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How has everyone been?


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Here in the UK, I'm good thank you. Had a mild case of Covid back in January (3 days in bed with flu-like symptoms) and now double-jabbed anyway. The lock-down actually did some good for me in a way as my shy, little, innocent girlfriend found herself on the internet more and came across an online garage and hip hop music virtual clubbing site, which she proceeded to visit every weekend. It's helped her be-friend several people, including two black men who she still chats to regularly via her Instagram.

As I was regularly cuckolded by my now ex-wife some years ago, that has re-kindled thoughts of those days and made me fantasise about my girlfriend going down that road too. The two women are like chalk and cheese though and I doubt Becky will ever succumb to the temptation of some black cock, though her sister did some 20 years ago when they used to go clubbing together, so never say never. I'm sure she's curious, but it's not something I could push her into for fear of her freaking out and backing right off.

If it happens it'll have to come from the persistent advances of one or both of these black friends of hers. The fact that she has been completely open with me about exchanging messages with them, and one on particular, has been really arousing and I have made a point of not showing any jealousy or possessiveness about it, instead gently, subtly showing her that I'm more than just okay with it. I'm taking it really slow, but enjoying watching this develop. It may not go any further, but she's already surprised me just chatting to them. I'm sure I know what they are after, some fresh white pussy, and that prospect really excites me. If nothing else, it has at least been good for her ego and self-confidence.

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