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Play With My Wife


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I love sharing her hot photos. Love to hear what you would enjoy doing with her while I watched. Fantasy is to take her to a nice hotel and have her find a new friend in the lounge. Taking her friend back to our room my wife seduces him in front of me. Would you like to lick her tits and finger her wet pussy?





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coolwon....loved the pics of your hot-and sexy wife...thanks for sharing them. I also liked your fantasy idea...your wife finding a new friend in the hotel lounge.


I would definitely like to be that new friend. One thing though...I'm not sure how much "seduction" would be going on in the hotel room. This is a cuckold chat room. Maybe some seduction in the lounge...but by the time we get to the hotel room....just plenty of hot and nasty sex, for sure.


Here's how things might unfold...you and your wife go into the hotel lounge looking for her new friend....and playmate. You approach me...and ask me to join you and your wife for a drink. I agree...thinking that I know what you have in mind. As we approach your table, I see your wife...and the very sexy ways she's dressed...and I KNOW. I know right then and there...your wife is there to get fucked...and you are more than happy to have it happen. You introduce me to your wife...and I sit down at your table. We get to know each other a little bit over a drink or two. They play a slow song and I ask your wife if she would like to dance. as we dance, I hold her closely, my hands on her ass, pulling her against me. When our song ends...she and I are headed back to the table. I stop her and whisper something in her ear. I tell her, "I think I know why you and your husband asked me to join you. I think you want to get fucked...and I think your husband wants to watch it happen. If I'm right...here's what you do. Excuse yourself and go to the ladies room. If I am right, take off your panties and bring them to me at the table. Put them on the table in front of me...so your husband can see. While we are waiting for you, your husband and I chit chat a little. I tell him what a sexy woman his wife is. Suddenly we see you coming back from the ladies room. As we watch you cross the room I tell your husband that I'm hoping you bring me a little present. You reach the table...and we can see the excited look in your eyes. You reach out and drop your panties on the table in front of me. The look on your face hubby is priceless as I take your wife's hand and guide her into a seat next to me. Hubby, I say to you...here's that present I thought your wife might bring me. Shall we go upstairs, hubby...I think your wife is ready to get fucked. Your wife and I head for the door, my arm around her...and I look back at you. Pay the bill...we'll meet you at the elevators.


When you catch up to us at the elevators, you don't see us at first. You look around and spot us in a secluded corner...kissing. Kissing passionately...and I am feeling your wife's tits.

We let you stand and watch us for a minute...not breaking our kiss. You see me take your wife's panties and lift them to my nose.....mmmmmm, I say. I then show them to you...look how wet she is. This is going to be a good night.  When the elevator arrives we step in...and as soon as the doors close, I grab your wife, pull her to me and lift her dress...taking her bare ass in my hands. Next you hear your wife moan deeply...as I slide my hand between her legs...and rub along her wet slit. I say to you...hubby, I hope we can wait until we get to the room. Your little wife wants to get fucked...BAD!


That's just for starters....lol


Hope that sounds interesting.


Maybe we'll chat some more


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