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  1. I envy husbands with wives that openly fuck other men openly. After our nasty 3-some breakup episode we both got cold feet a bit. I am over it ow but my wife is still hesitant to throw herself out to strangers or someone we know. Our former 3-some partner was going to publicize our night life to our friends, work place, relatives and others who we did not want them to know. He insisted we continue the relationship and expand to let my wife to be a gang bang girl like we fantasize about. Through my work conection, I had to have Law Enforcement folks to talk with our foprmer partner. We know he took most of our 3-some videos We are only left with one. When he was asked about those video tapes, he lied and told the Police thathe doesn't have them. I know he shows the video to his close friends. Once in a while we see his friends and they all have the silly grin on their face when they see us. Perhaps the key i for us to look for men in bigger sity so that noone know who we are.... Giver2U
  2. Uploading few more of naughty photos. Just a bit ago, we had a wonderful time exploring our deep and dark secret of being submissive couple while seeing wife's photos on this page. We were wondering how many people saw her naked body and if any of the men played with their cock. From there our topic shfted to my wife being surrounded by a croup of men. 4 to 6 men would form a circle around my wife and start to jerk off. When time comes, one by one, each gmen would squirt his sperm to my wife's face tits, hair, pussy, legs, and any where else they feel like dumping their load. This topic brought on my wife's first orgasm. She was jerking her hips like a wild animal then with of my fingers inside of her pussy, she squirted while she enoyed her first orgasm. I told her I continue to upload her nasty photos. By the way, we actually spent 2 hours fucking tonight. It has been many years since we had a long session fuck fest. We are even debating if we are to call in to work and take the day off. I surely don't mind another round of good sex...
  3. Yes, it really turns me on to see my wife going crazy on top of other guy's bigger cock. We had 3-some (except I couldn't get it hard so it was just two and I took video) and we really had a great time. Our 3-some partner was a good friend of ours but he decided to break us up so that he can have her all to himself. After almost 6 months of not and steamy sex, we had to stop the fun. From that point it got really ugly. He knew we were both subs and he started to blackmail us with what we did with him. Along with our sexual preferences. Fortunately, it ended without major incident but he took most of our 3-some video collections. Anyway, here are 3 more of my wife's naughty pictures. We love to pretend to be on a stage in front of strangers, forced to perform sex. She really gets hot and wild when I tell her all the cat calls, degrading comments, whistles and other loud and big crowd responding to our performance.
  4. Hello everyone, we have been very busy with our daytime life obligations and not able to enjoy our nightlife "Play" and "Fun". We found this site a couple of months ago and we like how this site operates. And we oticed everybody who use this site are very open and friendly. This is how we like it and even though it has been only a couple of month we decided post some of our pictures. My wife and I have been married for over 30 years now. We have had our ups and downs with our relationship since my wife is very promiscuos. She gave me a heck of roller coster ride so far. I knew she was very sexual when I first met her. She told me she had over 100 lovers when I met her. There are few people who know how my wife is and I somehow put up with her behavior. I understand that there are several guys at her work who know she can be a fuck doll. Majority of the time when she decides to get wild, she is drinking. Of course working for a company (she is a database administrator at a large energy resource company) for over 15 years can reveal some of personal life style. During the holiday seasons, office party with plenty of booz made her stayed out all night long and sometime she didn;'t get home until following afternoon. My wife is not into cuckolding me with humiliation. I think I talked about my fantasy so much that she kind of comform with my fantasy. We are both very submissive and what we like is men and women dominate us. I love to fantasize I am forced to @@@@@@ my wife's naked body to strangers and hear degrading remarks about our body. You can take a look at our profile and find out what make us turned on. In any event, we are going to post few photos for now. Some of the pictures were extracted from our video clips and some are not good quality photos, we apologize. We are hoping we can attach the video clips to this thread. If you like our photos let us know and we will post our video footage. What we would like is (my wife's request) give us a feedback on our uploads. Degrading, nasty and humiliating commets is what she is hoping to receive. We hope you like them OK.... Giver2u