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  1. Avcock

    Wife has her first lover

    This was a short clip she sent me VID-20180121-WA0004.mp4
  2. Avcock

    Wife has her first lover

    So...we fantasised about cuckolding for years. Lots of talk, play etc. She's had a few instances of playing, but they have been short moments, a bj, a quickie etc. Now she has found someone local to probably fuck regularly. Since last Friday she has spent 3 nights with him. And already he has cum inside more than I have in over a year! We had an agreement I wouldn't cum inside her until she found a guy to cum inside her first. He's has cum 3 times so far... But she still won't allow me a turn. She tells me he is an amazing lover and I've had to buy drinks and lube so far for her nights away. I get the odd message and some photos so far. But because he continues to pleasure after fucking I've yet to have the pleasure? Of a cream pie. I've uploaded a photo I received on her second night. When she arrived there she demanded a photo of me locked too which she showed her lover. Soo humiliated. But I did it.
  3. Avcock

    Wife teasing me

    My wife got some temp tattoos and occasionally wears one to tease me. She still looking for her first bbc.
  4. Avcock

    Length ? Girth?

    My lovely wife has played a few times, not as much as either of us would like. I do encourage her tho and I'm sure she chats to many guys. She has been sent many cock pics etc and I encourage her to ask for sizes. I feel there no point in if the guy is smaller than me. But, what size is acceptable?? I would say 90% of guys she has played with have actually been smaller than me. And I've seen the disappointment in her face. I'm 6-7" with a 5.5"girth. Tho I'm very small soft. Pics are deceiving, how do others measure and do you consider yourself a bull or a cuck?
  5. Avcock

    My Own Hotwife

    She's never had anything bigger than me up her ass. Tho she may be open to the idea with the right guy.
  6. Avcock

    My Own Hotwife

    I believe anyone with decent length or girth could have their way with my wife
  7. Avcock

    My Own Hotwife

    Little more added for your pleasure
  8. Avcock

    My Own Hotwife

    Thanks all for the coMments. I will pass then on
  9. Avcock

    My wife's first BBC

    lucky lucky wife!!
  10. Avcock

    Verify Yourself And Get Vip Membership

    verify me please
  11. Avcock

    Short Penis

    my wife used to enjoy my cock, really used to feel her pussy grip it and enjoy it, then i bought her bigger and bigger dildos, now she cant feel me at all when fully aroused and she needs bigger cocks to giver her that feeling again.
  12. Avcock

    Cucked Hubbys That Are Bi

    i am definitely bi for the right guy. and i will happily suck any cock for my wife. she longs to see me taking a cock anally too and to watch me fuck another guy. i haven't had the opportunity yet, but when it arises i wont let her down,
  13. Avcock

    Cuckolding & Chastity

    i often lock myself up to please my wife. one occasion did see me locked as she was away from home for days where she eventually properly cucked me, i even visited her to give her the keys which she wore . i enjoy the feeling of wearing it and the pleasure she gets knowing.
  14. Avcock

    My Own Hotwife

    my own lovely bbw hotwife..
  15. Avcock

    A Photo My Wife Sent Me

    My wife sent me this image a while back whilst teasing me when she was away from home.