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  1. DenisDB

    Pleas fuck my wife

    I have a big dick, good looking and I AM in Switzerland! let's get in touch!
  2. DenisDB

    Savers Unite!

    Hello fellow Bulls I started saving the hotwives and uploaded two collections on to a team Dropbox. We should align our databases to ensure we can post those sluts anytime, anywhere! I started a Dropbox team folder and am happy to invite selected Bulls to join. You should contribute with a nice collection of a real hotwife to share with the team and of course keep on extending the collection. Cuckies can offer their collection to us, but are not allowed in the team of course. But you're happy to keep on requesting us to share your sluts in the chat. It's an idea, let's see how it works. Send me a PM
  3. DenisDB

    Subcuckold wife ( Caroline)

    what a great thread!
  4. DenisDB

    Any teamviewer bull?

    I could do anydesk. still up for it?
  5. DenisDB

    My Italian Slut Wife

    very hot!
  6. DenisDB

    Verify Yourself And Get Vip Membership

    Hi - can you please confirm verification? Tx - D
  7. Lory is incredibly sexy! keep posting please!

  8. DenisDB

    My slut wife Bea

    very hot. where is she fom?