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  1. SirJohnWright

    Need help understanding feeling

    I love the reactions and agree
  2. SirJohnWright

    Second husband to wife

    How many couples do you need?
  3. SirJohnWright

    my wife Helena queen ass

    May we try her ass?
  4. SirJohnWright


    I like her very much
  5. hello, i have recieved your notificstion .

    message me if you like or contact me at skype . id    akoit.mana

  6. SirJohnWright

    My wife needs encouragement

    I like her, Can i telephone her and tell it myself?
  7. SirJohnWright

    is it wrong, wanting to be Blackmailed

    For me it is wrong since the blackmailer does in general not know who is on the used pictures. He runs the serieus risk to harm an outsider. He then riscs a criminal investigation and a liability. So not very smart to do and short sighted. I think in this game there must be trust and unharmed privacy.
  8. SirJohnWright

    My wife what you think

    Love what you show here
  9. SirJohnWright

    Team Viewer- my Trini Indian wife

    Your computer is not on line
  10. SirJohnWright


    Can i visit you this summer? Bareback?
  11. SirJohnWright


    I ment Which city?
  12. SirJohnWright


    Where are you from?
  13. SirJohnWright


    Love your pics
  14. SirJohnWright

    wimp looking for online dom for teamviewer control

    I'm interested for Long Term, may I know more of you?