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  1. akim

    ur wife so hot woman she make me horny so much

  2. My wife started an affair and got found out, that's how I was introduced to being a cuckold.
  3. i cant log in either
  4. lovely look and her pink bits!!
  5. mints


    sounds interesting
  6. Wife displaying her lovers equipment!!
  7. Yu are gorgeous and a very sexy lady😍

  8. The difference would be, being forced to show when someone else tells you to do it. Leaving you no choice whats so ever
  9. Hi


    You asked me to message you.!!

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    2. mints



      I guess I am a submissive to strong Alpha males.  To have one own me gives me Goose bumps but at the same time frighten me to death. 


      Its a strange feeling to be powerless and knowing you have to obey!!


    3. darksexacts



      That's how it started for the closet fag I use now. I don't want anything from him but power and control. He knows he has to do what I tell him. Lick my ass, drink my piss, suck my toes...he's mine, or his perfect life is gone. Once I made him buy me a nice bottle of whisky just to show him that it doesn't matter what I ask, it has to happen. My goal is never to ruin a life, neither emotionally or financially and I never would ruin one. But instead to hold it on the brink and have him know that his choices could change his life at any moment...


    4. mints


      yes understand perfectly

  10. Is it wrong, wanting to be Blackmailed into showing a stranger my wife's nude photographs. I find myself wishing it would happen. Being forced to show her as he posts her picture for all to see!!