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  1. A photo session at White Mead camp site in the Forest of Dean.
  2. Thanks for all your lovely comments, I love them. Once you have got over the fear and consern about making your husband a cuckold and had such a fantastic time with the first black cock their is really no turning back, so enjoy and live life to the full. Marlene xxx
  3. Showing off in a pub.
  4. Yes and I am loving it, to see and hear all about Marlene's fun and see another guys spunk in her is wonderful.
  5. I know I am, and Marlene likes to strip and show off.
  6. pics I took of Marlene in the morning last summer.
  7. Hi thanks for your comment.

    1. BrownDick


      Pleasure is mine. Is she your wife? Or are you just posting?

    2. james100


      She is my wife.