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  1. Strongbullcali

    My wife for you

    riprap, What is your wife's name please? She looks like a good fuck, a good breeder.
  2. Strongbullcali

    my wife like cocks

    That's funny. What a coincidence. My cock likes your wife.
  3. Strongbullcali

    Looking for an Online Dom

    Contact me scotmain. jarrool at yahoo . com
  4. Strongbullcali

    Introducing Betty, my best friendĀ“s wife...

    Like to see some pics of Betty, with a load on her face, another with a good load on her tits.
  5. Strongbullcali

    Shy Uk Wife Clare

    Nice photo of her tits there Scotmain. Nice touch showing the wedding ring out front. She looks worthy of a good load.
  6. Strongbullcali

    Need to know....

    As it should be!
  7. Strongbullcali

    New to cucking hubby

    Queenava, if you wish him to be submissive to you, you have to be Dominant with him. You need to bring home an Alpha, Dominant man who will lay down the rules to your husband, and enforce them. The core of those rules will be total submission to you.
  8. Strongbullcali

    New here

    Ctalovesrum, yes, it sounds like you are new to the cuckold scene. You need to learn to let go. Give her to whichever man she desires. She is in charge of her love life now. you are only there to serve and support her.
  9. Strongbullcali

    my wife about to be fucked

    Who is about to fuck her? You or another man?
  10. Strongbullcali


    Slut wife Kathy is an awesome cocksucking slut.
  11. Strongbullcali

    my wife, Good outfit to get fucked?

    Is it a good outfit? Does she get fucked on the street at night?
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    Let me see ur wife pics

    sissycd_cuck The love of your life would be the fuck of my life. Do you clean up after?
  13. Strongbullcali

    Let me see ur wife pics

    Your wife is awesome bills. Are you her cuck hub?
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    Thanks for the posts. Looks like she's quite the slut.
  15. Strongbullcali

    SEX 151

    Why pixelate her cunt and nipples?