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What Makes A Cuckold Relationship Work?


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This was originally from From : http://cuckoldtales.fannypress.com/?p=148
The big question is, what makes such a relationship work? How does a married couple find balance in such a lifestyle? What must each spouse be prepared for or be willing to sacrifice? These questions and more is what this post is all about.
The quintessential aspect of such a relationship is security in the marriage to begin with. A relationship that is already rocky will falter. The next area for success is non-jealousy. This is a big one. The husband must like the idea of seeing or knowing that his beloved is with another guy. It has to turn him on and not make him upset. We as men are programmed to be competitive and want to be better that the guy next to us. To have your wife in the arms of a better lover, a guy who makes her wild in bed and satisfies her more than you is a huge thing to deal with on an emotional level.


You may think it’s going to be great, but you may find that it hurts way too much. You can’t sacrifice your spirit for the sake of a sexual thrill. The swinging open marriage let your wife play lifestyle is and has to be all about strengthening your marriage and making both partners excited and thrilled to be so adventurous and open minded. If it makes your marriage better, it works. If it hurts is stop immediately and move on.


The hotwife must desire extra sex. There is no need to put emotions on the line if sex is not desired. In this case the husband realizes he is not the lover that can completely satisfy his wife. He may have issues or she may have issues. Either way, the idea of an extra lover who is a stud and very capable of bringing the wife to greater heights is desired. The issues could be age difference, the husband’s impotence, or perhaps premature ejaculation. He could be small in penile size compared to his wife, and or he could be injured, ill, or incapable of the energy needed to make his bride get wild in bed.


This does not mean they are not in love or that they can’t have a sexual relationship; it only means he or she or both desire more for her. Sex is a primal instinct. Why not make it reach it’s fullest potential?


She may just love more sex than the husband can offer or give. She may be multi-orgasmic through long rounds of intercourse, or by other means able to get off many times in one evening. She may be larger in organ size, and her husband’s smaller member may not be able to fulfill her carnal cravings. She may just want more sex than the man she loves can deliver.


All the above can lead to a great cuckold and hotwife relationship and to the seeking of a bull or stud to bring it all to a crescendo. 

However boundaries must be set. Each and every relationship in this regard needs certain rules. For example, kissing becomes an issue. Should the wife be allowed to French kiss her lovers? This may seem trivial, but it’s one of the biggest issues a couple will face. French kissing is extremely intimate and evokes strong emotions. Another huge issue is when and where, and is the cuckold allowed to always be present? The answer to this varies from couple to couple. The spouse must agree on this wholeheartedly.


The next issue is condom or no condom. We all know guys hate condoms. It again may seem like something that will work itself out, but in the heat of the moment and with a raging hard-on pointing right at your wife’s soaking pussy, she may forgo all thoughts of a condom, as will her bull.


There are more issues. Who does the setting up of the encounters, the phone calls, the emails? The husband and wife should make all this very clear prior to embarking on the hotwife lifestyle. Couples have different views again on these subjects. Another big one is how many times will the couple allow a bull to play with the wife? The more they fuck, the more they bond, and the more emotionally complicated things get. I have met with bulls that tell me stories that would scare the crap out of all prospective cuckolds wanting to give out their beautiful sexy wives for more nights of erotica with a more advanced sexual stud. One told me this, “I have had so many wives and girlfriends tell me they would leave their man in a minute to be with me.” They ask to have secret meetings, just us two.” If this doesn’t scare my fellow cuckold husbands I can’t think of what would. My point is, be firm and be very detailed about all these issues.


If the relationship is strong and ground rules are set, the experiences can be amazing. There’s nothing quite like seeing the woman you love sexual charged. Seeing her brought to heights unimaginable is beyond words. You will fall in love with her all over again. You will cherish her so much. The bond you share will grow leaps and bounds. The two of you will shop more together and laugh more together. You will go on trips and grand adventures like never before. It will bring you much closer as a couple.


A hotwife in such a setting usually will feel as though it makes her feel very feminine and adored. She will get the best of both worlds – the stability of a loving traditional relationship with a husband and kids, plus the uninhibited sexual freedom and exploration that is always available whenever she wants it.


Here’s what every good couple in the lifestyle should have in what I call “The Adventure Bag.”

1.      Condoms of all sizes – for us magnum XL was the brand we preferred.

2.      Breathe mints- great for during or after oral sex for your bull to use.

3.      Lubrication. Astroglide is the most natural.

4.      Rolaids in case of an upset tummy.

5.      Small wine bottles- great liquid courage and a little ice on hand.

6.      Small hard liquor to mix with soda from vending machines.

7.      Music via an pod and a small speaker playing system.

8.      Digital camera and or video player- charge your batteries ahead.

9.      Small vials of perfume for the hotwife to freshen up and or have on hand.

10.  Viagra on hand never hurts, true bulls rarely use it.

11.   Aleve for tension headaches.

12.  Snacks like pretzels and always a chocolate bar for the hotwife afterward.

13.  Bottled Water- very important to have on hand.

14.  A lint roller to brush clothing up.

15.  Bottle opener.

16.  A Lighter.

17.  Listerine Pocket Paks.

18.  A Pen for contact information just in case someone new comes along.

19.  A GPS, this tool helps any traveling to meet your stud much easier.

20.  Your hotwife’s favorite toy- just in case things go wrong!


In closing the lifestyle of cuck and hotwife is an amazing journey of emotions and sexual freedom. The adventures within our lasting memories that can bring a married couple closer and enhance a marriage in many many ways. The biggest issue is that your relationship must already be strong to begin on such a journey. As a couple always be patient. Be VERY patient, but don’t ever lower your standards. I hope above all else –you enjoy the ride.  



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Exactly as noted above.Both husband and lover want more of the hotwife and sex is the primal instinct.That is the ingredient of a healthy cuckold relationship.If There are other feelings involved,the whole setup is going down.To be honest there are quite a lot of couples who started only sexually,but the wife started falling in love with the bull,or started thinking less of her husband.

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We set boundaries as I needed the rules to govern how often and where my wife was going to have sex with our friend.

As for kissing, this was never an issue, I was happy for her to French kiss him, I just wish I could have seen them kissing.  

As for when and where, again I had no problems with this, they started in our marital bed and she graduated to going to see him at his place.  He also used to come and stay with her at our place when I was away on work, so they slept together in our bed many times.

I was never ever allowed to be present, this was her rule.  I had to agree on this before she had him the first time.

I expected them to use a condom, but I soon found they hadn't. In the heat of the moment and with a raging hard-on pointing right at my wife’s soaking pussy, she dismissed all thoughts of a condom.  I found the taste of his cum was so addictive, I just wanted them to carry on without them.

They set up all their encounters together when I was out of earshot, or they chatted over the phone when I was next to her.  At weekends I would 'accidentally' let him know when I was going to be late back or away on business.  

How many times did I allow him to play with her?  Whenever they wanted sex, which was just about every day.

We all had a great time.


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This "observation" is very thorough and very true. It is important to have constant communication because some things work for certain couples and some things don't. You did mention the French kissing and although to many this seems very minor, to me it was the hardest thing to get used to. Way harder than watch her being fucked. Kissing seems to involve more emotion, in my view, and getting emotions involved is scary. However, communication helped solve this dilemma with us. My wife explained that if she feels inhibited in any way, and can't kiss her lover if she feels like, then she can't be comfortable and would rather not get together at all. I finally understood and learned to deal with it. We had a very long discussion after her first experience, since it was unplanned and came as a surprise. There were certain things (rules, I guess you can say) that each of us desired. As I just stated, she needed to feel uninhibited, she wanted to be able to be with whom she wanted as long as it didn't interfere with our outside family life and she wanted to be able to be with the same guy on a regular basis, even though that scared me, because she needed to be comfortable with him. I needed her to never do anything behind my back, always tell me and I have the choice of being able to watch whenever I want to. She also enjoyed me being present for her safety so she had no problem with that as long as I didn't interfere. Once all that was worked out and made comfortable we were able to make this sexual lifestyle so awesome that it made us love each other more, re-energized our marriage and made us both feel more alive. Although my wife doesn't fully understand it, I am extremely comfortable with her being able to have sex with whomever she wants while I remain faithful to her (a rule of hers). I think that may stem from the fact I am much older than her, I had a LOT more sexual experience than her (she had only been with one other person besides me) and I knew that I cannot satisfy her any longer (except with my tongue). I do see how this can tear apart marriages and not work for everyone so those that are considering it or even those doing it, please be very careful, talk constantly and enjoy !

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