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  1. Yes I actually have done this quite often. My wife loves me to hold her or kiss her as her bull is fucking her! It is so hot to feel her reactions to his fucking
  2. Yes, my wife would agree with that. Unfortunately I could never do it except to use a dildo on her while I ate her. When she got the real thing, she went crazy
  3. bellaazz

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    Damn ! I could eat that gorgeous pussy all night and day long
  4. Yes, me too. ALthough I have always made my wife cum with my tongue, watching her cum from fucking a big cock turned me on more than anything !!!!
  5. That is very hot that you enjoy it and tease him. he is a lucky man
  6. Very understandable. My wife says something very similar about her bull, who was her first besides me. At first she would talk about how egotistical he was an chauvinistic. Now she is basically his sex slave. And I love watching !
  7. Yes, very understandable because I am much the same way
  8. Holy shit she squirted from him fucking her ass ! My god is that fucking hot !!! Thanks for sharing !!!
  9. Its all good. Cucks come in all shape, sizes and desires.
  10. WOW, that is big. I cant' imagine you finding bigger than you. Id have to say generally speaking cuckoldry does not relate to penis size however in our case it actually does.
  11. There are very hot videos here. Is there anyway to add one of my own ? My wife being fucked by her bull ?
  12. A hot hot redhead like that needs a big cock to fuck her
  13. I take it that wasn't the first time he fucked her ass