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  1. I posted for my former husband many years ago, before the digital and I was comfortable that the Polaroids were safe but the process of film developing worried me as I wonder where the photos would end up. to my later surprise I discovered that my husband had perhaps shared/posted the photos. You guys...very visual creatures. Kristin
  2. thanks for the nice comments about my photos

    P1010071 - Copy.JPG

    111 - Copy.jpg

    1. Nj-cuckold


      You are a sexy woman. 

  3. I often post a few photos that my former husband took of me over the years.
  4. eventually I will build up the courage for a full facial view of my face being topless.

    waiting for one of these goofy and hungry men to ask for it. at some point one of the men viewing it will probably either email me or ask via chat

    1. Nj-cuckold


      I think you did it already 😎

  5. A sexy woman with a lot of courage. 

  6. true...major risk but I sense that not all members of the families will be on these sites and will they really suspect it is me...the more reserved and modest in appearance school principal.

    the erotic rush is over the top in ways hard to explain