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  1. 34f wife from New England. Loving being shared by her extremely proud bf. Needs a little more encouragement tho
  2. She has come around alot in the last week... comments and likes are really turning her on... hopefully won't be long now
  3. Well... she is getting pretty hot today with all these responses... but generally she doesn't like to talk about fucking other people... she thinks it's cheating... we are from new England. We have been to the booths but she didn't touch anyone but me... she did let everyone listen to her scream fuck my ass at the top of her lungs tho
  4. This post is all about giving her that confidence... I'm obviously supposed to tell her she is pretty and hot and sexy, but strangers on a web site? That makes her feel really good... thanks for your response
  5. I put her up on another site... got alot more feed back there. She doesn't agree with the cuckold thing because she doesn't think she is hot enough for that sort of thing. Is she right?
  6. Sounds like fun. If only we could convince her
  7. Cute 34 f... doesn't think she is hot enough to share