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I can't believe it turns me on


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I love to have a group of big black thug looking guys come over and tie me to a chair and take turns "gangraping" my wife while I watch. It's all roleplay but the guys we know are great actors and she loves to resist and fight back. Hearing her beg me to help just to have a huge black cock shoved in her mouth until she gags makes me rock hard. Then when the black guys are all about to cum they look at me and tell me how they are going to fill my wife's cum dumpster pussy until its over flowing and two or three of them shoot huge loads on her face. The best part is kissing her deep and hard while the thug guys watch and laugh as their cum gets smeared all over my face and I put my cock in her and feel all their cum then they shove my face in her loose pussy and make me smell and taste them and just the feel of my cock or fingers inside her and feeling how loose she is and all the cum from 12 or more guys huge loads is so hot.2016-02-16 22.17.09.png


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None of us is the same, and many different things excite us.  

Being humiliated and punished is a common enough desire for us cuckolds, as we often take a submissive part in relationships.

To me the thought of being 'smacked around' does not appeal, but being bound and spanked or caned is so erotic.

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