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    Sharing a bull with my cuckoldress. Flufing, cleaning, whatever the two of them want.

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  1. alexdumont

    How many cucks out there love sucking cocks?

    Most hot wives love to see their cuck pleasure their bull.
  2. alexdumont

    First time about to happen this month, pretty nervous!

    Be 100% supportive, and they will be, both in restoring her faith in herself as a very desirable woman, and yours in an eager and hungry cuckold.
  3. alexdumont

    First time about to happen this month, pretty nervous!

    You might try adding her posing for you at home after the kids are in bed - in lingerie, nude, erotic, spread, etc. And encourage her to send them to her prospective boyfriend(s). Diane gets very excited posing for me. Puts herself in touch with herself, I think. And keep sucking cock. I find each man to be a learning experience for me. Not to mention damned delicious!
  4. alexdumont

    List Your Location

    Baytown, Tx
  5. alexdumont


    Nope. She's busy with a family matter and all the holiday nonsense. Doesn't have time to mess about right now or probably for a few months. And you do appear a little camera shy.
  6. alexdumont


    It would be pleasure for three!!!
  7. alexdumont


    Wish you were here to hump both of us!
  8. alexdumont

    My hotwife Elaine

    Every time. Turn on the women and the men.
  9. alexdumont

    My hotwife Elaine

    Always enjoy seeing women "dressed for success."
  10. alexdumont

    My hotwife Elaine

    That last pic is epic! The cuck's hand. The bull's cock cumming inside of her or on the verge of doing so. And her sign language to her cuckold. Perfectly lovely photo.
  11. alexdumont

    She returns

    She'll want all the cock you've got!
  12. alexdumont

    She returns

    She is delicious after a good cunt fucking!
  13. alexdumont

    She returns

    And this cunt likes cock! And yes, I like the cock, too!!
  14. alexdumont

    She returns

    Gorgeous cock!
  15. alexdumont

    She returns

    Would love to watch and then clean both of you afterwards!