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    White girl for bbc Part 2

    It’s a shame she’d waste that body on anybody but me and what i’d Do to her...
  2. Totalpackage99

    Wants me to post wife

    Beat she’s still tight.!!
  3. Totalpackage99

    BBP - Big black pusy

    I met a bbp who lives in jersey and her sex drive is insane.! Can never get enough.!!!
  4. Totalpackage99

    Think my wife would be destroyed by black dicks?

    She could, why waste your time....
  5. Totalpackage99

    how would you fuck my white racist wife?

    I’d let her thank me and my cock for pleasuring her.!
  6. Totalpackage99

    Pennsylvania chubby couple for Bull

    I’m right here.... hello
  7. Totalpackage99

    SEX 138

    Wouldn’t mind getting in line to pleasure her
  8. Totalpackage99

    More Gifs, Pics

    Anyone have any “real” photos and not porn pics.????
  9. Totalpackage99

    For bulls

    215 area. [email protected]
  10. Totalpackage99

    SEX 135

    She’s beautiful.!
  11. Totalpackage99

    SEX 139

    Wow, she’s beautiful.!
  12. Totalpackage99

    Phat ass

    Looks amazing.! Just like her.!
  13. Totalpackage99

    My Iowa housewife

    Wish u lived closer.!!!! Could watch me do everything to her.! She’s beautiful.!!!
  14. Totalpackage99

    It happened to me

    Looks like a guys hand, thick band.
  15. Totalpackage99

    My first post

    Just needs my face under u licking you till your ready to get pleasured deep...
  16. Totalpackage99

    List Your Location

    Philadelphia pa.... bull here
  17. Totalpackage99

    Sexy Whore Wife

    Feel free to keep showing her off.! Absolutely beautiful.!
  18. Totalpackage99


    I'd take a stab at her.! Bwc here.! Screw the old taboo BBC bs.!
  19. Totalpackage99

    How many cucks out there love sucking cocks?

    Actually they are... most are down low. Not trying to lose that tuff guy look.! Don't be fooled
  20. Totalpackage99

    Introducing myself and my wife

    She's absolutely beautiful.!
  21. Totalpackage99

    Air dropping to strangers

    It's built in on the iPhone. Must have wifi and Bluetooth on for this to work...