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  1. From the album My Hottie

  2. From the album My Hottie

  3. From the album My Hottie

  4. Yes. "Slut" as far as I am concerned pays a woman the highest compliment. I consider it the equivalent of calling a man a "stud."
  5. With all due respect, I am your elder, and you are as full of shit as a christmas turkey.
  6. It's definitely been the highlights of my sexual experiences!
  7. Beautiful. Thanks for sharing.
  8. In media res. How stimulating.
  9. I wonder but that it is a orgasm more psychologically than physical. Such as maybe the cuckold values her enough to go to any lengths to protect "his" womb and therefore their marriage.
  10. Every woman I've eaten our after she has been fucked by another man came. Two told me those were their best orgasms ever. I guess we also serve who wait to dine.
  11. I do have a weakness for cleaning another man's cum out of and off my wife.
  12. That first time is always the hardest, but it does open the door to untold riches in a relationship.
  13. It is delightful watching one's wife get ready for a man. Or to go hunting for one. I always have loved shaving Diane before she goes out.
  14. From the album My Hottie