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Time Will Tell


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Hi am in a new style relationship, new for me.


Have been dating one of sexiest girls i have been with, a fun, passionate latina girl, been dating for 9 months now.


Pics below


Few months ago she made it clear she was into wanting an open relationship, in love with me but wanted fuck around with guys different to me, more A type style guys, she had done this before with previous boyfriends but totally different idea to me.


Took me a while to get used to idea, at first very jealous and anxious but got into it more as time gone by, see hot side of seeing her fucked by another guy and want her to be fully happy.


Guess only time will tell if makes us stronger of relationship killer.





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Guess right in a way, time and effort will tell.


Some more pics below, she is gorgeous and some pics her having fun with one of her fwb lovers.



If you can deal with the insecurity and jealousy, you can both have a wonderful time.


For us, it strengthened our relationship, and I would 100% do it all again.



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hope you show us more of her - maybe more pics and a video ? she is dropdead gorgeous and a hot latina. if i was you i would require her NOT to use condoms and include you more. she should have 1-2 regular black guys - which i think she already has. make her open up more to you. relax and tell her that you love what she does - just make sure you are number one and she always fucks you well. you should watch her being fucked. just dont let her out too much alone.

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To be honest,you live the dream.She is hot.She has to be shared with other men or women of whatever she wants.But beware.Be the first man she desires.Yes,she can fuck others,but you are her man.She has to remember that.Unleash her slowly...That will make the bond between you stronger.After all she will not have the slightest problem in finding people to fuck her.Show her that you are not jealous and that you appreciate the fact that she is sexually satisfied,even with other men,but you have to be part of her sex life.You must have sex after she was fucked by someone else,she has to share info and details about her endeavors with other,if it is possible you could watch her getting stuffed,maybe showing you videos etc

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She is so freaking batshit crazy SEXY that, lets be real, everyone with a dick and a pulse wants her and every alpha is going to be hitting on it.  Even she cannot help but find, whenever she looks in a mirror that she is so hot... and let's face it, she wants to exercise the gift.  She is wanted by pretty much EVERY HOT GUY that cums along... and she wants to enjoy it.


Wanting to be with a woman that hot... unless you have 10 inches and can go all day and all night... and even then... you will never be able to keep such a hot slut happy.  She is going to play... period.  Might as well enjoy your place... you certainly found the right forum.  OH... and like someone else said... get rid of those condoms and feed on the fun.


You sir are one very lucky bastard


(Me, I would prefer a Kim Kardashian sized ass on her to be sitting on my face while I clean up)

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