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    Sharing a bull with my cuckoldress. Fluffing them before they fuck, licking them while they fuck, and orally cleaning up both of them afterward. i especially like feeding on her well-fucked cunt while her bull fucks me in the ass.

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  1. Just print it out and hang it. No charge. And be sure to share it with your friends!
  2. Banging is more truthful. She denies it, but I think he took her cherry back when she was in high school, and they've been fucking ever since whenever they got the opportunity. That's closing on fifty years now.
  3. Diane Marie just back from whoring with her brother.
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  5. Diane visiting her brother. I bought her the ticket. She rewarded me by having Jim take nude pictures of her after they'd been fucking all week. She loved/loves not only his cock, but also how hard he fucked her. She does love having her pussy pounded!
  6. Got to love a woman who proudly shows off her pussy!

    1. robert smith

      robert smith

      Glad you appreciate her

  7. It should always be the holiday season!
  8. I don't do things I don't enjoy. And as the wife cuckolds me and knows I have sex with men, I'd respectfully say we are okay with both.
  9. Diane-Marie has never seen me suck cock nor take cock up the ass, either. But she knows I do.
  10. They are great fucks. Just impossible for one man to satisfy. They are always horny and ready.
  11. No one sucks cock like a true redhead!
  12. Cucks are born to share. That's what makes us cucks.
  13. Diane-Marie offering her well-fucked cunt for me to suck out her bull's cum. She wouldn't tell me the bull's name, but it wasn't me or her husband. She tasted delicious!!
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