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  1. Would like her to know what she thinks about your pics 🙂
  2. Did she get what she deserves?
  3. She had to do it one last time, and am glad she did. They met and i was listening through the phone. She told him it would be the last time....he fucked her very hard and said she came around 5 times....neber did that with me....
  4. Thank you for following me 

  5. Thanks for the follow! 

  6. Well, the only history they have was always pure roug sex...but they did it for quiite a long time bedor we even met! Let me ahow you the idea of fucking her...
  7. Well that was my initial thought, but then I came up with another idea. I would allow for her to see him on condition that I get to hear everything through a mobile phone call which he would not be aware of. I still had the enjoyment of hearing her moaning and enjoying him, but on the other had would love to watch live!
  8. So this is my story...I’ve fantasized a lot about seeing my wife with another man. After lots of talk and convincing we’ve tried it and I became addicted to seeing her with other bigger men. after about five men which we did not know before, I thought I’ll ask her if she wanted to fuck one of her exes which she did mention before as being quite good in bed with her. So I asked her to text him. Surprisingly he did accept the offer easier than we both thought. On the day we were meeting, she took the extra effort to prepare herself, even going out to buy some new sexy lingerie for her
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