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  1. Would like her to know what she thinks about your pics 🙂
  2. Did she get what she deserves?
  3. She had to do it one last time, and am glad she did. They met and i was listening through the phone. She told him it would be the last time....he fucked her very hard and said she came around 5 times....neber did that with me....
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  6. Well, the only history they have was always pure roug sex...but they did it for quiite a long time bedor we even met! Let me ahow you the idea of fucking her...
  7. Well that was my initial thought, but then I came up with another idea. I would allow for her to see him on condition that I get to hear everything through a mobile phone call which he would not be aware of. I still had the enjoyment of hearing her moaning and enjoying him, but on the other had would love to watch live!
  8. So this is my story...I’ve fantasized a lot about seeing my wife with another man. After lots of talk and convincing we’ve tried it and I became addicted to seeing her with other bigger men. after about five men which we did not know before, I thought I’ll ask her if she wanted to fuck one of her exes which she did mention before as being quite good in bed with her. So I asked her to text him. Surprisingly he did accept the offer easier than we both thought. On the day we were meeting, she took the extra effort to prepare herself, even going out to buy some new sexy lingerie for her to wear for him! To cut a long story short, he was at our house at the time we tild him sharp. He was hesitant at first but then i started undressing her infront of him. They were both a bit shy at first, but once I slid my finger in her pussy he bacame horny. He then ther her on the couch and fucked the fuck out of her just before I coold continue to do anything. I loved seeing her moaning and enjoying him so much. Before he even came once, I have already cum twice while I had clothes on.Maybe that’s why she loves his cock so much. This went on for at least another three times, but when I contacted him for the fourth he told me there was something he should talk to me about. I was a bit shocked to say the least but told him I was ready to listen to what he had to say. He went in saying that as much he likes fucking her he’s not comfortable with me around and as long as she’s not alone he won’t be fucking her agian. what do you guys think I should do? I haven’t spoken to her yet about this issue, but she is begging for his dick once more!
  9. Came up with this idea and talked it through, she was quite hesitant but could not remove the fact that she is a big cock lover and so I put an advert on the internet. Quite a few Bulls were interested but she was not so keen until I got a message from this guy which she really liked! She told me he looked like an interviewer at the last job and would have loved to fuck him. So I went to get him. It was then that I advised them that I needed to shower and they should not commence before I finish and join them! But to my surprise when I got out of the shower she was sucking his very big cock already. I asked why was this happening and she did not answer back, she continued to suck. After a while she asked him to suck her but he refused, the he penetrated her and she was screaming, and telling him he had larger cock than me! Since then I asked her to do it again, but she refuses even though she said it was a wonderful experience! She said it would compromise our relationship!