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  1. jerrysans

    only 3 days before

    tomorrow night my wife will be traveling to meet her first ever bull. i cant believe it, mix feelings hornier than ever because wife is gonna make real a fantasy we have for long time ,and also.worry when i think she could like the other guy a lot and maybe she could even like him more than me,who knows.
  2. jerrysans

    only 3 days before

    im happy for her because she want to try also its great for me because it was always my fantasy,to share her.
  3. jerrysans

    only 3 days before

    my wife told me today that shes gonna meet him wednesday ,very late night or maybe around midnite,ans she think she could stay thursday night with him if he has time if not shes gonna visit a friend who lives close to there,she and her are friends since little girls,but wife wont say anything to her friend about our sexual stuff.
  4. jerrysans

    only 3 days before

    Im a only 3 nights away of becoming a real cuckhold. my wife and her lover planning to meet wednesday night and stay together 2 nights because he has time off. i want to suggest my wife that maybe to meet her very first bull for first time maybe a couple hours in a hotel would be better. i want your opinion please. its only my first time i share her,we have no really experience on it,mostly only fantasies.
  5. jerrysans

    only 6 days before

    hello ...yes only 3 days....i was thinking i should to suggest her to meet her bull only for few hrs,maybe 2 hrs in a hotel. because its only the first time.
  6. jerrysans

    only 6 days before

    i was her first and only guy she ever has on bed
  7. jerrysans

    only 6 days before

    yes i know i cant believe that in only 5 nights shes gonna be for first time with that guy,his hands on my wife ass
  8. jerrysans

    only 6 days before

    she told me shes very ready to have sex with that guy on wednesday night
  9. jerrysans

    only 6 days before

    theres she, 5 days b4 she meet her first bull
  10. jerrysans

    only 6 days before

    hi. i like ur idea about posting pic and feeling of the day....almost 5 days away of b
  11. jerrysans

    only 6 days before

    Soon my wife will be buying few new cloth for her first time experience with another guy...she was telling me she maybe will weare a black baggy summer dress n no panties.
  12. jerrysans

    only 6 days before

    Yes only 6 more days before my wife turns our fantasy in reality for first time. wife will meet a guy she likes,i will stay home and wait for her. Shes planing to stay with him 2 days. comments? ideas?suggestions?
  13. jerrysans

    first time

    yes i asked her for pics ,ill be wanking at home looking at her pics with him or maybe videos too i wonder know if i would feel different or looser her pussy after she spends 2 nights with him
  14. jerrysans

    first time

    hello im very exited about the fact that my wife will meet her online friend for first time in person,shes gonna stay with him in a hotel for 2 nights on june 20,i feel exited we will full fill a fantasy ,but i dont realy know what to expect of my wife after,who knows she could like him better sexually or maybe she would like to keep trying other guys latter..who knows
  15. jerrysans

    wife has a online bf

    i love the horny feeling on anticipation about whatever could happen. she told me she feels hornier these days too. i hope she and i enjoy it and i dont want to loos her,i dont want she leave me for other guy, its ok just sharing her