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  1. Yes, I would like to make it a reality.
  2. For over a year, my wife has known about my desire to see her fucked by a well endowed black male. She was receptive, but quite hesitant at first on making such a request a reality. We tease each verbally about it during sex and use dildos of well known porn stars. Over the past few months, I think her inhibitions may be lowering to the point where she may be open to a serious discussion about trying a 3-way MMF session. To guide the discussion, I am creating a slide presentation to lay everything out that we have discussed in the past and resources attached (videos, pics, website
  3. Most definitely, I would love to see my wife's pussy and ass stretched by a black bull. It will happen eventually, but it will take some time to work on her apprehensions.
  4. Similar situation. Wife is fully aware of my thoughts on sharing her with another man, but is hesitant on making it a reality.
  5. I want to watch as my my wife's pussy and asshole are barebacked by a horse hung black man. My wife currently knows about my fantasy, but she is very hesitant on making it a reality for us. I am slowly working on easing her inhibitions.. Maybe someday...
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