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  1. WOW! you're beautiful 

    1. kristincarlson-oregon


      thanks, I'm an older gal...55 so not the trim/slender woman most men appreciate looking at

    2. alexdumont


      More of us than you might expect appreciate a woman in her own time. And I agree with the others. You are beautiful! 😀

  2. Hello Kristin .. you have my attention .. would like to meet up 

  3. I posted for my former husband many years ago, before the digital and I was comfortable that the Polaroids were safe but the process of film developing worried me as I wonder where the photos would end up. to my later surprise I discovered that my husband had perhaps shared/posted the photos. You guys...very visual creatures. Kristin
  4. thanks for the nice comments about my photos

    P1010071 - Copy.JPG

    111 - Copy.jpg

    1. Nj-cuckold


      You are a sexy woman. 

    2. Pdxken55


      I’d like to meet you ... play principal and bad student 

  5. I often post a few photos that my former husband took of me over the years.
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