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    take all my wifes pics and videos

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    Scottish curvy wife

    we all love curvy wives, care to sharem
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    I Think My Friend Made Me A Cuck

    My wife had a relationship like that with a (not so close) friend of mine who was a boat mechanic. Saved alot of money on boat repairs. She came home after meeting him on time and says " That's a win win, your all set and can pick the boat up tomorrow, just pay for the parts."
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    I need the groups help

    caged penis envy.
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    SEX 291

    very hotwife, love those tits..
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    A Question for Cucks

    She likes to go out on her own and that suits me fine most of the time.
  8. For me It was more my request than her desires. She knows I enjoy the submission, so she pushes me to pleasure her when she returns home. It never would have happened without me asking, she is more comfortable now and does relax and enjoy
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    How many cocks?

    15 +, Maybe 10 years ago or so while playing one of those truth or dare confession type games with friends she claimed 3 before me, Then years later while playing similar type of game with friends and a similar question she said 15. Mostly a different set of friends but one guy at both parties noticed the discrepancy as well as myself. He quized her unmercifully for the rest of the evening it was so hot with me knowing most of the truth. I new the number had grown but not by 13.