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  1. maxp

    Showing hotwives

    here's mine
  2. maxp

    More Gifs, Pics

    very hot posts!
  3. maxp

    What's your fantasy

    Muscular ripped bull lying on top of her with her legs wrapped around him, feet and toes pointed in the air, while he pounds her tight wet pussy with his thick veiny cock as she moans loudly
  4. Mine is definitely missionary. Legs spread, toes pointed, anklet visible. Muscular bull on top of her, thrusting deep. Pussy stretched and dripping wet. Her neck tilted back, lips parted, softly moaning and grunting. Her hands on his butt pushing him into her.
  5. maxp


    I think anklets attract two kinds of men. One is a man who is attracted to sexy legs/feet/heels and/or elegant women. This type of man appreciates when a women wears an anklet, especially a tasteful one and is naturally attracted and drawn to it and that woman. Especially if she has on a nice pair of heels or a nice dress or skirt. I certainly fall into this category. Also, anklets attract men who know its significance re: hotwifing....but I think this is much less common.
  6. maxp

    Cuckold Caption Gifs Shop

    very hot thread, thanks!
  7. maxp

    Anklets And Queens Of Spades

    I agree that having your wife wear an anklet is super hot. It's such a turn on to watch other men stare at it and wonder. Here's mine.