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  1. Searching through some old files and found this photo I'd taken while searching through her stuff as I suspected something was going on. It's for a contraceptive implant she had fitted a couple of months before me finding the stained knickers in the previous photos. Someone was obviously fucking her bareback for quite some time while we were still living together ! , something she never admitted to.
  2. That's a gorgeous little arse, just begging to be filled. I hope you obliged at some point !?
  3. A shot of my sleeping girlfriend. Please caption what you'd like to do to her while she's like this....
  4. My girlfriend surprised me on holiday recently and came back wearing an anklet which I love to see on a woman. As mentioned on here before abroad is it sometimes worn as just a fashion item. It did make me imagine her enjoying herself getting fucked on the beach by a local guy though. I was lucky enough for her to spread her legs while sat out on the balcony one evening for whoever was lucky enough to look up. She'd had a few drinks and didn't take much persuading !!
  5. Would love to see a load of cum sprayed over her hairy pussy
  6. She's matured nicely. Definitely got sexier as she's got a real woman with curves
  7. Nobody else like their wives or girlfriends teasing them and making them watch ??
  8. I sometimes like my girlfriend to put on a show for me and let me watch her use her vibrator , which she is more than happy to do. I'll lie there and watch her slide it in and out of her hairy pussy while she moans with pleasure. Sometimes I'll hold her legs up while she wanks me off and imagine it's somebody elses cock fucking her, it;s a real turn on for me. As you can see she's a heavy cummer and when I was finally allowed to slip my cock in her her wet hole it was like somebody had already left a creampie inside her. At the moment it's just fantasy as she's mentioned she's not interested in being with anyone else. Thought I'd share though and would like to see some more pics of your wives/girlfriends enjoying themselves alone.
  9. Nice legs. Shame she's wearing panties and we can't see more of her arse
  10. I am my girlfriends pussy barber whenever she is getting a bit hairy down there and requests a trim. It's something I love doing for her, paying attention to that beautifully juicy pink pussy while she lies there with her legs open. I've just done it for her this morning as you can see from the before and after shots. And even though I wasn't allowed to fuck her she did let me get my tongue in there and lick it . Does anyone else provide the same service for their wife or girlfriend ?
  11. I beautiful woman with curves in all the right place. I'd love to have that plump arse sat on my face and tongue both her holes
  12. Not my girlfriend but found this MILF on the internet with amazing tanlines and an even more amazing arse that she likes to show off. I'd love to fill it up. Notice the bracelet on her right ankle....some lucky fellow could possibly be in with a chance of doing so :thumb:
  13. She told me some black guy helped himself to a feel of her arse in the club but that's about as far as it went. Not checked her knickers for any creamy fun yet though.
  14. My girlfriends off out on a girls only Xmas party night in a bit. She's going out dressed like this while I sit at home waiting for her to come back....hope she has a good time
  15. I recently found an old diary belonging to my current girlfriend while having a rummage. It lists who she fucked, when and where. One entry I'm having trouble getting out of my mind is she once did it with another guy on the train. I'd of loved to have seen this. Has anyone else accidentally found something out about their girlfriend or wife that they don't know about ? Is so please share