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  1. Speaking of Silicone, I hate FAKE TITS!!! They look like water balloons!
  2. In the course of human history more blood has been spilled in the name of organized religion, than for any other reason. Organized religion is all about control and money.
  3. jmontagn


    Ex wife, Pam in see thru when wet bikini!
  4. Love her oreo sandwich photos
  5. I would love to see more of that video.
  6. What Pam would look like in her favorite position with a BBC
  7. I should have known I was a cuckold that Saturday afternoon in 1957 when I was 14 and I saw the love of my life, JoAnn making out with another guy in the balcony of a movie theater and all I could do was watch them with a hard on leaking precum into my jockey shorts. I should have known I was a cuckold that night 1n 1959 when I called the next love of my life and Carol was home alone with the biggest cunt hound in my class. As she was hanging up the phone, I heard her say, “Stop it Eddie! My aunt will be home in 15 minutes and I need to get dressed.” All I did was go into the bathroom for privacy and stroke my cock. I should have known I was a cuckold the night in 1962 that the next love of my life, Jackie told me she was pregnant and getting married the next Monday, on her 17th birthday. I went home and actually considered asking her to marry me instead of the father of her baby. I should have known I was a cuckold that night in 1964 that I saw the next love of my life, Mary Lou secretly hand a piece of napkin with her phone number on it to my friend Roger at a bar while we were double dating with him. I took Mary Lou home and never mentioned that I saw her do it. When I got home from the date I was in that bathroom again to relieve the blue balls I had thinking about Mary Lou and Roger. After a few more dates, she broke up with me and I never saw her again. I should have known I was a cuckold a few months later in early 1965 when I found out that Judy, a girl I had dated a couple of times after Mary Lou was pregnant. I knew it wasn’t mine because I was a good Catholic guy and was still a virgin at age 22. Another trip to that bathroom was the order of the day. I should have known I was a cuckold in 1967 when the real love of my life and first wife, Marilyn told me 4 months after our wedding that she had lied to me about being a virgin. I was so pissed I stormed out of our apartment and walked around town for two hours. My rage slowly subsided and I gradually realized that I wanted to hear the whole story, When I got back my bride was distraught and crying. I soothed her and made her tell me how she was debauched at age 14 by her first boyfriend Danny. As she related the story, I got a raging hard on and fucked her hard before she could finish. I should have known I was a cuckold that night I 1976 when we were playing strip poker with Lorraine and Joel and I was the first one naked and had to leave the room. Lorraine was next and joined me in the family room where she proceeded to pass out drunk on the couch. As I sat in my recliner stroking my cock looking at the naked Lorraine and her nice tits and dark brown nipples, I started imagining Joel and my wife fucking in the living room. I don’t really know if I was relieved or disappointed when, after what seemed like an eternity but was actually only about 10 minutes they both came into the family room. Joel came in first naked followed by my wife who still had her bra and hip hugger panties on. Needless to say after we roused Lorraine and they left, my wife and I did not make it upstairs to the bedroom. As a matter of fact we fucked while she was still in her bra and panties. I remember wondering if she was so turned on because she had seen Joel’s 8 inch hard-on. I should have known I was a cuckold when after my first wife died in1986 until I met Pam in 1989, my main sexual release was fantasizing about the time Marilyn was seduced by her first boyfriend and not all the glorious times I had fucked her. I should have known I was a cuckold in 1990 when Pam told me about her last boyfriend, Jack who also happened to be her master’s thesis advisor. She told me in great detail how they were in a dom/sub relationship and that she had been his sex slave for nearly 3 years. When she told me all this and that she was going to see him three days before our wedding because he was blackmailing her with the videos he had taken during those 3 years, I went with her and turned the tables on him. I made him show me the tape. It included date stamped footage that proved that he was guilty of violating his University’s rules against faculty having a sexual relationship with one of his students. When we got back to her place I couldn’t wait to play the tape again and I fucked her on the living room floor in front of the TV. I should have known I was a cuckold during the early 90s when we started telling each other about our past sexual adventures. I ran out of stories after about 5. Pam seemed to have an inexhaustible supply of tales. She realized that I got turned on hearing them and we both loved our Scheherazade sessions. They would always end up with us fucking. I don’t know what she was thinking about while we fucked but I was always visualizing the tale she had just related. I should have known I was a cuckold all those nights when Pam was on business trips to DC and she did not answer her hotel room phone. She always had a flimsy excuse such as: I was out with Beth, I had a headache, I had to stay late at the office, etc. I always believed her and never suspected that she would cheat. I finally started to suspect I was a cuckold in 2010, about 4 years after Pam and I divorced. While I was converting some camcorder tapes to digital format, I saw a segment taken on Monday, September 11, 2000 at 5:00 pm. I didn’t remember shooting the clip. It was not particularly nasty but was shot through our family room window pretty obviously without her knowledge. It featured Pam getting ready to take dip in our pool in a skimpy pink bikini that she never wore at home. Video Capture from that clip. is attached to this post.) Pretty innocent stuff by today’s standards but if I didn’t take the footage, who did? Over the next few days I tried to remember doing the taping but couldn’t, so I decided to do some checking. In 2000 I was working in a job that required a lot of travel, and being a financial record freak (I have electronic files from Managing your Money, MS money and Quicken that go back to 1983.) I went to the computer and found a record that I was at the airport that day and in Kansas City the following three days. Then I noticed an item in the data base for a dinner on Sunday at a fancy restaurant. Things were coming into focus now. That weekend we had a visit from an old friend of Pam’s who was in the USA. He was living in Europe and was here working at various places in the States for a few weeks. She had met him in the UK years ago while she was in graduate school and studying there one summer. I remembered that I had offered to take him to Newark Airport with me since that he was leaving for the West Coast but his flight wasn’t until 11:30 AM and my flight to Kansas City was at 7:30 AM. He said he would take a cab. I also remembered that when I called home at around 9:30 PM that evening, no one answered the phone. I left a message and Pam called back around 11:00 pm. She said that she had just got home from driving Mack to the airport. She explained that he had overslept and that it was too late for him to make the flight. The next flight he could get was at 9:30 pm. I remember asking her why she didn’t wake him up since she was working from home that day and she said that she was on a conference call from 9:00 until almost 10:45 and realized that he wasn’t awake when she got off the call. She woke him then, but it was already much too late to get to the airport. I also remembered that she volunteered that he spent the rest of the day lying around the pool. As I mentioned above, while we were married, I trusted Pam completely and it never occurred to me that maybe there was no conference call; maybe she went in to wake him up early enough to make the flight but instead of him getting out of bed, she got into it; maybe time got away from them and they weren’t finished fucking around until 10:45.
  8. Asking me to pick a favorite would be like asking a kid in a candy shop to say what his favorite was. I love all of them.
  9. Love this thread. Both the stories and the accompanying photos are very erotic.
  10. There is a thread in the Cuckold Talks Forum entitled "Cuckold Quiz". There are 25 questions posed in that thread and you are asked to rate your feeling about the questions on a scale of 1-5. 125 would be the highest cuckold score. In answering the questions it occurred to me that at least 10 of the scenarios had actually happened to me. Here is the story about one of those scenarios. Question 3 ) You found an old letter from some guy to your girl that tells about their past sexual encounter. During a home renovation project I found some love letters that one of Pam’s old flames had written her in 1980. Lance was in the Idaho, I think, working a summer job to pay his tuition. From his letters he started working in a mine but then got a better job shoveling Mt. St. Helen’s ash off of buildings. It was back-breaking work he complained. He was dog tired every night and the only thing that kept him going was the memory of her soft body pressed against his and their lovemaking. In the letter, he mentioned how glad that he was glad that he had borrowed Tom’s Polaroid camera. At least he had the Polaroids to spur his memory. He wrote that looking at her nude photos was getting him so hot. He wrote that he loved the one where she was on her back with her legs spread apart and that he could smell her arousal and remembered he how she purred at him to hurry and finish taking the picture. He described the intense session of lovemaking that followed. It went something like this: “I put down the camera and lay by your side and kissed you gently. I remember how you responded by putting your arms around my neck and opening your lips to receive my tongue. My fingers can still feel your firm breasts and tummy as they moved down to rest between your thighs. You closed your thighs on my hand for a second when you thought that I would insert my fingers into you but instead I continued to move my hand down to your knee and then up again slowly to your soft, warm pussy. Your thighs opened and my hand covered it entirely, my palm rested on your mound, my fingers extended down and slowly I began to move my hand up and down maintaining a soft pressure. Your hips rose to increase the pressure of my palm on your clitoris and you started a rhythmic humping motion until your orgasm overtook you. You grabbed my cock and spreading your legs you pulled me insistently between them, demanding that I enter you. I obliged your request and rode you for several minutes giving you four or five orgasms before I finally whispered to you that I was about to cum. You panicked when you remembered that you have had to go off your pill and begged me to pull out. Just after I did I spurted all over you. You said you were sorry about me having to pull out but I grabbed the camera off the night stand and started to snap your picture. You protested but it was too late, the flash went off. "I am looking at that picture now. I see my cum all over your tummy. Is that some on your left nipple? I think I see a little something gooey on your chin! I can still feel your lips on my dick as you continued to apologize for not taking your pill by cleaning me off. I am so horny. I can’t wait for you to get here next week.” A later letter and some conversations Pam and I had over the years were about her trips to Glacier National Park and New York City to see him that summer. I wish that I could have been there to see their fucking.
  11. She stopped talking and I thought for a few minutes. I broke what must have been a ten minute silence. "What else is on those tapes? Is there anything else on them that you need to tell me about?"She thought about it and answered, "There is some really raunchy stuff that I did with him over the time we were together and I am not sure what he taped. I have told you a lot of it and I am ashamed of it all, but I can't say that I didn't do it. I am sorry to have hurt you."The moment of decision was at hand. I had to decide if I wanted to go through with the wedding to a woman I was intensely in love with or to call it off and go on looking for a soul mate. She had told me several times before that she had wished she had saved herself. I was hurt by the details of sexual activity she had revealed but I had my sexual peccadilloes. I decided that I would marry her for love and accept her past as past and hope that our mutual love would prevail. That decision being made. We were left with the problem of Jack and the tapes. I had an idea on how to solve that.Thursday would be a day to remember. I asked Pam, "Can I go with you to Jack's when you go on Thursday?"She posed a couple of questions, "Would you lose your temper and make a scene?" "I don't think so. I have a plan but I can't tell you what it is. You will have to trust me but in effect I will make him an offer he can't refuse." I responded.She said, "I would like it if we went together."Thursday came and I picked up Pam from her office and we started to Jack's house. I asked her, "Did Jack call today?"She responded, "Yes he did he wanted to know if we were still on for tonight and if I wanted to go to dinner at our favorite restaurant. I told him that I wasn't free for dinner and that I was just coming to pick up the tapes.""How did he take that?" "He seemed disappointed. By the way what's in the manila envelope in the backseat?" She asked."You'll see in a few minutes when we get to Jack's. It's the offer he can't refuse." I responded.When we arrived at Jack's, Pam and I walked up to the door and rang the bell. When he opened the door Jack's jaw dropped and he stammered, "Hello, Pam! I thought you would be coming alone."I greeted Jack, "Hi! I'm Joe Pam's fiancé and I understand you have something for me to look at."Jack was utterly flustered. He was unprepared for my words and said, "Please come in!" and regaining his composure continued, "Ur ur ur .. can I get you both a drink? Come up to the living room!""Pam says you have quite a recreation room. Why don't we have our drinks in there?" I answered.Jack was flustered again but agreed and we went down to the scene of the crime so to speak. After about ten minutes I said, "We all know why we're here, Jack. Do you have the tapes ready for Pam? Before you give them to her I want to verify that they are not blank tapes."Jack said, "I have to get them." and went to a drawer in the dungeon table and Handed me six VHS tapes.I asked, "Are these the originals?""No they are not." He admitted.I shot him an angry look and said, "Where are they?"Jack was defensive and said, "I guess you'll want those too!" and he went to a file cabinet and gave me six camcorder tapes.I told him to put the camcorder tapes in the player and turn on the monitor. When the first tape began Pam grabbed my hand and squeezed it. Her eyes filled with tears and she began to whimper. On the screen was Pam dressed in a leather bra and panties set and she was removing clothespins from a nude blonde woman's nipples. More importantly as the tape began I saw what I needed to make my offer. Pam was getting more and more upset as I viewed the start of each tape and fast-forwarded through all of them. She was openly crying uncontrollably by the end of the last one. I soothed her by whispering, "I love you!" and she turned to hug me and kiss me. I turned to Jack who handed me the Camcorder and VHS tapes and I said, "We are ready to take the tapes and leave now but I have this for you in case you have more copies." I handed him the manila envelope. "Read this out loud so Pam can hear!"He opened it and read it aloud:"Faculty/Student Dating Section 9.4 • Dept: Provost's Office • Revised: February 1st, 1985 A dating relationship between a professor and a student enrolled in his/her class, or an advisor and an advisee, is generally prohibited. Dating relationships between faculty and students not currently enrolled in their classes, or between supervisors and subordinates or student workers, are generally deemed unwise. Such consensual relationships may create an environment in which power differences may be unfairly exploited, the respect and trust given someone in authority may be violated, and pressure may be subtly or inadvertently exerted on those in a vulnerable position."A puzzled look came over his face and he was furious and shouted, "What the hell does this mean? You can't prove a thing! She's not my student. She's just a slut."I was about to beat the shit out of him when Pam held me more tightly. Instead I simply said "These tapes are all I need. Each tape has a date stamp at least three with a date that coincides with Pam still being your student."Pam and I left immediately. Once we were in the car Pam cried for a few minutes and gripped my arm as I was driving never letting go until we got to her house. When we were in the house she blurted out, "We have to destroy these now!"I countered, "We can't for a while. In case Jack decides to try something stupid like editing his copies and selling them to a porn producer. As long as he knows we have these he won't do anything and I don't think he'll bother us again." Not surprisingly we have not heard from the professor since.She looked at me and said, "Besides that, I think you enjoyed watching my decadent activities, especially, the last tape with the ladies choice night on it. I felt your hard-on when I was crying and hugging you." She reached between my legs. "You're still hard. Let's make love right here on the couch!"We proceeded to tear each other's clothes off and made love as the last tape played on the TV.
  12. "No! I could say that I was drugged or drunk but I needed someone strong at the time and I was so in love with him that I let it all happen that night. There were other times when we got just as wild. I wish I had met you first, Joe. I feel so cheap and I don't deserve your love.""Don't talk that way. I am deeply in love with you or I would have walked out of here an hour ago when you told me about the herpes. By the way did you get it that night?"She answered, "No! Jack didn't have it yet. He got it from screwing Connie when I was gone home to KC for the holidays about 8 months later. She picked it up from fucking some intern at the hospital. Jack got a sore and got tested and I did too. My test was negative and he started taking the anti-viral drug and we used condoms until the drug had his under control.""Then how did you get it?""About a year later, I woke up one morning with an itch between my pussy and anus. By evening it had progressed to a burning and by bedtime I could feel the sore. I had moved into Jack's place after I got my Masters and I told Jack about it. He said matter-of-factly, 'Sounds like I gave you herpes.'"'What do you mean? You're on the medicine and it's under control. Isn't it?'"'Actually, I stopped taking it about six weeks ago,' he said rather sheepishly."I was pissed. 'You bastard! Why didn't you tell me? How could you fuck me without a rubber if you knew you could give me an incurable disease.' " He shouted back,'I didn't tell you because I knew you would make me use a rubber and I hate those things.'"That was the beginning of the end of our relationship. After that I knew that he was a selfish asshole that I would never trust again. It took about another 6 months for it to completely fall apart. That's when I came up to Jersey for my three month work detail with your group. I intended it as just a cooling off period until the renters moved out of my house, but you treated me as a professional and were so nice that I started to imagine that we could have a relationship. As the months went by you were so respectful and helpful about my career that I thought you weren't interested in me romantically."I interrupted, "I really wasn't until we were at that work-site near Niagara Falls and you said that you had never seen the Falls. I offered to take you there and while we were on the Canadian side at my favorite spot, right at the point where the water starts to fall, I looked into your eyes and knew I would fall in love with you. I fought the impulse for two months until you went back to DC and when we had dinner there in December, I knew I was in love with you."She looked at me with tears in her eyes and asked, "Do you still love me after what I have told you tonight?"I leaned over, put my arms around her, pulled her towards me and kissed her gently and we lay down on the bed. Our naked bodies touched for the first time since our 'coitus interruptus' of an hour before. I was intoxicated by the feel of her breasts on my chest and her soft thighs as they pressed into mine. We fell asleep in each other's arms and even though we didn't make love that night, I felt more intimacy lying with her like that than I had in the throes of our most passionate sex.When I woke up the next morning, Pam was awake staring at the ceiling. "A penny for your thoughts," I whispered.She answered, "I am worried about us after what I told you last night. Jack took advantage of me and I'm afraid you will do the same thing.""Do you think I am a sadistic bastard like Jack?" I replied."He is not really a sadist. He is much more complicated than that. Even though he used me sexually, he did broaden my pleasure horizons. As shocking as it might be I was really turned on by our kinky activities. When I think about them, I still get wet. The reason I broke it off was because I didn't trust him. I knew from the first that he would never be faithful to me but I could accept that. I thought we had a special relationship. I deluded myself into thinking that I was his real love and the rest were for his amusement. When he gave me herpes I realized that it was all about his pleasure. Still the sex was great.""What about us? Do you find our sex life unsatisfying?" I asked. I was beginning to worry that I couldn't compete."We don't just have sex, we make love. I can feel more than orgasmic pleasure. I can feel that we are sharing, that we are together. I have never felt that with anyone before." She answered."Not even your first two husbands?"She stopped looking at the ceiling, rolled over to face me, gazed into my eyes and answered, "Not to the degree that I do with you. With them the sex was more like it was with Jack, thrilling and physical, intensely satisfying but mostly without emotional connection. With you every time we make love I feel like we are almost uniting our minds as well as our bodies. It's a 'zen' thing. Do you feel the same thing?" I responded, "Yes! I thought that is what love is all about. For me that is what sex with a partner is all about. I have never been able to use a woman for sexual pleasure alone. If all I want is sexual release, I can jack off. It makes life less complicated. No one gets hurt. The sex drive can be the strongest human urge. In my sheltered life, I have seen what raw sex can do to people. I have seen it ruin marriages, ruin businesses, and even lead to suicides. I can see that your life has been deeply affected by it. You let Jack use yours to get you to do things that you didn't want to do." I had gotten preachy. Pam was a little angry with me for the moral lecture and reacted quickly, "Jack did not make me do anything that I didn't want to do at the moment. He may have taken advantage of my emotional state but it wasn't like he hypnotized or drugged me. I was a big girl and knew what was happening and I enjoyed it. If I had to do it again, I probably would." Her words stung me. I snapped at her. "Pam, do you mean you actually like doing all that kinky stuff? And knowing what you do know about the bastard that you would do it again?"She could see the anger in my eyes and reached up and tenderly touched my cheek and soothed me by saying, "Without all that happened with Jack we would not be together. Do you remember that we met three years ago at a conference in DC? Neither of us paid any attention to the other.""No. I don't remember meeting you before you came to work in Jersey. How do you remember?""The only reason that I remember was that Beth mentioned that your wife had died about a year before and that you might be on the dating scene soon and that she might like going out with you. She thought you were hot. As a matter of fact she still does. She told me she wouldn't mind a threesome, but I told her I wasn't sharing you with anyone.""I didn't know that Beth is into that. She seems so straight-laced."Pam said, "There's a lot you don't know about Beth. She is pretty wild sexually and was a regular 'prisoner' in Jack's dungeon. She still sees him at least once a week. She keeps telling me that he wants me to come over with her again." I was angry again. "What do you mean 'again'? Are you still seeing him when I'm back in Jersey?" She explained, "I went with her once. It was after work the first Friday after I came back to the office from my detail. You probably want to know what happened. So I'll tell you. When I came into work that morning, I was a little blue that nothing had happened romantically between us. Beth and I talked. I said, 'I had a feeling that Joe was interested in me but he acted so professionally while I was there that I am beginning to wonder if I am attractive enough. At times I wanted to throw myself at him and kiss him.'"Beth interrupted me, 'You should have stayed late in the office with him, closed the door, unzipped him and given him a blow job. That would have got his attention. That's what I would have done.'"I answered her sarcastically, 'That may work for you but I think I want more than a one-nighter with him.'"Beth responded good-naturedly, 'You're just horny! Have you had any cock since you went to Jersey?'"I answered, 'I tried the bar scene when I first got there but the guys there only seemed interested in the bar flies in their short mini-dresses. I didn't fit in.'Beth quipped, 'You didn't wear your prissy business skirt did you? You have your cute little black dress with the scoop neck that literally calls out," Fuck me!"'"'Actually, Beth, that dress is still at Jack's, and yes I wore my work clothes to the bar.'"'No wonder you didn't get laid. I never saw any woman who could hide her body like you can. So what did you do? Lie in your bed and fantasize about Joe screwing you?' Beth chided me."'Close. Most nights I kept busy reading and emailing friends but when I really got horny I "Jilled" myself while thinking about some of my past lovers.' I answered."Beth asked, 'Was Jack one of those fantasies?' "'More than a few times, I remembered how excited he would make me and it helped me cum. It was lonely up there at night and the memories of the great sex helped me.' I said."'I'm going to his place tonight to have some fun. Why don't you come with me and we'll make some of those fantasies real.' She said half jokingly."'No way!' I answered and she didn't press the issue.As the day went on, I kept thinking about her offer and I'll have to admit the temptation was more than I could resist and at about 4:00, I went to Beth's desk and asked, 'Is your offer for tonight still open? I don't want to horn in on your action if you want to be alone.'"She was overjoyed. 'It sure is. I told Jack that I invited you over and he was very disappointed that you said no. He has invited a few other friends over and when you come in with me, he'll flip.' "I was starting to get cold feet. 'Is this going to be one of his wild bondage parties tonight? If it is I really don't think I want to be one of their slaves.'"'Tonight is Sadie Hawkins night. The men have to do whatever the ladies want them to. It will be a lot of fun. You should come.' She was so convincing."The thought of what I would like to do to Jack flashed through my mind. Sadie Hawkins night sounded too good to miss. 'You convinced me. Do I need to go home and change into something more appropriate than this skirt, blouse, and jacket?'She looked me up and down with a frown on her face, 'The pants suit is a little too modest. But you said that your "little black dress" is at Jack's. You can change into it when we get there.'"'What are you wearing?' I asked."She motioned to the door of the conference room across from her desk and we went in and shut the door. 'I have a leather mini-skirt and bustier on under this dress. Wanna' see?' With those words she lifted her dress up revealing a very short mini skirt. She put her foot on a chair and I could see her black lace stockings and garter belt and her shaved, panty-less pussy."'You are ready for action aren't you. I really feel overdressed. If you are going "commando" then so will I.' I pulled up my skirt and took off my panties. 'I'll take off my bra at Jack's when I change into my black dress.' We smirked at each other and left the conference room. "I called my car-pool driver and told him I was staying late and that they should leave without me and Beth and I drove over to Jack's in her car. On the way Beth teased, 'You are overdressed. You should lose the bra and blouse before we get there and walk in wearing just the jacket and skirt. Jack will want to ravish you right there but you can tease him and tell him that it's ladies' choice and you want to see the other choices.'"I took her bait and on our way down the freeway, I stripped to the waist giving a free show to a semi-driver we were passing. He sped up to prolong his view and I even lifted my skirt and flashed him a little pussy before Beth sped away. He flashed his lights and blared his horn either in appreciation or disappointment. I'm not sure which.""When we arrived at Jack's at 6:30 pm, we were the first to arrive. Jack answered the door and he was very surprised to see me and reacted to my slutty outfit just as Beth had predicted in the car. It had been four months we had the big fight and I walked out. The next day he wrote me a letter telling me that it was over between us and said that we were not compatible sexually because I did not love oral sex either giving or receiving. Despite all of this nastiness I felt a twinge of desire to fuck him right there in the doorway. I resisted and as Beth had scripted I mentioned ladies' choice and I wanted to see the choices. He was visibly shaken by my response and stammered something about how he knew I would choose him. When I heard that, I thought to myself, 'We'll see about that.' "He turned his attention to Beth and he kissed her passionately and groped her reaching under her mini-skirt and approving of her nakedness sank to his knees and started to kiss and tongue her pussy. I knew what he was doing. He was showing me that my lack of enthusiasm for oral sex was not shared by Beth. I just turned and walked up to his guest bedroom where just as expected my black dress was still hanging in the closet. I took it off the hanger and put it on. When I looked in the mirror, I thought that Beth was right. It made me look sexy and did seem to say 'Fuck me!'"By the time I had come down several other guests had arrived and Jack and Beth were busy getting them drinks. By 7:30 the party was really going. There were 6 guys and 7 women, me being the extra, the others more or less paired up. Most of them were familiar to me from parties Jack and I had attended. Connie was there with her latest, an EMT she had met at the ER. It was ladies night in the dungeon and before long all of the men were handcuffed, tied or shackled. Jack was in the swing with his hands tied above his head. Each of us women were mercilessly arousing them not allowing them to cum. This went on for about an hour before Beth announced that each man would have to make a woman cum by the means that the woman chose but if the man came first he would have to spend the rest of the night tied to a chair watching. Each woman would choose the man she wanted. I piped in that I should choose last because I was alone. All of the women agreed. Connie chose first and she chose Jack. The others chose and I deferred for a few minutes. When the action started I noticed that Connie's EMT had a raging 8 inch hard-on while Beth was sitting on his face. I chose the hard-on and squatted on it and within a few minutes Beth and I were in the throes of intense orgasms.""You mean that you simply fucked this guy that you didn't know and came in a couple minutes?" I interrupted."Yes! I was so horny after all those months of rubbing my clit to get off, that the feel of a big thick cock in my pussy was indescribable. Is this upsetting you too much?" she countered.I thought for a few seconds. I was listening to my intended wife talk about actions that bordered on depravity. As disquieting as these episodes were, I needed to hear about them. "I don't want to be upset but I still want you to tell me everything!""Where was I?" she asked."You were telling me about you and Beth getting off on an EMT at Jack's party a few months ago.""Well Beth and I were the first women to cum and we looked around the room to see Connie with one end of a double dildo in her pussy with the other end in Jack's ass. Much to everyone's surprise Jack was cumming and Connie wasn't. She continued to fuck his ass for ten more minutes before she came at the same time he did for the second time. Jack protested that it wasn't fair Connie had cum but all of us women ganged up on him and pointed out that he had agreed and that he indeed did cum first. He had no choice and was tied to a chair in the corner facing the action. I seized the moment. He would have to watch me for the rest of the night. He was to see quite a show from me. I made up my mind to show him who he had spurned because she did not like oral sex enough. For the remainder of the party I took every opportunity to use my mouth or to be pleasured by someone else's. I gave blow jobs to four of the other five guys. I let all five eat my pussy and even came a few times. Connie and I did a hot sixty-nine which culminated with both of us cumming as we ate each other while using dildoes on one another. All of the women even did a daisy chain while all of the men had to watch. Each time I would look defiantly over at Jack whose face displayed that he was totally astonished by my wantonness and that he was frustrated by not being able to participate. The rest of the guests started to leave and by 11:30, only Beth and I remained. Jack was still tied to the chair and was complaining that as each couple left the woman would take his cock in her mouth and give him a few quick licks, enough to keep him hard but not much more. 'I need to come or my balls are going to explode,' he pleaded to Beth and me. "Beth and I looked at each other and smiled. I said, "I will take care of that!' With that I went over to Jack knelt in front of him, took hold of his cock, opened my mouth and started to flick my tongue hard on the under-side of his cockhead. I then took the whole head of his cock in my mouth and rotated my tongue around it and sucked hard on it. He started to clench his fists as he was about to cum but I abruptly pulled away, got to my feet and I quipped ironically, 'I don't really like oral sex, giving or receiving,' as I walked away."Beth said mercifully, 'Game is over. I'll finish him!' With that she went to the chair slung her leg over him, inserted his swollen cock into her pussy and rode him to their almost simultaneous orgasms. I say almost because I am pretty sure that for the second time in the evening that gentleman did cum first."Beth and I both spent the night at Jack's, me in the guest bedroom and Beth in bed with Jack. I fell asleep feeling satisfied with myself for showing Jack what he would be missing but a little depressed that I had to act like such a slut to do it. The next morning I was awakened by familiar touch on the inside of my naked thighs. The fingers were starting to move toward my pussy. I moaned unconsciously until I realized who it was. Jack had got up and come into the guest room with pay back on his mind. I roughly took his hand and moved it away almost shouting, 'Jack, it's over between us. It has been for months.'"Jack argued, 'We had such great time together! Lots of fun! Great sex! Can't we have that again?'"'I won't ever be used by you again. You only wanted me for a sex partner. That's all you want now!' I was getting mad at his attitude that he could have me for sex without any emotional involvement."He admitted it. 'You have to admit that the sex was great. You never complained about that. Did you? Let's have some more fun together!'"Again I raised my voice. 'I have to have more than just debauchery. I want a relationship based on love and trust. You don't. It's over.'My loud voice must have woken up Beth because she came in the room bleary eyed and asked what the trouble was. I told her, 'I was trying to tell Jack that he and I are finished and he won't believe me.'Beth looked at us both and laughed, 'Looking at you two naked in bed together, it doesn't look like it's over, but, judging from what Pam has told me for the past few months, Jack, you better believe that it is over as far as she is concerned. Let's have breakfast!'"Beth's wit seemed to be successful in conveying to him the idea that I had been trying to get through to Jack. He seemed to accept that it was never going to be the same between us. We all got dressed and went out for breakfast at the local diner. After breakfast we returned to Jack's and I gathered up the few things I had left at Jack's a few months before and Beth drove me home."I picked up on something Pam had just said. "You said Jack seemed to accept that you were though with him. What did you mean 'seemed'?" "Even though I broke it off three months ago, he is still calling me. He has those porn tapes of me and is threatening to show you if I don't continue to see him.""Have you seen him?""No! But he is insisting that I see him for old-time's sake on Thursday, two days before our wedding. He says he will give me the tapes then. I have agreed to go to his place but I'm afraid of what will happen. I don't think he will really give me the tapes. I don't know what to do.