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  1. Great account of how ypur friend made you a cuck. Any further details or pictures of your hotwofe

  2. He called me to tell me he fucked her a few times since the night of the blow job. He claims she called him to come over while I was at work. He told her only if he could fuck her without a condom. She said ok and now she can't get enough of his very big cock. I haven't confirmed any of this but I'm going to do some spying to see if I can catch them. In the mean time, my cock is rock hard thinking about it.
  3. I convinced my friend to go out to a bar to watch the games. He picked me up and we went to a place where our other friends were. I wasn't driving so I drank a lot. After a few hours, I realized my friend was missing. I asked around and found out he had left. When I called his cell and he didn't answer, I had a bad feeling. I got a ride home and when we pulled up to my house, his car was in the driveway. I went in to find my friend laying on one side of the sofa covered with a blanket and my wife sitting on the other side by his feet. He apologized for leaving the bar but said he wasn't feeling well and came here to lie down. As he left, I thought I saw a smirk on his face that made me uneasy but also a little excited. I asked my wife if everything was ok and she said everything was fine and went to bed. The next day, he called me and said he talked her into giving him a blowjob. He said he would have fucked her if I didn't come in when I did. So, either he's lying or she blew him. I've jerked off 4 times this week thinking about the whole thing and I don't know which one I want to believe.
  4. My friend told me he wants to come over and watch football this weekend. I told him I'm not sure but he insisted. I think he's going to make a move on my wife and I don't think I can stop him. Wondering if I should tell her or see how it plays out.
  5. He talks about fucking her every time I see him. He asks a lot of questions about her pussy. What it looks like, how tight it is, does she shave. I should be mad but I get a raging hard on every time. Now he wants to get her alone to seduce her and wants my help. I said no but my cock was so hard, I don't think I meant it. I'm afraid if I agree, he might be able to get it done. I haven't been able to satisfy her in months and I'm sure she's frustrated.
  6. My wife and I went on vacation with a couple we are friends with. We shared a house with a swimming pool and he watched her swimming one morning. She didn't notice him watching her from the window and when she fixed her bikini top, he saw a good portion of her breasts. After we got back, he told me all this and said he jerked his cock watching her walk around the pool. He said he would love to see pics of her naked. I told him I didn't have any pics like that and he said she's hot and I should take some. He also said he would give his right nut to fuck her. The next time my wife and I had sex, all I could think about was this guy watching her by the pool and wanting to fuck her. I ended up shooting my load before I even got my cock in. Now, every time we have sex, I last about 3 pumps because it turns me on so much to think about him with her. I never though about it before but I think I'm a cuck !
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