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S and L’s Friday Night: During Part II

Guest SandL

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Guest SandL

(From where I left off)

L: Are you okay for more? 

S: Nodded yes

L: I mean are you okay for Robert and me to....you know...(smiling)...fuck? 

S: (nodding) Yes, Leslie...I’m fine. 

Normally, Robert likes to lick my pussy...maybe I should say “eat” :)...and I love it. His big full lips on me feel so good...not to mention how his big tongue feels sliding inside me and exploring me...and I had been so excited about that because I had gotten myself waxed for him. But that would have to wait until another time. I know that Steve had wanted to see Robert fucking me and for both of our sakes, I didn’t want to prolong that :)Steve and I had talked about this so many times and I had tried to explain how it feels to be stretched so tight and to feel so full. He of course would never be able to experience that...but I wanted him to see what I felt...mainly because he had asked so many questions about it. I had also told Steve how much I love watching Robert’s big black cock entering me and sliding slowly in and out of me with long, deep strokes...the sight of it somehow makes it feel so much better! I wanted Steve to see that too.
So I turned back towards Robert and grabbed his hand and pulled him toward me as I laid down on the carpet ( my back would pay for that later :) ) I was lying directly in front of Steve with my head towards his feet. I thought this would give him the best angle to see what I had seen so many times and also to be able to watch it from the vantage point that I had always described it. We would both be looking down my body to Robert’s cock entering me! :) I was far enough away from Steve that I could still look up and see his face...and I watched him as Robert got between my legs. I had planned on focusing on Steve...or wanted to anyway...but as soon as I felt the head of Robert’s cock at my entrance, I had to look. There’s really nothing like the anticipation that builds when I feel that big head just barely pressing against my lips. He likes to make me wait and just slides it up and down my wet slit until I’m absolutely begging for it. As much as I like that, I didn’t want him to do that this time...and he must have sensed it, because he didn’t make me wait.  (This is another one of the moments I can remember clearly) So as I felt him press toward me, I propped up just a little and watched as he pushed the first few inches into me. That’s always one of the best moments for me. I love it when he gets all of it inside me...but those first few inches are amazing too...it still takes my breath away. Not like it did the first few times when I couldn’t breathe because it just hurt...but because it feels so good to stretch around him. There’s something so submissive feeling about accepting a big cock into me (of course Robert is the only big cock I’ve ever had). I don’t know how to explain it...but it just makes me feel so feminine...for me, I lose all power and control at that moment...willingly. This was a little different, though...mainly because Steve was there...so most of the time my mind was torn between what i was feeling physically and what I thought Steve might be feeling emotionally...so there was only one moment of that night that I totally gave into what I was feeling. 
But there were small moments where I lost a little control of myself...such as now, when Robert pushed those first few inches inside me...for a few seconds, I closed my eyes and whispered... 
L: ohhhh god 
I immediately remembered Steve and looked up at him...
He looked totally shocked. His eyes seemed so big! HIs mouth wasn’t gaped open like he was in awe or something...but his eyes were very big and very focused on what was happening between my legs.(Steve and I obviously talked all about this later that night...but we were able to speak more clearly about it on Saturday...so I’ll try to quote him as best I can. He told me that writing is my thing now :( ) 
S: I couldn’t believe he was fitting inside you. You had told me that you can take it all and I believed you...but after seeing him I couldn’t see how. It really was shocking. Not just to see you with another man but to see you able to take something that big. It was crazy how much you were stretching (something like that...feel free to add to it Steve. I know you’re going to read this :) )
Robert is usually much more aggressive than he was that night...he was nervous too as he didn’t want to do anything to mess this up for all of us (he calls me “heroin” so he didn’t want to lose the ability to have sex me as often as he does)...so he just slowly slid in and out of me...pushing an inch or two further each time he pushed forward. I was going back and forth from watching Robert’s cock and watching Steve’s face. I could tell Steve was getting excited by it. He can’t sit still when he’s into something. When college basketball is on he’s up and down and pacing and just constantly moving. It’s annoying when we’re in a sports’ bar :). He wasn’t getting up and walking around this time...but he was definitely moving. Every time I looked up at him he seemed to be looking from a different angle or sitting in a different position. I was hoping it was excitement. Damn his emotionless face! 😂
Robert didn’t push all of his cock inside me until later...but once he got most of the way in, I started giving into how good it felt and was less distracted by my fears over Steve...though they were still there. Robert was sitting straight up on his knees between my legs with his arms hooked under my knees. He was slowly but steadily sliding almost all the way out and then pushing almost all the way in at the same pace...again, I can’t really explain how good it feels to have a cock that big inside me. I can definitely feel Steve when he’s inside me...but with Robert, its like he’s touching every single fiber and nerve inside my pussy...and to feel that sliding in and out of me is absolutely incredible. I can’t imagine any woman being able to focus on anything but the feeling of it. He knows exactly how a man should fuck a woman with a cock like that! 
But as i said, I was starting to be overwhelmed with the feeling...I have no idea how long he fucked me like that...but it felt amazing...absolutely incredible. Steve said I started saying...
L: fuck you feel so good, Robert. 
L: omg you’re so deep
L: you’re soooooo big
Steve also commented on the sound. Not from my mouth but from my pussy. I love the wet, sticky, squishy sounds that my pussy makes when Robert slides in and out of me...those sounds are so hot. Robert likes it too because its just another affirmation for how wet he makes me. Steve said it was very sexy. 
At this point, I reached up for Robert’s face and pulled him to my lips and as i did he naturally pushed more inside me as he leaned down...we kissed briefly and then I pushed him away. (I push a lot when he’s fucking me...and when he’s fucking me hard i slap his chest or squeeze with my fingernails digging into his skin...he likes that for some reason...i guess the same reason some women like to be spanked...i like to be spanked sometimes :) )
Anyway, Robert started to pick up his pace...he wasn’t slamming into me...he was still trying to be respectful...i was going back and forth between Robert and Steve. On the one hand I wanted Robert to really fuck me hard...to pick me up and do what he wanted (I always like what he wants :) )...on the other hand, tonight was mostly about Steve and me and less about Robert and me... (my friend was good about keeping that in the forefront of my mind). But then Steve got up...both Robert and I noticed and we stopped...
L: Where are you going? Are you okay? 
S: Yes, Leslie. I promise. (He was smiling) I just need to go to the bathroom. 
L: Okay...are you sure? 
S: (laughing) Yes...don’t worry. I promise, I’m more than okay. 
I felt a little guilty about what happened next...but later Steve would explain that he was more than happy with it...
But as soon as Steve left the room...Robert picked me up and turned me away from him and pushed me onto the couch where Steve was sitting. I was on my knees bent over with my face int he couch cushion. Robert immediately pushed all of his cock into me....hard. Again, it took my breath away! My arms went out in front of me and my hands were pushing against the back of the couch so I could push back against him....Robert grabbed my hips and started slamming into me...this is where it gets a little fuzzy 😂. I don’t know how long he fucked me like this but it seemed like a long time....and I know I was very loud especially when I orgasmed (Steve said he could hear me from across the house)...I’ve said a few “there’s nothing like” comments about Robert’s cock....but there really is nothing like cumming on a big cock while its all the way inside you...I lose all ability to control myself. It’s a fully body orgasm...especially in this position where Robert is hitting all the right spots...especially one in particular :) 
Somewhere during this Steve walked into the room...he said he watched from the doorway for several minutes because he knew we couldn’t see him...he thought for sure we’d stop if we did. He told me that he remember that I had told him I get very loud with Robert...but he said I just kept screaming a high pitched, short scream or squeal every time Robert thrust into me...that I kept saying how good it felt...telling him to fuck me...how loud our skin slapped together when Robert slammed into me...and that he was amazed at how i shook when I came. Steve also told me that he loved it. :) (Whew!) 
Robert and I hadn’t talked about him cumming inside me...whether he should or not...but we both love it the most when he does. Again, its an incredible feeling when a man is able to be as deep as Robert gets inside me...even better when he’s so thick and I’m so stretched...and even better than that is when he cums. I can’t honestly remember feeling Steve ever cum inside me. But I always do with Robert. Not only is he very deep...but he cums A LOT! I love it...so we were both so into it at this point that Robert did. In the middle of my orgasm, Robert came inside me and then collapsed on top of me :). I love feeling his sweaty body against my sweaty body...I love it the most when he’s in my arms and my legs are wrapped around him...but it feels good when he’s laying on my back too. :) 
We laid there for a few moments and then I remembered Steve. I quickly pushed back and told Robert to get up. Steve was now sitting on the couch to our left and on the end of it behind us. 
L: How long were you there? Are you okay? 
S: (smiling) Long enough. And yes. I’m perfectly fine. Did you guys enjoy yourselves?? 
I just looked at Robert and said it was time for him to go. Robert smiled and agreed. He put his clothes back on...awkwardly patted me on the shoulder (that was really weird 😂) and said goodnight to Steve and left. 
I had crawled over to Steve...not sure what to do. 
S: That was amazing, Leslie. I really mean that. Especially the last part. My god! 
I smiled at him with the biggest most loving smile...I was filled with relief. Tonight had been good but it had also been really hard. I had constantly wondered if we were going to fast or doing too much or if we should be doing it at all...Steve’s comment again took away all my fears. He’s so good. 
I got up and said...
L: I think I should shower. 
S: Good idea. And brush your teeth. (Laughing) 
I got up and walked upstairs....
That’s the end of The During....
Later comes The After :) :) 
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Guest SandL
2 minutes ago, Hotwife/cuck luvR said:

Omg what an amazing evening,  I am so happy to hear this and how it turned out.  I can wait to hear how much better the second time around will be. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Me too! 

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