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  1. I prefer it when the bull stays overnight. Much more relaxed, more sex for them, more cleaning up for me.
  2. Yes. He (#1 bull) insists on it, doesn't even ask. In fairness, the question is a bit vague: my wife and I do enjoy anal sex, but she penetrates me - with dildos, bottles 😳
  3. Wife's main boyfriend came to visit for a a quick fuck a few days ago. I was ordered to wait away from the house until he had left. Woman was waiting for me, face down with her skirt rucked up. "Clean me" she mumbled. Her anus was leaking cum. Oh well, what can a cuck do...
  4. That works for me - having the woman punish me before having her lover fuck her.

    I would love my wife to smack me, cane me, and/or tie me up for just wanting her to have someone else - and then for her to have him, either right in front of me or with me tied up outside the bedroom door where I can hear but not see what they are doing together.

    1. onmyknees


      She once punished me for a sexual misdemeanour (caught me sucking another guy off) by tying me to a chair and making me watch while she masturbated with her Rabbit. Raped my face with it afterwards... not sure it had the intended effect! 

    2. UK_EX


      Oh you naughty boy - you needed punishing and having her using her Rabbit on herself should teach you a lesson - not sure what lesson though ;).

  5. My pervert thoughts are only slightly worse... Woman does all that to me, while her lover watches, then they fuck. ...
  6. I hope she pleases her lover by taking it in thet tight ass
  7. I know the question was aimed at Bulls, but I can answer for my relationship. I am banned from penetrating my wife with anything other than fingers or tongue. Her pussy and ass belong to Him
  8. ...which I acquired a long time ago!
  9. As a real cuck, I agree the site delivers little. A bottle of Beaujolais, followed by my mistress's piss... heaven.
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