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How It All Started


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I am not sure how the fight about our bachelor/bachelorette parties started but my wife was accusing me of being too friendly with the strippers and i shot back " you came home at sunrise what were you doing?" She had always maintained she had done nothing wrong well for whatever reason she decided to come clean. She said if a guy bought her a drink he could write on any part of her body. Haven't noticed this when she got home because she rushed to the shower. Anyway as you can imagine she told me guys were feeling her tits and and writing their name on them. Guys also signed her inner thighs and they were rubbing her pussy as they slowly signed their names. I asked her if she got wet and she said soaking wet. There was one guy she danced with and went to the parking lot with, she said they kissed and he was grinding up against her. At first she said she planned on heading home but changed her mind and went to his place. At first they were just kissing when he asked if she wanted to go into his hot tub she said yes and he moved close to her and took off her very short dress, there she was in her bra and thong but they soon came off. She went into detail how he sucked her tits and fingered her wet pussy. By this time she was so excited that she pulled off his shorts and took his cock in her mouth She then said she sucked him off until he blew his load in her mouth and on her tits. I was pissed hearing this but also had a raging hardon and i proceeded to fuck her brains out. Since then being a cuck has taken over i get so excited when she comes home and tells me of her escapades. Sometimes she strokes me as she tells me all the details other times she tells me to fuck her a certain way and she will tell me that is how her lover fucked her.

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    • By Sheffield cuck
      So. Me and the wife have done some cuckold stuff over the years. Not much. Usually her sleeping with her ex bf, ex partners. And a few times with my best friend. Behind my back and in a 3 some. Very exciting. Thats a story on its own but this weekend just gone. We both got very drunk and shes opened up about a black guy from work whos very interested in her. 
      Shes never been into black guys but we have role played about it a little. 
      This black guy has invited her out for a works night. Everything paid for. All she has to do is turn up. Anyways. I asked her what she wanted to do.  And she seems more than up for a free night out,  
      The thing is. We havent talked much over the last few months. But i have noticed shes been on her phone talking alot over messenger. So i think it could be this black guy, whos apparantly a drug dealer. And i know my wife does like a smoke every now and again.
      Since shes told me about the black guy i cant get it out my head. I have been so horny since she first said about it. She is back in work on tuesday 13th aug i think with this guy. Who has told other work colleuges hes going to fuck my wife. And she didnt mind at all. 
      So i have my fingers crossed this week to see how it all goes and what actually happens. But whats worrying is. What if she likes the guy more than she is letting on. With her exes. Shes never realy been to excited about them. With this black guy she goes all bashfull  and really excited and has a very big smile. Could they have already been upto something. This is a girl i thought would never go black.
      Shes in her early 20s, very small and slutty. Very good looking and gets alot of attention. Size 8 uk underwear
      Loves anything sex. Nothing she wont do or hasnt done.
      She has told her best friend she is meeting a black guy, i suppose me being the husband its a little harder to talk to me about, cheating on your husband with a black guy. 
      Any tips and advice would be nice. 
      Yes i dont mind her playing, and i think its because i am more excited which is causing the nerves to kick in, it all just feels different to other times shes fucked other me, it may seem a little far fetched but 8 have never been good at making things up. I think my wife has become a little smiten  with this guy. Paranoia or not. I dont really have proof and wont go snooping. Just what she has told me and how she has been
    • By KennyG
      Why do you really want to share your wife?  This is a question you need to be prepared to answer if your wife ever ask it.  Is it really for her or for you? Are there any ground rules?
      For me I would like her to have the experience of enjoying another dick,  and for them to enjoy not only her tight pussy, but her ability to milk them dry with her cunt muscles. Also, would like her to have fun of another man's attention, to learn how to @@@@@@ herself more.

    • By dsmia2015
      I have been trying for a long time to get my hire to be a horny hotwife. We have played with other guys a few times but she never seemed enthusiastic about any of it. I was always there to watch, enjoy the fun. 
      I have talked to her more about being shared and she always dismisses it. I set up a plan recently. I found a good looking younger guy (37, my wife is 47, I am 46) to come by our house during the day as a handyman to give an estimate on doing some work. He flirted with her and even text her after trying to get something started. He and i text trying to encourage things but nothing.
      I was talking to her last week about being more adventurous sexually together. We talked about a 3 some. She brought him up. She text him and they have been flirting thee last week via text. They have even exchanged naughty pics (which he had already seen anyway from me sharing them). Now there is a chance she is going to have him over during the day next week while kids are in school and I’m at work. He and i text and he keeps me up to speed on everything without her knowing i am helping him. 
      I have thought about and fantasized about something like this happening for a long time but now that it might actually happen, i am a nervous wreck!!!
      She is not hiding the fact that he might come over and he is keeping me in the loop too but i am not sure i can go through with this. I love my wife and love to show her off and loved the times i have been able to share her but this is next level stuff doing it without me. 
      I appreciate any advice. Am i doing the right thing letting this happen? Is this nervousness normal? I included a couple pics of her.

    • By HotPaarTGD
      Since I've had this fantasy of seeing my wife having sex with other men for a long time, and reading posts and stories here has really supported me into understanding what it is and also helped me to actually try to make it really happen, I decided to write about us and open this topic. Perhaps it can help someone else to achieve his fantasy.
      First as some background information, my wife is pretty small and slim, petite would cover it, with long dreadlocks. I'm off average height and weight with long hair. We're both from the more alternative scene, metal, gothic, electronic (as long as its loud), etc. Professionally we are suits however. We've been together for 10 years, married for 3 of those years. About 2 years into our relationship we had a couple of threesomes, one-time things, always with a second man as extra. It gave us a lot of fun and also broadened our sexual horizon. She was unsure at first but really quickly came round to the idea of a threesome. A couple of things happened then. First of all, I realized I got really aroused just seeing my own girlfriend suck another cock with real gusto. It was really clear she also enjoyed sucking other cocks, then proudly showing him, and then me, her mouth full of cum before swallowing it. I enjoyed it even more when the other guy was going for a second round to also fuck her pussy. It somehow mesmerized me watching another cock fuck my girlfriend. I'd happily spread her legs or her ass cheeks for another man and I think I enjoyed it even more when he would fuck her.
      Another thing that happened was that I started to have fantasies about also sucking a cock. The men we had threesomes with were very hetero so there was no possibility to try it out there. Eventually I actually did it though. I found a guy online, my girlfriend encouraged me to try it, while she went out shopping. Just to familiarize myself with it. I was amazed how much I liked it, my own cock leaked pre-cum continuously while I actually sucked another man's cock until he came in my mouth. 
      And finally, the last thing that developed, were fantasies. My girlfriend started to have fantasies about having not only me and another man in a threesome, but to have 5 or 6 men wanting her and fucking her, taking turns, or multiple at a time. Sometimes her fantasies included her being bound to the bed and/or being blindfolded, never knowing who fucked her. We never got to fulfill that fantasy yet, but it really turned me on that my girlfriend had such great fantasies!
      Then we got married and got children. All of the above came to a halt about 5 years ago. There were some intense times involving hospitals, moving, losing jobs etc. Our sex life disintegrated. Somehow we survived all that however. Which brings me to the near present. About a year ago we got a little bit of a settled life back, and my sexual desires came back. I started looking online again at sites like this one and dating sites. I wanted to find men for my wife. Her libido came back a little slower, young children have that effect on mothers. But it came back too, only she was a little more inhibited. She immediately admitted to having her fantasies again but to make them real... Health was the issue. We want another child in some years and she doesn't want to risk a disease and lose that possibility. So to make a long story short, multiple men is still far away.
      So I got the idea of getting cuckolded and have my wife find a steady boyfriend or house friend. I couldn't get her to find any though, so I started looking for her. And I found many interested men! I have to explain, we live in the black forest as you can see on my profile, so it's only little villages here. So there is also an issue she has with not wanting a man in the village or the next knowing that we as a couple look for a steady bull. Still, enough men to be found that are willing to drive a little distance. Then I created an email-address for my wife so she wouldn't have to use her regular one, so that she could start talking to these men, whom I also gave her new email-address. I told my wife that it is completely up to her. She can first write, or share phone numbers and call, or actually meet each other to get to know some of these men. Everything was allowed, I would stay home with the kids...
      Nothing happened. She found it very arousing to have such freedom, but somehow the step to actually start this, first contact. Was to big for her. So then I decided to switch tactics. Instead of her cuckolding me, I decided to share my wife. I contacted a man whose photograph (face) she liked. I gave him our address, as a sign of good faith and asked him when he could come visit us. Then I told my wife. She was really shocked! And became very horny!
      So that's where we stand now. Next week on Wednesday, November 22nd, this man is coming to visit us. If my wife likes him, we might have a very exciting evening!!
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