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Message I Received From My Wife's Lover


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    • By Nj-cuckold
      Just wanted to let you know that I had the time of my life with your wife.
      She’s not only gorgeous and scrumptious but also has the tightest pussy ever.
      I’m afraid to inform you that her sweet pussy is now my property.
      Any usage that you may want to give it,should be approved by me from now on.
    • By Nj-cuckold
      [1:07  Princess has s date tonight                        
      [1:08  really? I'm glad to hear                        
      [1:09  At my lover house                        
      [1:09  you like to be alone with him?                        
      [1:11  Yes                        
      [1:11  You will have patience for me when you get back?                        
      [1:22  I will try to save something for you                        
      [1:22  thank you princess                        
      [1:23  i'm getting so horny thinking about you and him                        
      [1:24  Just make sure not to cum. If you do, I'm going to make you wait a very long time!                        
      [1:26 i will.                        
      [1:26  You must                        
      [1:27 OK i will                        
      [1:27 That's a good cuckold
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