3. hurti


      all good, why

    4. HornyFucker


      just hoping you'll post more pics of Monika is all

  6. hey Hurti, how are you and the gorgeous Monika?

  7. There was a cute dark haired German girl on this site a while ago, Monika, shared by her hubby Hurtii, she seems to have vanished, anyone know her?

    CF Hurtis slut (2).jpg

  8. what a fucking superb outfit, love to fuck her while she's wearing that
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