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  1. Reply to this msg in the next few minutes and I'll give you access to her prv. gallery I just uploaded onto xhamster
  2. Thanks Steadfastibex1. I'd love to have some photos of dicks with her photos on the screen, or cummed photos of her. Send me a sample to any of her photo and I'll send you some more of her in private.
  3. Not sure for how long I can hold it back, but for now here is her on join.me; https://join.me/508-204-367
  4. I've been asked by a friend of ours to post a few of Erika's photos onto xhamster. If you're interested, you can check her out by searching for pictures by "Erika slim". Also have a private set of hers there...send me the a message with the password if you found it out.
  5. Anyone doing &&&&&(s) to her photos? You can email them to me or post them here. I will honor the hottest one with more revealing photos of her.
  6. I wish she was into it...still working on it. Managed to get her to strip in front of our friends at the New Year's party. Erika was drunk though
  7. I'm newbie in this area, and curious about what you all think of my wife.