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  1. Hdfunone

    How many cucks out there love sucking cocks?

    Yes for sure. me too
  2. Hdfunone

    How many cucks out there love sucking cocks?

    Me, I told her I wanted to watch her fuck other men. I am 25 years older than her, so she was hungry for young cock. I was so hot but one day a black reply to our post. I got hard looking at his cock, but she said it was too big. We finally met up with him. He was so nice and gentle. He went slow and easy for a while then let her have it. Damn it was so hot. When he pilled out she was so full. I licked and sucked her clean. He was laying beside with his soft cock laying on his leg. He looked at me and said clean it up. I just went for it. I sucked and licked him. I am now a full cucksucker and love it
  3. Hdfunone

    How many cucks out there love sucking cocks?

    I ao love to worship those black men
  4. Hdfunone

    How many cucks out there love sucking cocks?

    That thing is beautiful but I think you know that, love to see it in my wife
  5. Hdfunone

    How it all started

    I loved the story, my wife loves to fuck other men and have me clean them both up. I love sucking cock
  6. Hdfunone

    Cucked Hubbys That Are Bi

    Thank, I have not have my ass fucked by a guy since I was in 5th grade but she has used a strap on me a couple of times years ago. Going to take your advise and start putting small things up there. She did say one day she would like to see a guy fuck me as I was fucking her. But she was drinking and as never mention it again. Hope so. I think
  7. Hdfunone

    Cucked Hubbys That Are Bi

    I have been a cuckold for almost two years now. I like the other post don't look or think about s single guy, but if my g/f is there I will do anything they ask me to do. I now love the taste of cum and can't wait to clean up more. Never been asked to lick a bulls ass or let him fuck me but I would
  8. Hdfunone

    Forced Bi

    Yes, as a cuckold i have cleaned both his cock and her pussy. I love being told what to do,its my job, plus now have learned to love the taste. Now we want a stronger more Dom bull to take charge
  9. Hdfunone

    How I Became A Cuckold

    Never done this before but here goes, I am white 69 year old male in nice shape. When I was very young my family lived in a real wooded area with only a few houses. I would go down in the woods and run around naked. I told one of my friends about this and he joined me. Pretty soon we had about 5 or 6 other boys and one girl. Nothing sexual just fun. The girl did let us see her pee because we wont sure how they did it. When it was just my buddy and me, we would play with each other dicks. One day I was watching a repair man work on my bathroom. My mom was at the other side on the house. He was asking me if I had any girlfriends. He starts talking about sex and rubbing his cock as I tell him about my friends and I going naked. He pulls this big cock out and starts jacking off. He tells me to put my mouth on it. I tell him no, he begs me, still no. He shots this white stuff all over. He cleans up and leaves. So the next day when my friend and I are naked in the woods I tell him. I wanted to try to suck his cock. He let me and I liked it. Everything was great. One day it was just he and I running around naked when 5 or 6 older boys caught us. We tried to get dressed but they said no, keep running around naked so they could watch. They were just a little older than us. It was fun. They took thin sticks and hit our butts but not hard. They told us to get dressed and follow them to one of the guys house where no one was home. We did laughing all the way. When there they told us to get naked and start running around their basement. While we did this they took their cocks out and started playing with them. Their cock were bigger and no hair yet but just starting on a few on them. We loved it and kept going back every time we could. Every time was a little different. They had us touch their cocks. We told them that we sucked each other. They said show us and we did. Next we were sucking them and after about a year we were getting fucked by them and we loved it. A couple of them could cum a little and mine would get some clear juice out of it. They never forced us to do any of this. We loved playing with them. They were cool and older. After two years of this we all found girls and I never looked back. Now two years ago my cock won't get real hard all the time. My g/f of 13 years and 25 years older said no problem. I told her its going get worst and we should look for a fuck buddy for her. We found a couple and I watched and joined in a few times. I start reading porn to get me hard. Read one about cuckolding and it made me so hard. One night this guy and I had her in his hotel room and we were d/p her but he couldn't cum. So he jacked off on her tits. It was just like the stories of cuckolding I was reading. Those nice tits and pink nipples covered with a lot of cum. I just went down and started licking up up. She went crazy trying to push me away, asking me what was wrong with me. The next day I give her a great detailed news piece explaining cuckolding. She read it and looked at me and said you want to eat another mans cum. I was thinking its now or never. I said yes. She just sat there with her mouth open. I had never told anyone about my older friends using me but I told her about that and the repair man. I wanted to be used again. She said we could try. It was a slow going at first but now she shares cocks with me, but doesn't Dom me like I would like her to do, but she getting there little by little. I can give more details on that if you guys want. Just not sure if I made this too long. I love being a cuckold and wish I would have started years ago.