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    Sharing a bull with my cuckoldress. Fluffing them before they fuck, licking them while they fuck, and orally cleaning up both of them afterward. i especially like feeding on her well-fucked cunt while her bull fucks me in the ass.

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  1. Nothing fucks like a Deere!
  2. I feel your pain. It is so nice to see a black cock stretching our your wife's pussy.
  3. I have just sent you a personal message. Please read it.

    1. mastermind2009


      Waiting for you to read my reply and your response

  4. Love to see her pussy after it's been well fucked!!
  5. You know, I like your name. If my name was Alex Dumont I'd rule the world or at least a boardroom somewhere.

    I'm sure that if I were to go somewhere inside almost any corporation and say to a couple of people "Alex Dumont is coming to check us out tomorrow. I'm going to go over my stuff and make sure its squared away . If he looks at my stuff I want it to be perfect but even so I'll be at least a little nervous"  as soon as the elevator stopped and the door open you see them  take off like they were on fire. And they wouldn't even stop to ask me or anyone who Alex Dumont was or why they should care. It's just one of those names that sounds like it belongs to someone that is running things.

    It just has that feel. I'd be tempted to go somewhere and just walk through a cubicle farm somewhere just to demonstrate the raw power of a name like that  used in that way but I'd be afraid I'd cause a widespread panic or some type of chaos would come about and  they'd probably throw me under the jail!!

    It's something that I think everyone would just assume was true and they should be looking to make a good impression. They probably wouldn't stop to think that they'd never seen me before or heard that name..

    When Alex Dumont didn't show up they'd all be so glad they dodged the bullet that they wouldn't even wonder who I was.

    Since I think of this stuff every time I get an update in my email that you've added to a gallery or something  I wonder if it 's a sign of being seriously in need of professional care but  they're afraid to tell me because I'm so warped as to be beyond help, LOL

    1. alexdumont


      You are doing fine.

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  7. Just print it out and hang it. No charge. And be sure to share it with your friends!
  8. Banging is more truthful. She denies it, but I think he took her cherry back when she was in high school, and they've been fucking ever since whenever they got the opportunity. That's closing on fifty years now.
  9. Diane Marie just back from whoring with her brother.
  10. I am looking for..good cuckold.slut .slave . 


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