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  1. Showing me her freshly shared pussy. He banged the hell out of it, and as you can tell, she loved it.
  2. My wife always carries a clean pair of cotton panties in her purse to pull on after another man has fucked her. Or men for that matter. That way both her pubes and her panties are delicious when she gets home.
  3. Very exciting to have the wife watching while her bull fucks you.
  4. nor do I
  5. From the album My Hottie

  6. From the album My Hottie

  7. From the album My Hottie

  8. From the album My Hottie

  9. Yes. "Slut" as far as I am concerned pays a woman the highest compliment. I consider it the equivalent of calling a man a "stud."
  10. With all due respect, I am your elder, and you are as full of shit as a christmas turkey.
  11. It's definitely been the highlights of my sexual experiences!
  12. Beautiful. Thanks for sharing.
  13. In media res. How stimulating.